Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Season 1 Ending Explained – What Titan is lured into the other realm?

By Adam Lock
Published: January 12, 2024 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Season 1 Ending Explained
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“Beyond Logic” is a near-perfect finale. The season ends in fine form with many heartbreaking setups and emotional reunions, whilst the final showdown between Godzilla and the Ion Dragon is a truly cinematic fight sequence to behold.

The Season 1 finale of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is finally here and it does not disappoint. Episode 10, “Beyond Logic” splits its time between the two main storylines. Cate, Lee, Keiko, and May try to find a way out of the Titan’s realm in the first, whilst Kentaro and Tim work the same problem on the other side, in the second. It’s a truly epic ending that will please fans of the series and the MonsterVerse franchise no end, and it saves a big, gorilla-shaped teaser for the very end.

“Beyond Logic” opens with the first meeting of Keiko and Cate. Keiko thinks that Cate is part of a rescue party that Monarch has sent though. Cate recognizes her grandmother straight away, but she doesn’t have the heart to tell her the truth just yet.

Keiko explains that she is the one who set up the signal, the very one that Monarch has just discovered. She believes Cate is part of a team responding to that beacon. Before Cate can tell Keiko the truth, she is reunited with May and Lee.

Lee sees Keiko first and hides behind a tree. He doesn’t know how to tell her about the immense time delays. Keiko has only been lost in this realm for 57 days, but she has absolutely no idea how much time has passed back in the real world.

Eventually, Lee tells her the whole truth. He explains how he traveled to this realm once before and how he escaped after just a couple of weeks, returning to 1982. Lee states that he’s just come from 2015. Keiko has lost many decades of her life stuck in this horrifying place.

Keiko and Lee are then reunited. It’s an emotional sequence, as the two ex-lovers hug it out. Lee confesses that Bill is dead. Keiko breaks down after being told this heartbreaking news. Cate then tells her that Hiroshi is still alive and that she is Keiko’s granddaughter. It is a lot for Keiko to comprehend.

What is the purpose of Hiroshi’s experiments?

Back on the surface, Kentaro challenges his father Hiroshi, asking him about his odd adventures. Hiroshi admits that he has been trying to lure the Titans out of their portals, to prove his parents’ theory. Hiroshi asks Kentaro for his help saving the world, but Kentaro is still angry with his father and his lies. He seems incapable of helping him.

Elsewhere, Tim and Verdugo are also at odds with one another. Tim wants to investigate the signal that they have received, but Verdugo is prioritizing the imminent Titan attacks instead. Tim decides to quit Monarch and walks away from his position, angered by the company’s incompetence.

Tim travels to Tokyo to meet with Kentaro. He wants to work with Kentaro and Hiroshi, to follow this signal, to hopefully save the lives of those that are trapped on the other side. Tim and Kentaro make this proposition to Hiroshi, possibly the only person who can help outside of Monarch.

Meanwhile, in the other realm, Keiko takes the gang back to her campsite. She has been using Suzuki’s device to send her signal back to Earth. Lee suggests using this device to help them all get back home. They then carry the device through the forests back to the crash site of Lee’s original craft from the sixties.

What is Lee’s plan to return to Earth?

Lee is surprised to see that the craft still works, even though only a few weeks have passed since its maiden voyage. This time delay malarky can be quite confusing. Lee connects Suzuki’s device to the craft. He plans to lure a Titan out through the rift, activating the portal once more in the process, and helping them return to Earth.

Keiko surprises everyone, stating that she will not be returning to Earth with them. She wants to stay behind. Keiko worries that she’ll only ruin Hiroshi’s life further with her shock return. She cannot go back knowing Bill is dead either, it is just too heartbreaking for her. Cate convinces her to return with them though, talking about breaking the family curse.

They activate the device and prepare to leave as a group of four. The device works, luring a Titan into the open immediately, but this winged beast was already in the Titan’s realm, they have not activated the portal just yet. The winged Titan, known as the Ion Dragon, begins to attack the craft, swooping back and forth.

What Titan is lured into the other realm?

The winged beast manages to break the connection and Lee volunteers to fix it. As he reconnects the device, Godzilla exits the portal. Godzilla and the Ion Dragon then battle one another. It’s an epic fight, which ends with Godzilla tearing off one of the dragon’s wings. Godzilla then hurls the beast straight into the portal.

The craft starts to move, being pulled towards the portal. Lee runs after the device and grabs Keiko’s hand as it starts to become airborne. Lee realizes that he must sacrifice himself for the others to escape. He lets go of Keiko’s hand, saying his emotional goodbyes. The craft then enters the portal without Lee inside it.

How does Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Season 1 end?

As the finale comes to an end, the craft reemerges back on Earth. Cate, Keiko, and May are greeted by masked soldiers, who usher them inside a base. They are then met by Kentaro, who doesn’t appear to have aged considerably. Kentaro hugs Cate and May, marking another emotional reunion. Keiko is then reunited with her son Hiroshi, who is all grown up, and then she is introduced to her grandson, Kentaro.

In the final scene, Brenda Holland emerges from the base. It’s explained that Tim has been working with Apex and Brenda’s company has paid for the whole thing. Kentaro then states that two years have passed since their disappearance. A siren starts to sound and the soldiers prepare for a battle.

Is King Kong in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters?

It’s then revealed that they are at Apex’s Skull Island Research Station. Kong emerges from the forest, heading towards the base. The series ends with King Kong’s haunting cry. They saved it for the final shot, but yes, King Kong does make an appearance in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

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