Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 1 Ending Explained – Do Nam-soon and Hee-sik end up together?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 26, 2023
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Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 1 Ending Explained
Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 1 Key Art


The finale of Strong Girl Nam-soon has a good share of romance, action, and finality, but its send-off for some characters is a little underwhelming. However, it does set up another spin-off rather capably.

The ending of Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 1 constitutes a “happy” ending, sort of, as well as a tease for the already-confirmed third spin-off. But is it a “good” ending? There’s room for a little debate there. There’s certainly some satisfaction to be had, and the good guys typically prevail, but an interesting villain is also killed off rather unceremoniously and the “twist”, so to speak, has been obvious for quite some time. Episodes 15 & 16 have been a solid send-off without necessarily capitalizing on all the character and plot potential that the show had (and continues to have).

Nevertheless, there’s no sense of complaining for the sake of it, and for the most part, there is enough going on in these final two episodes – the finale in particular – that fans should leave mostly satisfied with the experience.

Episode 16 begins with a confrontation between Nam-soon and a drugged-up Si-Oh, and while she’s weakened, she’s ultimately able to hurt him and force him to flee. Hee-sik arrives in the nick of time and takes Nam-soon to the hospital, where Jun-hee also takes Joong-gan. Geum-ju is also taken there, so it’s a nice little family reunion.

Hee-sik is able to procure the antidote for Nam-soon, and she recovers more or less instantly, but he’s pretty knackered from the ordeal.

How does Shi-o die?

On the run, wounded, betrayed, and backed into a corner, Shi-oh eventually meets his demise via his own hand, which isn’t necessarily what viewers expected from the villain.

In a final confrontation with his childhood friend, Binbin, who has designs of killing Shi-oh himself, Shi-oh begs, essentially, for the chance to die on his own terms without having to suffer through yet another betrayal. He shoots himself as Nam-soon and the police arrive, making his point.

Who is Shi-oh’s biological father?

After Shi-oh’s death, many of his associates are arrested, and attention is redirected towards finding the antidote. A plentiful supply is found in the stationary store, the proprietor of which is Shi-oh’s biological father who had abandoned him. Shi-oh had bought him the store to run, and the place was full of the antidote.

Later, Geum-ju is able to finesse the formula from the antidote from the doctor who worked with Shi-oh.

Do Nam-soon and Hee-sik end up together?

Anyway, let’s talk about romance. The women in the family have all survived the exposure of the drug ring and find themselves at dinner together discussing their next steps, and all of them have a significant other that they need to consider.

Joong-gan, who wants to focus on stopping scammers from targeting the elderly, announces that she will be with Jun-hee now. Geum-ju, who is taking legal action against everyone who stood in her way during the investigation, wants to stand on her own, despite Bong-go evidently never having fallen out of love with her. And Nam-soon, who is now a police officer, accepts Hee-sik’s marriage proposal, holding him up in delight.

How does Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 1 end?

The first season of Strong Girl Nam-soon ends with Geum-ju learning Nozh’s real identity – it’s Song Bread – and Nam-soon and Hee-sik getting to work as officers of the law.

With love in the air, the villains (mostly) vanquished, and everyone on the same page, this seems like a happy ending. And it is, for the most part, though it isn’t quite the end.

Does Strong Girl Nam-soon have a mid-credits scene?

In the mid-credits scene of Strong Girl Nam-soon, Geum-ju goes to visit a woman with the intention of recruiting her super-strong son, presumably for the battle ahead. Song Bread, aka Nozh, and the rest of Pavel remain at large, and someone needs to take them down.

What did you think of Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 1 Episode 16 and the ending? Let us know in the comments.

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