Best. Christmas. Ever! Ending Explained: Do Jackie and Charlotte overcome their differences?

By Romey Norton
Published: November 16, 2023 (Last updated: November 18, 2023)
Best Christmas. Ever! Ending Explained
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Best. Christmas. Ever! is a heartwarming comedy directed by Mary Lambert and starring Brandy Norwood and Heather Graham as two frenemies who are forced to spend Christmas together. Of course, the ending involves the two friends settling their differences and finding the festive spirit together, learning more about themselves and each other in the process. 

The story follows Jackie, who every year at Christmas sends a cocky, boastful holiday newsletter to her friend Charlotte. Charlotte, on the other hand, hates these traditions, and compared to Jackie is a real Grinch. A twist of fate then brings Charlotte to Jackie’s doorstep. As a result, Charlotte tries to prove that her friend’s life is not perfect, leading to more conflict than cookies at the Sanders house. 

Charlotte soon discovers that her insecurities and jealousies are unwarranted and tries to find the spirit of the holidays to ensure they have the best Christmas ever.

Roughly thirty minutes before the end Charlotte discovers Rob has been sending holiday letters to his friends and family each year and there is not anything going on between him and Jackie. As it’s Christmas Charlotte has to figure out how to put aside her complicated feelings and get into the holiday spirit. 

Whilst Charlotte is trying to feel festive, the world is against her as her son is losing faith in the existence of Santa, and her company goes under so she’s losing her job. 

Towards the end, due to a work emergency, Charlotte takes off to head for the office and has a small car accident. A friend of Jackie’s lets slip that Jackie needs people around Christmas which makes Charlotte realise that Jackie lost a son called Daniel.

How does Best. Christmas. Ever! end?

Jackie shows Charlotte the solar-panelled hot air balloon she’s been building to fly over the town in Daniel’s memory (with a Santa sleigh). As she’s in the basket, with the town waiting eagerly, the balloon malfunctions, but Charlotte is able to save the day. Together, they begin to fly, however, they forget to pull the ladder up which causes a last-minute drama… but they still manage to impress the town and bring some magic into people’s lives. 

The final scene as the credits roll is Jackie singing a classic Christmas carol. There is then a shot into the future with Charlotte proudly reading out her holiday letter and giving an update on how well both families are doing. It’s a fun, jolly ending to what is a sweet Christmas film.

Why are Jackie and Charlotte frenemies?

Jackie, Charlotte, and Rob all knew one another in high school, with Jackie and Rob being high-school sweethearts and in a band together. This obviously twists Charlotte, especially when Jackie innocently flirts with Rob and they use pet names. 

Jackie and Charlotte have very different lives as adults. Jackie is richer, with a huge house and a seemingly perfect life. Charlotte is more humble in her surroundings and feels threatened and annoyed by Jackie’s boastful nature and flirty nature with her husband. 

Do Jackie and Charlotte overcome their differences?

In the end, Jackie and Charlotte are of course able to overcome their differences. Jackie is the one who has always thought they were friends and it’s Charlotte’s insecurities and jealousies that have driven a wedge between them. Once these truths are outed the two grown women can now re-build a friendship and make things right for a perfect Christmas. 

It’s Charlotte who has to overcome her insecurities, and she states that the yearly Christmas letters remind her of her failures and lack of progression. When she realizes that her frenemy-turned-bestie has lost something she can’t imagine, she’s able to use her talents to help save the day. 

It’s safe to say their friendship is stronger than ever.

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