For All Mankind Season 4 Episode 1 Recap – How does Grigor make history?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 10, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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For All Mankind Season 4 Episode 1 Recap
For All Mankind Season 4 | Image via Apple TV+


“Glasnost” is an effective opener, reintroducing viewers to this alternate timeline and this much-loved cast. The premiere showcases more dazzling special effects work and a truly heartfelt storyline.

Apple TV+’s alternate history sci-fi series For All Mankind returns for a much anticipated Season 4. In the show’s season premiere, Episode 1, “Glasnost,” viewers are re-introduced to the beloved cast as we fast-forward through the nineties into a promising new millennium. Edward commands an ever-growing team on Mars as they plan to make history and mine the very first asteroid. There are many obstacles still to face though, including a major death, and we are also introduced to a few new additions to the cast, including Daniel Stern and Toby Kebbell.

This recap contains major spoilers.

For All Mankind Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

“Glasnost” opens with a dizzying montage that takes us through the show’s alternate nineties timeline. Ellen Wilson is re-elected for a second term as POTUS. She helps create a treaty to aid with the expansion of the Mars colony and passes a bill on same-sex marriages.

As we enter the new millennium, Dev Ayesa starts a new robotics company, Al Gore becomes the 42nd American President and Ellen Wilson marries. It would appear that America and Russia are now working together with a new alliance, bringing an end to the Cold War.

We then journey back to Mars, and Happy Valley has developed into a much larger community. All of the different nations seem to be working together in harmony. Ed and Grigor are re-introduced, clearly the best of friends now as they still find time to joke about, just before a historic undertaking.

How does Grigor make history?

Grigor then makes history, becoming the first person to ever step foot on an asteroid. Back at NASA, the team all celebrate this phenomenal achievement. We’re then introduced to administrator Eli Hobson (Daniel Stern), who thanks his staff for helping with this historic event.

Meanwhile in Russia, a much older Margo goes about her daily routine in the Soviet Union. She’s adjusted to her new setting but is terribly lonely. Margo reads about Grigor’s historic achievement in the papers.

Then in Baton Rouge, we are introduced to Miles (Servant’s Toby Kebbell), another new cast member. Miles is a family man, but he appears to be going through a messy divorce at present. He hopes that a new job opportunity can save his failing marriage and help him provide for his family.

How does Miles get a job on Mars?

Miles applies to work on the moon after a tip-off from an old work colleague. Helios are looking for workers with offshore rig experience. Miles jumps at the opportunity. He lies on his application and manages to get the job, but the next available departure slot is two years away. Miles begs for a closer opportunity. He is offered a two-year stint on Mars instead.

Back on Mars, Ed speaks with his daughter Kelly. He promises to be home soon, although Kelly and her son have been disappointed by Ed’s failed promises before. Ed then gets back to work. Grigor and the team are working on rigging up the asteroid, preparing to transport the humongous rock over to Mars.

Ed’s team begins to move the asteroid, yet the cables start to loosen early into the procedure. The asteroid starts to wobble and Ed is forced to steady the ship manually. The problems only worsen though, Grigor offers to go out and manually fix the issue himself. Ed is told not to proceed but breaks protocol anyway.

Grigor and an astronaut called Parker go outside to fix the problem. The mechanism continues to fail and the structure starts to break apart. Grigor’s leg is trapped within the broken structure and Parker is killed instantaneously. Ed vows to suit up and free Grigor himself, but it is too late, his oxygen levels are plummeting, and there is no more hope.

How does Grigor die?

Ed is forced to say his final goodbyes to his comrade. He cannot be the hero today; he cannot save his friend. Ed then separates the ship, leaving Grigor to die alone out in space as his oxygen levels reach fatal levels. Back at NASA, Aleida is overwhelmed by the ongoing incident and walks away from her desk, bailing on her responsibilities altogether.

Margo discovers this accident on the news. She wants to help with the fallout and contacts Director Catiche, but she is unable to speak with them in person. Margo journeys across Russia to meet with the Director face to face, but the Russians do not want her assistance after all.

Later in “Glasnost,” Margo finds herself chatting with a stranger at a park bench. This strange woman seems to know Margo and advises her to be patient. She then leaves her with a card containing her contact details.

How does For All Mankind Season 4 Episode 1 end?

One week later, Ed is still grieving Grigor’s death. He contacts Kelly to inform her that he will not be returning to Earth any time soon. Ed needs to help with the fallout of the failed mission. Kelly is distraught.

With the Mars team in disarray, Eli Hobson calls in ex-astronaut Danielle Poole. He hopes that she will take over at Happy Valley to bring order and stability back to the place. Danielle is at first weary of returning to Mars but later accepts the job. We then see her and Miles traveling to the Red Planet.

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