Here’s everything that happened in The Silent Service Season One – The Battle of Tokyo Bay

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 16, 2024 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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The Silent Service Season One - The Battle of Tokyo Bay Season 1 Recap (Episodes 1-8)
The Silent Service Season One - The Battle of Tokyo Bay | Image via Prime Video

A popular manga series written and created by artist Kaiji Kawaguchi has been converted into an eight-episode limited series on Prime Video called The Silent Service: The Battle of Tokyo BayThe series follows Shiro Kaieda and his quest to form one union with Yamato and Japan while it leads to the Battle of Tokyo Bay. In case you missed anything, our recap of The Silent Service Season One details everything that went down in Episodes 1-8.

The Silent Service Season One - The Battle of Tokyo Bay Season 1 Recap

Episode 1

In Episode 1, Captain of the Yamanami Submarine Shiro Kaieda, his crew, and the US government make a deal for him to board and run the Seabat, one of the strongest and most deadly submarines built to date. On board the Seabat, Shiro has other plans leading to him becoming a target of the US military. In Japan, the government and the army, unsure of Kaieda’s plans, enlist Kaieda’s friend, Commanding Officer Hiroshi Fukamachi, to capture the Seabat.

Episode 2

The President gets a debrief about what is happening with the Seabat in Episode 2, along with the potential that there are nuclear warheads on the ship, so he informs the team they must sink the submarine close to Japan. As Kaieda inches near the Ronald Reagan, he tells them that he has an anti-ship Tomahawk missile loaded, and it’s not conventional (a nuke). Commander Bryce calls into question whether or not they have one, and Admiral Steiger says there is no way for them to have one and continue on the process of taking out the Seabat.

Episode 3

Captain Kaieda announces that they plan to declare independence and hereby deliver the independent nation of Yamato in Episode 3. Fukamachi and the Tatsunami arrive at the party, requesting a meeting with Captain Kaieda. We get our first face-to-face meeting with Kaieda and Tatsunami, and things go south quickly when Kaieda informs him that his plans are final. The war begins with the Ronald Reagan and Tatsunami firing at the Seabat, but neither can hit the target.

Episode 4

A meeting between US President Bennett and the Prime Minister of Japan finally happens in Episode 4 to discuss how they are going to work together to take down the Seabat. However, behind the scenes, Secretary Wataru has talked the Prime Minister into aiding Seabat to get them into the country. On the battlefield, we start to see Kaieda’s plan for the US to make the first move at shooting at Japan coming together.

Episode 5

The meeting between the US and Japan gets ugly in Episode 5, with neither group willing to budge on their commands. On the battlefield, a giant whale gets in the middle of the action, and the US shoots a missile to shoot it away, but Kaieda takes this as an attack on them. Fuakamachi and the Tatsunami return to battle, but it doesn’t stop Kaieda from shooting and taking out the flagship of the 3rd fleet in the Abraham Lincoln. This sends the President and the Prime Minister back to the drawing board to see what their next move should be.

Episode 6

Captain Kaieda has offered to speak to the Prime Minister of Japan about the potential of an alliance in Episode 6. He confirms that there are no nuclear bombs on the Seabat and wants them to trust him. After agreeing to meet with Kaieda, the Prime Minister held a press conference to announce everything that went down, including their working together to create the Seabat. The news sent shockwaves through the country and ruffled the US feathers. Shiro Kaieda has arrived at Toyko Bay for his sit down with Japan.

Episode 7

The meeting with Shiro Kaieda, the Prime Minister, and the rest of the Japanese foreign leaders led to the Prime Minister agreeing to form unity with the Independent Nation of Yamato in Episode 7. The President of the United States looked on with disgust, calling for his military to sink the Seaboat once and for all.

Episode 8

Shiro Kaieda is off to New York with the independent Nation of Yamato. Still, the President of the United States has set out to destroy the Seabat before it even enters the Pacific Ocean. Secretary Wataru plays a power move by calling news reporter Hiromi Ichiya and telling her the truth about what the US is doing. She makes the report live on the air, forcing President Bennett to withdraw his troops. Finally, we watch Captain Kaieda entering the Pacific Ocean as the season ends.

That was my recap of The Silent Service Season One – The Battle of Tokyo Bay. What were your thoughts on the season overall? Let me know in the comments. 


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