007: Road to a Million Season 2 – Do Audiences Want More Of This Bond Spin-Off?

By Louie Fecou
Published: November 15, 2023 (Last updated: January 30, 2024)
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007: Road to a Million Season 2
Brian Cox in 007: Road to a Million | Image via Prime Video

The 2023 Prime Video reality game show 007: Road to a Million finds eighteen participants, in teams of two, setting off on a quest to find the answers to ten questions, hidden in some stunning locations across the world. The teams have to survive all manner of physical and mental challenges and make it to the finale while being constantly scrutinized by the villainous Controller, played by veteran actor Brian Cox. With an official seal of approval from Barbara Broccoli, it seems the show is off to a good start — so good in fact that news of Season 2 was already released before the first one had dropped. But do audiences really want more?

Will there be a Season 2 of 007: Road to a Million Season 2?

Yes, you only live twice, and there has already been a confirmation of the second season of 007: Road to a Million.

We had a quick check-in with the online site Bond Lifestyle, and they revealed that the casting call for the second series was announced even before the first season aired.

UK production company 72 Films, the company behind Shakespeare: Rise of a Genius, JFK: One Day in America, and We Are Newcastle United, announced on September the 23rd 2023 that they were holding auditions for the second season of the show, so there has obviously been a positive buzz surrounding the ambitious project. The closing date for the process was October 31st, 2023, so you have missed the chance to apply, but you never know, if the show does well again, there’s always Season 3 and the chance to die another day.

How has 007: Road to a Million been received?

IMDb has the show currently sitting at 6.9/10, and that is quite a respectable score for a reality game show.

Some reviewers, no doubt on Her Majesty’s secret service, have praised the production values of the series, admiring the location work, and enjoying the challenges. However, others are wondering about the editing process and the authenticity of some of the stunts.

The Guardian played the villain by asserting the show was “shoddy, boring and soulless,” while the Radio Times stated the series is  “irresistibly fun”.

The show follows in the footsteps of Amazing Race and Survivor but manages to find a niche with the James Bond association, but it wasn’t always going to be that way.

Originally the show was to be a globetrotting adventure series. However, the world was not enough for the premise of the show and an article in Radio Times explained how executive producer David Glover found himself with a Bond spin-off:

“I took it in to Dan Grabiner [Amazon Studios’ Head of Originals for the UK and Northern Europe] and he said, ‘It’s a great show, but it needs another level, it needs something to kind of connect an audience to it.’ And he said, ‘Maybe we should hook up with some kind of IP or something.'”

The showrunners then reached out to Barbara Broccoli and were over the moon when she gave her blessing to the show, allowing them to rebrand as 007: Road to a Million, you should really never say never again.


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