Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – What is Hyun-su’s ability?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 1, 2023
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Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 2 Recap
Sweet Home S2 Cr. kim Jeong Won/Netflix © 2023


Another chaotic episode nonetheless feels slightly more coherent, focusing more on the Green Home survivors but making some big implications about Hyun-su.

Despite retaining the same breakneck, all-action pace of the season premiere, Episode 2 of Sweet Home Season 2 nonetheless feels a little more coherent. There’s more focus on the former Green Home residents and the burgeoning divide within the military, and further hints and implications about the wider world-building and Hyun-su’s specific powers, abilities, and significance.

It’s still very intense and crazy and barely pauses for breath, which is probably to its detriment in the grand scheme of things – an hour is a really long time for this much carnage – but let’s not quibble unnecessarily.

Anyway, things begin in flashback reminding us of Eun-yu and Eun-hyeok’s relationship before catching up to the present with that focus still in mind. Eun-yu, now in control of the military vehicle she hijacked in the premiere, refuses to give up on her brother, even if her determination puts everyone else at risk.

What does Eun-yu find in the Green Home wreckage?

You can tell we’re definitely building to a big Eun-hyeok monster reveal eventually though. In the Green Home wreckage, his broken glasses and CD are still there, and his name on the list of infected indicates that his transformation might have saved him from the collapsing building. The hints are pretty clear.

Ms. Im?

Pretty soon after this, Chan-young and his superior get into a disagreement about what to do with everyone, ultimately deciding to leave them tied up, and Ms. Im emerges from a cocoon looking like… well, let’s leave that joke alone. Either way, Chan-young’s superior isn’t thrilled with this development either and runs Ms. Im over for literally no reason, planning to burn her while ranting about humans being at war. Luckily, he’s unceremoniously killed by that nasty-looking monster with half a head and one ear, giving the others a chance to escape.

Chan-young is waylaid by another monster, a kind of bolas with eyeballs at either end, but Eun-yu forces Jae-hwan to wait until Chan-young is able to free himself and escape with them.

On the way to Bamseom, the surviving residents all bicker, with Eun-yu doubling down on her determination to find Eun-hyeok, despite the sacrifices of others along the way, which Ji-su is mindful to bring up to her.

What is Hyun-su’s ability?

Also in Bamseom is Hyun-su, taken there after the climax of the previous episode and now the plaything of mad scientist Lim. It’s here we get to see what Hyun-su’s real significance is, and it seems to be that he can compel monsters to return to their original form, or at least recall who they were before they turned.

This is discovered by putting Hyun-su in a cage with a monster who beats and bites him, so it’s not exactly a health-conscious strategy, but seeing the results, Hyun-su is adamant that he be used to create a vaccine. It’s probably worth noting at this point that the monster is still killed despite begging for mercy, and Lim is quick to reassure Hyun-su that the monster had killed many people and probably wouldn’t have reformed anyway, so it’s a little hard to believe this potential vaccine would be used for entirely altruistic purposes.

Is Ui-myeong alive?

Further developments at Bamseom include Ui-myeong not being dead but still being paralyzed, and crawling around naked stabbing doctors. He’s not healing, which means his powers are still dormant, but his survival means he isn’t out of the picture.

Furthermore, Lim runs into Yi-kyung and agrees to tell her where her fiancé, Sang-won is. The two know each other, but, in slightly worse news, apparently, Sang-won is now a monster.

How does Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 2 end?

Episode 2 ends on a rather tragic note. Jae-hwan turns into a monster and chokes out Yeong-su’s sister Su-yeong. The hitchhiker Chan-young picked up earlier is able to fend him off with shotgun blasts, but he continues to transform into an increasingly hideous monster with a doughy face on its belly. When it screams, everyone is frozen in place by the shockwaves, and Ji-su’s eardrums are perforated. The monster is eventually burned into silence.

However, it doesn’t seem like Su-yeong is waking up.


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