Believer 2 Ending Explained – What happened at the cabin between Won-ho and Rak?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 18, 2023 (Last updated: November 28, 2023)
Believer 2 Ending Explained
Believer 2 | Image via Netflix

The Netflix original South Korean thriller, Believer 2, is set sometime before the final scene in the original 2018 movie. If the first movie implied Rak was Mr. Lee, the sequel shows that he was pretending to be the mysterious drug lord to grab the attention of his people, hoping to eventually find him. By the time we reach the movie’s final act and ending, all the characters’ true motives come to light. Brian (who somehow survived his meeting with a welding machine) wants to permanently replace Mr. Lee. Won-ho is still determined to find the evasive drug lord. And Rak has very personal reasons to exact revenge on the man. 

Believer 2 Ending Explained

As Big Knife takes Rak to her drug-making factory in Thailand, Brian manages to escape his captors and rescues Won-ho, who tracked down Mr. Lee to the village he went to school with as a young man. 

Why do Brian, Rak, and Won-ho team up?

Despite their differences, Brian, Rak, and Won-ho share one common goal; All three men want to find the real Mr. Lee, so they reluctantly start working together. Brian, his armed team, and Won-ho track down Rak at the factory where he’s producing more of the Laika for Big Knife and storm the place. 

Meanwhile, Big Knife receives an upsetting call from Mr. Lee himself, who played a father-figure role in her life. When she picks up the phone in front of Rak, Mr. Lee bids her farewell and announces his retirement from the criminal underbelly. 

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In her typically violent fashion, the young woman takes her anger out on Rak. Lucky for him, Won-ho shows up just in time and puts a bullet in Big Knife’s head. 

Now having the upper hand, Brian sedates Won-ho and orders Rak to find the real Mr. Lee and kill him. Brian decides to hold the twins as hostages until Rak completes his mission, as he plans to get rid of Mr. Lee so he can take over his name and drug empire. 

Several days later, a dazed and confused Won-ho wakes up in a Thai hospital. 

Believer 2

Believer 2 | Image via Netflix

Where was Mr. Lee hiding?

As for Rak, he tracks down Mr. Lee, who’s been living in Norway with his family. We learn that Rak wants revenge on the older drug kingpin for murdering his parents after they paid him to help smuggle them into South Korea. 

For the most part, the two men have a civilized conversation. Mr. Lee is unphased by Big Knife’s death. He barely flinches when Rak reveals he also killed his entire family. 

Mr. Lee offers to make Rak a part of his new “family,” but the young man refuses and shoots the old drug lord in the head. 

Pleased with the result, Brian releases the twins. They’re a little worse for wear but alive. 

What happened at the cabin between Won-ho and Rak?

The film finale goes back to that cabin where 2018’s Believer ended. Rak confesses to Won-ho that after successfully killing Mr. Lee and avenging his parents, he no longer finds meaning in his life. He then reaches for his gun, forcing Won-ho to kill him. When the detective checks the chamber on Rak’s gun, he realizes there are no bullets in it. 

However, Won-ho doesn’t have to live for long with his guilt. As soon as he exits the cabin, one of the twins shoots him in the head in retaliation for Rak’s death. 

In the end, neither man escapes that cabin alive. 

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