All of Harlan Coben’s Thrilling Netflix Shows (In Order of Release)

By Louie Fecou
Published: December 12, 2023
All of Harlan Coben's Thrilling Netflix Shows (In Order of Release)
The Stranger | Image via Netflix

Harlan Coben could be regarded as the Stephen King of thrillers, with an incredible output of material and a legion of fans that eagerly await his every novel. It was no surprise that Netflix looked to cut an exclusive deal with the creator, and in 2018 he would sign a deal that would allow the streaming giant to adapt fourteen of his novels into TV series or films. The deal is well underway, with Coben on board as an executive producer, and with the latest adaptation of one of his works due to be released, we thought you might want a handy guide to all of Harlan Coben’s Netflix shows thus far (organized in order of release.)

Safe (May 2018)

Safe is an eight-episode series that was filmed mainly in the UK following a missing daughter of a leading surgeon, and the mysteries that arise when he tries to find her.

The Stranger (January 2020) 

Another eight-part series mystery, produced in the UK and starring Richard Armitage, who would go on to appear in two other Coben adaptations. The plot of The Stranger revolves around a family man’s attempts to unravel various secrets about his family after a stranger makes an alarming claim.

The Woods (June 2020)

The Woods was the second Polish series produced for Netflix and adapted the thriller of the same name written by Coben in 2007. The plot, from our review:

That lead character is Pawel; a workaholic prosecutor who has a past that flagrantly haunts him. The Woods sees his past catch up to him, reverting back to his younger self when he was a chaperone at a Summer Camp with hormonal hungry teens. That summer, four teens went missing in the woods; two bodies were found dead while the whereabouts of the other two remain a mystery; one being his sister.

The Innocent (April 2021)

Mario Casas stars in this adaptation from Spain, which features many of Coben’s hallmarks. The Innocent is about a man who accidentally kills someone in a bar brawl and finds his life spiraling out of control even after his sentence is served, and is the kind of thriller that relies on twists and turns to keep the audience engaged.

Gone For Good (August 2021)

Gone for Good is a French production, based on Coben’s novel from 2002 and is another tense thriller that follows the aftermath of an accident, and a wife’s mysterious disappearance at the story’s core. We said:

Regardless, Netflix’s Gone for Good remains entertaining, anchored to a story riddled with unforeseen twists. It’s a better mystery than it is a drama, and the more romantic scenes often feel forced by necessity, but it contains the thrills needed to sustain you through five episodes.

Stay Close (December 2021)

Stay Close is another UK entry that has eight tense episodes featuring Richard Armitage again. A haunting event from the past involves a homicide detective and a photojournalist in the adaptation of the book from 2012.

Hold Tight (April 2022)

Hold Tight is the second Polish adaptation here, and the story of a man who goes missing after the death of his friend. The events start to reveal a web of secrets and lies in a tight-knit community. We said, Hold Tight eventually brings the twists, but it feels slightly underwhelming.”

Fool Me Once (2024)

Richard Armitage makes his third appearance in this UK production, filmed in Manchester, after switching the novel’s location from New York. It follows Michelle Keegan, playing an ex-military specialist, traumatized after the murder of her husband until he shows up in the nanny cam footage in her home.

Harlan Coben’s Netflix Deal Explained

Netflix has a five-year deal with Coben and are licenced to adapt fourteen of the author’s novels. So far they have managed eight productions, so technically there could be another seven on the way.

Coben’s novels have greater sales in Europe than they do in the US, so it was always the intention to make the shows internationally. The other adaptations are under wraps just now, so we can’t find any information on what other productions are still to come, however, it appears that Netflix’s deal doesn’t cover Coben’s Myron Bolitar series or its young adult spin-off Mickey Bolitar series.

Currently, Amazon is turning those YA properties into interesting productions.

How Many Novels Has Harlan Coben Written?

Coben has written thirty-five novels, starting with Deal Breaker in 1995 and continuing through to the 2023 novel I Will Find You. Here’s a list of all Coben’s works in publication order:

Publication Order of Myron Bolitar Books

Deal Breaker (1995)

Drop Shot (1996)

Fade Away (1996)

Back Spin (1997)

One False Move (1998)

The Final Detail (1999)

Darkest Fear (2000)

Promise Me (2006)

Long Lost (2009)

Live Wire (2011)

Home (2016)

Think Twice (2024)

Publication Order of Mickey Bolitar Books

Shelter (2011)

Seconds Away (2012)

Found (2014)

Publication Order of Windsor Horne Lockwood III Books

Win (2021)

Publication Order of Wilde Books

The Boy from the Woods (2020)

The Match (2022)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Play Dead (1990)

Miracle Cure (1991)

Tell No One (2001)

Gone for Good (2002)

No Second Chance (2003)

Just One Look (2004)

The Innocent (2005)

The Woods (2007)

Hold Tight (2008)

Caught (2010)

Stay Close (2012)

Six Years (2013)

Missing You (2014)

The Stranger (2015)

Fool Me Once (2016)

Don’t Let Go (2017)

Run Away (2019)

I Will Find You (2023)

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