The Silent Service Season One – The Battle of Tokyo Bay Ending Explained – Who saves the Tatsunami?

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 16, 2024 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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The Silent Service Season One - The Battle of Tokyo Bay Ending Explained
The Silent Service Season One - The Battle of Tokyo Bay | Image via Prime Video




The season finale of The Silent Service Season One – The Battle of Toyko Bay ends one of the finer pieces of TV I’ve seen in a long time. While the chapter seems to close, the writers leave you wanting more.

It has all led to this moment with the official battle of Toyko Bay set to finally take place in the season finale of The Silent Service Season One – The Battle of Toyko Bay. In Episode 8, Captain Kaida attempts to get back on Japanese waters to make it to New York, but Admiral Steiger and the US Military stand in their way. The ultimate battle comes to a head in this epic ending.

Captain Kaieda and his crew are working to get the Seabat out of its stagnant position, so he gets someone to sink the Southern Cross ship so they can make a move. With only seconds to spare, the Seabat successfully gets out of Dodge.

The Prime Minister and his team have discovered that the Tatsunami has attacked the Seventh Fleet nuclear submarine, which makes them mad as it gives the U.S. a reason to attack. As everyone bickers, the Prime Minister announces they must work together to stop the fighting, allowing the Seabat to make it to New York. Secretary Wataru suggests they use a nuke to enable Kaieda to make it.

In Kaieda-like fashion, he begins to play classical music as he prepares to attack the U.S. submarines. The first missile hits the Colombus. Kaieda continues heading straight towards the Seventh Fleet, but Admiral Steiger sends a full-court press at the Seabat but misses.

Who does Secretary Wataru call for help?

As Japan is trying to get the nation of Yamato and Captain Kaeida to New York, the Secretary knows he must stop the battle in the water. So Wataru calls news reporter Ichiya to inform her of what the U.S. is planning to do in sinking the Seabat. When she asks why she was calling, he says they held an open forum for a reason and asks her to trust him and announce what was happening.

Hiroshi debates onboard the Tatsunami whether they should follow the orders or sink the Seabat. He knows that Kaieda will not stop here, but his team reminds him that Japan has decided to align with the nation of Yamato. Ultimately, he decides they will protect Yamato.

Who saves the Tatsunami and the crew from dying?

After deciding to protect the Yamato, a missile hits the Tatsunami head-on, causing the ship to begin to sink. Captain Kaieda hesitates initially, but with his team looking on, he calls for them to turn around and save the Tatsunami.

On the air, Hiromi Ichiya announces what Secretary Wataru says by saying she asked Captain Kaieda if the Seabat had nuclear weapons on board, and he said yes. The President calls the Prime Minister to ask if he is trying to start a war, but he says no. As the President continues to push, Wataru tells them to watch the news as Ichiya delivers that the U.S. is attacking the Nation of Yamato, forcing their hand to stop.

After consideration, the President calls for the Seventh Fleet to halt their attacks on the Yamato. Admiral Steiger has other plans as he pulls a gun on Commander Boyce, but after the Yamato fires blanks at the ship, Commander Boyce gets Steiger to stand down and halt fire.

How does The Silent Service Season One – The Battle of Tokyo Bay end?

With the US Military halting fire, the nation of Yamato is free and clear to head to New York. We get a montage seeing Hiroshi and his team from the Tatsunami back on land, followed by Captain Kaieda, interrupted by one of his men to inform him they were about to enter the Pacific. The season ends with Captain Kaieda telling his team to set course for New York.


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