Ramona Marston Did Ervil’s LeBaron’s Bidding — And Disappeared

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 10, 2024 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Where is Ramona Marston now?
Daughters of the Cult | Image via Hulu

Ramona Marston was closely associated with Ervil LeBaron, a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist cult leader who had thirteen wives and over fifty children. Ramona, one of LeBaron’s step-daughters, features in the Hulu documentary Daughters of the Cult and took part in the murder of LeBaron’s rival Rulon Clark Allred, though her whereabouts since her involvement in the production are unknown.

Where is Ramona Marston now?

There is no official confirmation of the current whereabouts of Ramona, and it will probably remain that way, especially after the airing of the Hulu series. Ramona’s controversial experiences within the cult led by LeBaron did see her on the FBI’s most wanted list for a while, and it may be safe to assume that Ramona knew how to cover her tracks.

Crucially, while Ramona’s involvement in the killing is now public, she was never legally connected to it. She disappeared after skipping bail.

What was Ramona Marston’s involvement in Ervil LeBaron’s cult?

Daughters of the Cult reveals that Ramona was married to Daniel Jordan, who was a close collaborator with Ervil LeBaron. She was married to the man at the age of seventeen and was told that she would be sent “to hell” if she did not go along with the wedding. It was when the malicious manipulator Ervil LeBaron decided to murder so-called enemies of his church, that Ramona would be called upon to take part in a horrific crime against Doctor Rulon Clark Allred.

Allred was the leader of another rival faction of the church, and an order for his termination was issued in 1977, with Ramona and Rena Chynoweth chosen to carry out the murder. The pair would make the trip to Utah from Mexico and find Allred’s office. In disguise, they entered his place of work and Chynoweth would shoot the man several times. Despite fleeing, they would be apprehended and returned to Utah to face the charges.

Chynoweth would face a jury, who would acquit her for the shooting. It seems the disguises, and a lenient jury who believed the lies that were presented by Chynoweth, who was also pregnant at the time, led to the case being dismissed. Ramona would not even be associated with the killing, she would skip bail and disappear, with her involvement only coming to light many years later.

Ramona Marston was never charged with anything in regard to the murder.

Ramona Marston made the FBI's Most Wanted list

FBI Most Wanted Poster for Ramona Marston | Image via Hulu

Did Ramona Marston shoot Rulon Allred?

Reports indicate that Ramona did not shoot Rulon Allred and that the murder had been committed by Rena Chynoweth. Ramona would only ever face charges of bail jumping.

What does Anna LeBaron say about the crimes?

In the documentary, Anna states, “Never in a million years would I have ever guessed that those gentle loving girls could have ever carried out a hit on anyone”. She goes on to explain how people could act on the decisions made by Evril, saying, “The power of brainwashing and mind control brainwashing is super powerful.”

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