Dani Templet (Player 134) blames karma for being eliminated from Squid Game: The Challenge

By Louie Fecou
Published: November 24, 2023
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Where is Dani Templet (Player 134) from Squid Game: The Challenge now?
Dani Templet [L], Spencer [M] and Bryton [R] in Squid Game: The Challenge | Image via Netflix

Squid Game: The Challenge manages to blend the world of the South Korean thriller with a challenge and elimination-based game show. The show starts with four hundred and fifty-six players who are whittled away through competition and votes, leaving a winner who will receive a massive, life-changing amount of money. One of those players was Dani Templet, aka Player 134, a Disney intern who would ultimately attribute her failure to progress in the game show to karma.

As the game progresses, it turns out that the horrific challenges of the original TV series pale compared to the machinations and strategies that develop between the players, and the alliances they form. The show highlights the backstabbing and double-dealing that the contestants indulge in and we learn that pre-conceived ideas of those involved will influence the way they deal with the other people on the show. Oddly, the hook of the show, the deadly games that are originally children’s pastimes, are clouded by the real threat, the threat of human nature. Dani’s journey on the show kind of embodies this.

Where is Dani Templet (Player 134) now?

Dani Templet is currently on an internship with Disney in Orlando, and in June 2023 she turned 24.

Dani would study at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2017 and graduate in 2022, achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections.

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Dani would find employment as a marketing assistant, before moving to Orlando and working for Disney as a character artist. Her journey with Disney would continue and she became an intern for the company, moving to the somewhat doomed Galactic Starcruiser project and then finding another role as front-of-desk supervisor in 2022.  You can follow Dani on Instagram at @dani.templet.


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Dani Templet’s journey in Squid Game: The Challenge

Dani was featured in the first episode of the game. While in the kitchen prepping food for the players with Kyle (Player 101) they were offered a choice to offer an advantage to a player or eliminate someone. They inevitably chose to eliminate Player 200, Mothi, a decision that was announced the following day.

Other players were shocked by the turn of events, but who dealt the blow was kept a secret. Dani would reveal a little about her insecurities in her life, and during the Dalgona game, as Dani carefully tries to cut her shape from her biscuit, she would mention feeling guilty about eliminating Mothi.

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Of course, the Universe was listening, and she would fail the challenge, saying, “I chose to hurt somebody instead of help someone, and karma’s a bitch.”

What was the state of the game after Dani left?

The cookie-cutter challenge would take its toll on the players. After they returned to the sleeping quarters it was revealed that sixty-nine players were eliminated in the challenge, bringing the remaining number down to 119. The pot would now increase to $3.37 million.

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