Who is Iwo Elijah and what is the killer’s connection to Detective Forst?

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 16, 2024 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Who was the killer in Netflix's Detective Forst?
Detective Forst | Image via Netflix


Detective Forst is a gripping and dark story that sees our titular detective on the case of finding out who the Beast of Giewont is. The shocking revelation that the killer was the husband of Prosecutor Dominika Waldrys-Hansen had viewers reeling. Gjord Hansen has a long history with Wiktor Forst stretching back to when they were in the same orphanage as children. Gjord went by a different name then, Iwo Elijah, and he’s determined to enact his revenge on Forst.

The Real Killer in Detective Forst Explained

The serial killer in Detective Forst was the husband of Prosecutor Dominika Waldrys-Hansen, Gjord Hansen, who was originally called Iwo Elijah. He and Forst had a connection from way back, with both of them growing up in the orphanage run by Halina Sznajderman. Thankfully, Forst found a new home away from the orphanage, but Iwo was not so lucky, and he has held Forst responsible ever since.

Iwo had been groomed into a vengeful weapon by Halina, who also wanted her revenge on her Nazi father and his former collaborators.

Who is Iwo Elijah?

Iwo was a friend of Forst’s in the orphanage where the two boys would grow up. Forst would be adopted but Iwo was not allowed the same outcome and Halina would then begin shaping Iwo into a cruel weapon of revenge. Halina is shockingly revealed to be the daughter of former Nazi Leon Lowotarski, who horrifically raped her mother and had been running a mountaintop brothel since the end of WWII.

Halina’s treatment of Iwo shapes him into the monster that he becomes, seeking vengeance against the people who violated Halina, however, Iwo is consumed with hatred and eventually murders Halina, then sets his sights on getting revenge against Forst, framing him for the killings and leading to a brutal confrontation.

Why was Iwo not adopted?

While living in the orphanage, the two boys concocted a plan to steal a coin necklace that belonged to Halina. When the plan was discovered, Iwo took the blame for the crime, and Halina would then decide that he would not be eligible for the adoption process. Forst would be luckier, and gain a new family, leaving Iwo alone and at the terrible mercy of Halina. Iwo blamed Forst for this.

Does Iwo escape justice?

The downbeat Season 1 ending sees Forst sitting on a couch next to Nina’s body, who we assume has been murdered by Gjord. The police are seen arriving outside the house, but we do not know whether Forst decides to be arrested or is going to continue his hunt for Iwo. Despite being badly injured, Iwo is nowhere to be seen, and a final scene reveals that he has been taken away by Olga. Forst is left behind to face the consequences.

So, yes, Iwo does escape justice, at least for now, but it remains unclear what Olga wants with him.


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