Which iconic Bond locations were used to film 007: Road to a Million?

By Louie Fecou
Published: November 14, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2024)
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007: Road to a Million Filming Locations and Production
Brian Cox in 007: Road to a Million | Image via Prime Video

007: Road to a Million has managed to capture the imagination of viewers with its blending of genres and its links to James Bond. In it, eighteen contestants in nine pairs have to find the answers to ten questions hidden across the globe, while surviving the challenges and obstacles they encounter along the way. Of course, the Bond link allowed the producers to embrace the usual tropes and one of the major factors was the locations that the players would have to reach to complete their tasks. To stay on-trend, the production of 007: Road to a Million had to use a variety of filming locations in multiple iconic hotspots that’ll be instantly recognizable to fans of the franchise — if not necessarily the contestants on the show.


Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye

Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye | Image via the Isle of Skye website

Ah, of course, Bonnie Scotland would be used. Sean Connery was from there, and of course, the character himself would find his roots firmly planted in Scottish soil after Ian Fleming was so impressed with Connery’s portrayal. By the looks of things, this Bond spin-off also utilised areas of Scotland, including the Isle of Skye and Lochaber in the Highlands. Film-wise, Scotland was most recently represented in the Daniel Craig outing Skyfall.

Istanbul, Turkey

Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul

The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul | Image via Wikipedia

Some participants ended up in Turkey for their challenges, and eagle-eyed viewers would be able to spot a couple of landmarks including Maiden’s Tower and the Bosphorus Bridge. Daniel Craig’s Bond would also appear in Istanbul in Skyfall, and scenes in From Russia With Love were also filmed there.


Goldeneye Hotel, Jamaica

The Goldeneye Hotel in Jamaica | Image via goldeneye.com

It would have been amiss to not film in Jamaica, as there are many connections between the country and Bond. Viewers would notice the Goldeneye Hotel featured in some scenes, and the crew was situated in and around Kingston. However, you might not know that many of the original books were written by Ian Fleming in Jamaica, and as well as the Goldeneye Hotel, there is also a James Bond Beach that you can visit too. Film-wise, the first outing for the character, Dr. No, would film there, as would Live and Let Die with Roger Moore and No Time to Die with Daniel Craig.

The Swiss Alps

Furka Pass, Swiss Alps

Furka Pass in the Swiss Alps | Image via Road Trip Club

An obvious choice for a filming location in 007: Road to a Million, the spectacular Swiss Alps are used for filming some of the game show’s scenes, but did you know that Bond is half Swiss, on his mother’s side? Film-wise, Goldfinger was of course filmed there, and the scene with Bond in his Aston Martin chasing Goldfinger in his Rolls Royce was shot at the bottom of the Furka Pass.

The Atacama Desert, Chile

The Lascar Volcano, Chile

The Lascar Volcano, Chile | Image via Explore-Share

Placing the contestants in interesting and dangerous locations was a primary directive for the show, and you can find them at the Lascar Volcano, a stratovolcano within the Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes in Chile. Film-wise, Chile and the desert were used in Daniel Craig’s second Bond outing, Quantum of Solace.

How were the challenges in 007: Road to a Million planned?

The tasks involved in the show were always going to be challenging both physically and mentally, with players having to dig deep to make it to the finale, but the inspiration for the obstacles they would face evolved as the premise became clear to the producers.

Originally the show was not meant to be a Bond spin-off, but at a pitch meeting with Prime Video, it was suggested that the show try to attach itself to a property that would make it more accessible for viewers. That is when Barbara Broccoli was cautiously approached by the production team, and to their surprise, they were given the go-ahead to theme the show around the world of James Bond. With such a strong premise, it is easy to see how the ideas for the challenges would come together, and be set in locations that Bond fans would instantly recognize.


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