My Daemon Season 1 Ending Explained – How is Pandaemonium defeated?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 23, 2023 (Last updated: November 25, 2023)
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My Daemon Season 1 Ending Explained
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A very weird show deserves a very weird ending, and “At All Cost” certainly delivers.

The ending of My Daemon Season 1 has a surprisingly optimistic streak given all the giant monsters and nuclear weapons involved. I mean, really, when was the last time a major series resolved its good versus evil conflict with a gentleman’s agreement and a bit of trust? That’s essentially how Kento “defeats” Pandaemonium in Episode 13, which is fittingly titled “At All Cost”, but we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.

The finale begins with the restoration daemon – still nameless, I believe – having “restored” Pandaemonium to a kaiju-sized monstrosity with the intention of destroying first Japan and then the rest of the world. In the meantime, Kento has technically given birth to a new daemon, Chumimin, which looks like Venusaur had a terrible accident.

The ticking-clock device of this final episode is that the U.S. and Japan have agreed to nuke Pandaemonium and level Hakata for the greater good, so the good guys need to either escape the area or find a way to deal with Pandaemonium before that happens. But in the meantime, they stop to help a bunch of people on a bridge because Kento can’t help himself.

What is Chumimin’s power?

During this sequence, it is revealed that Chumimin’s special power is essentially just weaponized friendship. When he lets out a little signal, a ton of daemons, including Baron and some other familiar faces, show up out of the blue to lend a hand to all the stranded humans. It’s a nice moment, and it inspires Kento to return to Hakata to try and talk Pandaemonium down.

Since Kento is basically in charge now, everyone does indeed head back to Hakata, despite the fact that the Chairman can’t delay the nuclear strike and Kaede is right in the blast radius. However, the greater good must come first.

How is Pandaemonium defeated?

As it turns out, even with Chumimin’s help, Kento can’t get through to Pandaemonium. Kento plans to use Anna to store the nukes as they arrive, and his friends – nay, family! – are right by his side to his obvious delight, but Chumimin, I guess through sheer encouragement, helps Anna evolve into her final form. She leaps into the sky and stores not just the nukes but also Pandaemonium itself and everything else in the vicinity.

Kento wakes up with his daemonium particle scar back and his mum alive, but don’t fret, folks – this isn’t an “it was all a dream” ending. Since Kento’s mother’s body was put into storage with everything else, Kento is able to say goodbye to her properly before stepping out into the void of Anna’s storage space to confront Pandaemonium.

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Thanks to what I assume are some space-time continuum quirks, Pandaemonium is absolutely buffeted by the nuclear strike in the storage space while everyone else remains safe. As he dies, Kento promises to build a world where humans and daemons get along swimmingly, and Pandaemonium assures him that if he isn’t successful, he’ll be back. He also gives Kento Kuriko’s ID to bury as a goodwill gesture before disappearing into nothingness.

Where is Seori Island?

The humans all make it back, but as they leave, Kaede spots Seori Island. She later theorizes with her grandfather that all the storage daemons must share the same storage space, so if Anna is willing to help them, Seori Island and her mother may very well be retrievable.

However, a devolved Anna remains behind in the storage space… for some reason.

How does My Daemon Season 1 end?

Kento’s mother is finally laid to rest. Even the chairman shows up to her funeral, and Kento buries Kiriko’s ID to fully complete the mourning process.

In a little montage, we begin to see some real daemon and human cooperation as Kento gives a speech promoting peace between the two species. I’m unsure what context this speech is being given in, but it hardly matters. When he’s finished, Kento spots Kiriko smiling in the crowd, but he promptly disappears, presumably satisfied that Kento has kept up his end of the bargain.

The season ends with Kento at his mother’s grave, telling her how much he misses her and Anna. Suddenly, we hear Anna say her name, and Kento turns towards the camera, smiling, but the season ends before we see whether or not Anna is really there.

What did you think of My Daemon Season 1 Episode 13 and the ending? Let us know in the comments.

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