My Daemon Season 2: Is there more of the Netflix anime still to come?

By Louie Fecou
Published: November 25, 2023
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My Daemon Season 2 Renewal News
My Daemon | Image via Netflix

The Netflix anime My Daemon has been highly anticipated by fans, who are already looking forward to a potential Season 2. The series is from the respected Hirotaka Adachi and Thai animation studio Igloo, with director Nat Yoswatananont, better known for his work in horror and detective noir, pulling everything together. It is the first full anime that Igloo has released but their previous work included contributions to Warhammer: Odyssey and Farmhouse.

Story-wise, we follow Kento, a pupil at grade school who lives in Tokyo, who has found a daemon called Anna that he discovers in a forest. The show is set in a post-apocalyptic world that now has to contend with daemons, creatures born from the fallout of a nuclear disaster. Anna is one such creature, and the empathetic Kento takes her under his wing, but tragedy occurs when Kento’s mother is injured in an accident, and the pair must find a way to try and save her. They must journey across the land in a quest to save Kento’s mother and battle the dark forces that arise against them. The story remains far from over, only further fuelling speculations about a second season.

Has Netflix renewed My Daemon for Season 2?

At the time of writing, Netflix has not renewed My Daemon for Season 2.

The streaming giant has to rely on the data that it collects to see whether or not a renewal is worth their while. One of the main factors is the cost of producing the show compared to its viewership. They also rely on subscribers watching the show, and how long it takes them to do it. Another factor they consider is if people return to the platform specifically to watch a series and also what new subscribers tend to watch first. So there’s a lot to consider before they renew, and frustratingly Netflix does not reveal the viewing figures for shows, making speculation difficult.

However, Netflix is always expanding its anime library, and My Daemon is clearly a show that was intended to run for multiple seasons. If fans take to it, there are many different directions the story could go in, fleshing out more of the world, developing the lore, and further exploring the relationship between daemons and humans.

Just now, we are hoping that there will be another series, but we have no official news in that regard.

How did critics and audiences react to My Daemon?

Currently, on IMDb the show has a rating of 7.9/10 which is a highly respectable score on the site. LeisureByte gave the show a good review and praised its animation and pacing. Midgard Times calls the show “compelling” and states it is “a unique and engaging viewing experience for fans of the genre.”

Right here on Ready Steady Cut, the show has a four out of five-star rating, with us saying the show is, “Bursting with imagination,” andis a proudly weird animated series that has all the charm of Pokemon with added death, body horror, and nuclear catastrophe.”

Fan reactions on the social media site X, formerly Twitter, has been immediately positive:

What happens at the end of My Daemon Season 1?

As usual, we have a full breakdown of exactly what happens in the My Daemon Season 1 finale, but here’s a summary anyway.

Most of the finale revolves and Kento and his friends trying to figure out how to defeat a rampaging Pandaemonium, who has been brought back to life by the restoration daemon. The U.S. and Japanese governments agree to nuke the kaiju-sized monstrosity before it does too much damage, creating a ticking-clock device for the heroes to deal with the situation before they’re obliterated.

Anna, fully evolved with the help of Chumimin, the daemon who was birthed from Kento’s head — it’s a long story — Anna is able to transport both Pandaemonium and the nukes to her storage space, where the daemon is destroyed safely.

The season finale has an emotional end with Kento at his mother’s grave, telling her how much he misses her and Anna. However at the last moment, we hear Anna say her name, and Kento turns towards the camera, smiling, but the episode ends before we see whether or not Anna is really there, leaving the ending open. That does suggest that there may be more to come from the show.

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