The Silent Service Season One – The Battle of Tokyo Bay Episode 7 Recap – Does Japan form a treaty with Yamat?

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 16, 2024 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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The Silent Service Season One - The Battle of Tokyo Bay Episode 7 Recap
The Silent Service Season One - The Battle of Tokyo Bay | Image via Prime Video




The Silent Service Season One – The Battle of Toyko Bay delivers yet another spectacular, thrilling episode that sets up for what should be an explosive and wild finale.

Shiro Kaieda gets his answer from the Japanese government on whether or not they will join forces in Episode 7 of The Silent Service Season One – The Battle of Toyko BayAfter the Prime Minister makes a decision that shocks the world, everyone starts to scramble for what the next step in the new union will be. 

What is Shiro Kaieda’s idea for the treaty?

The meeting between Kaieda and Japan begins, and he discusses the need for a more powerful military presence. He thinks that the joining of their two countries will allow that. His idea for the treaty is to create a world-spanning, supernational military.

The President of the United States and his team looked on at the meeting and thought that Japan would not accept the offer. That said, Japan continues to question how Kaieda believes this will happen on just one vessel. He explains the power of Yamato and how he has demonstrated just that.

What does Shiro Kaieda request from Japan?

One of the men suggests that the Yamato will need supplies, and Kaieda says that their nation’s only requirement is supplies, including nuclear fuel and torpedoes. He requests support to keep Seabat at peak military performance. In asking what he would provide Japan, he says nothing because A Treaty of Friendship with their country would prove Japan aspires to a true world without a war.

Does Japan form a treaty with the Nation of Yamat?

A brief recess has the Japanese government weighing Kaieda’s offers. After hearing both sides of the case from the staff, The Prime Minister asks the Chief Cabinet Secretary, who tells him that he will support whatever decision because he would be putting his life on the line. The Prime Minister announces Japan will form a Treaty of Friendship with the Independent Nation of Yamato.

The President of the United States calls in to speak with Kaieda about his aspirations. The President questions his plans and calls him a potential terrorist. However, Kaieda says the plan is for them to remain as a self-defense for the country. The Prime Minister interrupts the President, stating that they should request an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly to discuss the matter more thoroughly.

Although they agree to meet with the UN General Assembly in New York, the President puts a plan in motion to attack the Nation of Yamato and sink the Seabat.

Does the Seabat have nuclear weapons?

The meeting between the Prime Minister and Kaieda ends. Kaieda is being escorted back to the Seabat when reporter Hiromi Ichiya arrives, pressing to ask him a question. Chief Secretary Wataru allows her to ask one question, which is if Seabat had any nuclear weapons on board. Kaieda says yes. This comes after telling them that there wasn’t any on board.

How does The Silent Service Season One – The Battle of Tokyo Bay Episode 7 end?

Although he has his personal issues with Kaieda, Hiroshi and his team protect Kaieda and the Seabat from incoming missiles being shot by the US military. The plan doesn’t go as intended, with the US Military hitting the Seabat and planning to continue until they sink it. Ultimately, Tatsunami has had enough of the US attacks and decides to fight back.


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