The Archies Ending Explained – Do the Archies save Green Park?

By Adam Lock
Published: December 7, 2023
The Archies Ending Explained
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Netflix continues to adapt storylines from the ever-popular Archie Comics series, premiering the musical rom-com The Archies on December 7th, 2023. The Hindi-language, sixties-set musical focuses on a group of teenagers from Riverdale, who plan to stop a rich businessman from building a hotel on their precious Green Park. But can the Archies save Green Park from its imminent destruction? This is the central question of the film’s ending, so let’s unpack how it all goes down.

The Archies Ending Explained

The film’s central character Archie Andrews plans on moving to London to pursue his music career. He’s managed to get accepted at a local college and all his travel plans have been finalized. Thankfully, Archie’s father manages to convince him to stay at the last minute, just before he departs for London. Archie realizes that Riverdale is his true home, which inspires him to fight to save Green Park.

What is Archie’s plan to save Green Park?

Archie changes his mind and decides to stay at Riverdale. The next day, he rallies the troops. He proposes that they start petitioning to save Green Park on their own. If the teens can gain 4,500 signatures from the locals, then they can overturn the vote by the Town Council and stop the construction of the hotel.

Whilst petitioning that Christmas, best friends Veronica and Betty make amends. They had fallen out over Archie, who was dating both of them at the same time. Betty confesses to kissing Archie and apologizes. They decide to team up against the womanizer, who has been playing them both.

To make sure that they aren’t mistaken, Veronica and Betty kidnap Jughead to find out the truth. They tie him up and force him into a confession. Jughead admits that Archie is confused, he’s in love with both of the girls.

Does Archie choose Veronica or Betty?

Veronica and Betty confront Archie that night. They force him into a confession of his own and then both agree that they will not be dating Archie, he just isn’t worth it. Ironically, Archie has ended up losing both of them. They all agree to just stay as friends. Archie doesn’t end up dating either of the girls, they both reject him before he can choose one over the other.

The gang reunites the next day. They have four days to get all of the signatures. But at the moment they only have 1,200 signatures, not even halfway. Archie suggests throwing a festival in the park to get the remaining signatures. They broadcast the news on Dilton’s homemade radio, urging people to make a stand and save Green Park.

While the gang prepares for the festival, Mr Lodge and Mr Dawson move ahead with the construction work, starting the process earlier than expected. The teens manage to block Green Park’s entrance before the construction workers can enter the premises though. The teens hold a protest at the gates.

Do the Archies save Green Park?

Mr Lodge allows the festival to go ahead, convinced that the teens will never get enough signatures. The teens continue to petition at the festival, collecting the signatures. These are handed over to Mr Gomes. The signatures are then counted, but they have unfortunately not received enough to end the construction.

Later, Gomes finds a hidden stash of signatures, which he vigorously counts. Gomes then announces that the target has been met. The teens have managed to gain 5,600 signatures in the end. The Archies have saved Green Park after all. The teens celebrate and even Mr Lodge is impressed with their work. He valiantly admits defeat. The hotel will no longer be built at Green Park.

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