Ready, Set, Love Season 2: Will the Thai Drama return on Netflix?

By Louie Fecou
Published: February 17, 2024 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Ready, Set, Love Season 2: Renewal Status and Possibilities
Ready, Set, Love | Image via Netflix

Ready, Set, Love has caught Netflix viewers off guard, and the ambiguous ending suggests that Season 2 might be on the cards, despite the lack of any official confirmation just yet. An off-the-wall satire set in a world where a pandemic has drastically reduced the male population, the Thai original series sends up both reality television and contemporary attitudes to love and relationships.

Has Ready, Set, Love been renewed for Season 2?

It is still early days, but at the time of writing, there has been no official clarification of a second season of the show. But you know the drill, it takes a while for the data to be collected about a new series. Netflix are always in the market for more high-profile international shows, so it’ll be worth keeping an eye on how Ready, Set, Love fares both critically and via word of mouth in the next few weeks.

We were mixed about Ready, Set, Love in our review, even though we appreciated the show’s catchy title. We gave it three stars out of five but were slightly underwhelmed overall. However, Decider was a little more positive, urging you to stream it and calling it “a cute show that likely has a predictable outcome.”

Meanwhile, over at IMDb, the show is sitting at a respectable 7.2/10 but at this early stage in the process that is likely to change soon.

Viewers on X, formerly Twitter, admired many aspects of the show, including the humour:

User @tha_yoon was also enthusiastic with their praise, saying (translated from Portuguese):

I didn’t expect anything, but they delivered everything as promised. Farofinha, really farofinha, very funny, with a lot of shame from others, and very sweet characters and couples. I loved!

Ready, Set, Love was produced by Anuthida Silanarong and directed by Yanyong Kuruangkura, who brings his creative style to the series.

Could there be a second season?

There is a possibility that the showrunners have considered the possibility of another season, as, without dropping too many spoilers, the first season does end on a bit of a cliffhanger. Episode 6 ends with a flash-forward to four years after the in-show show ends, where Son and Day already have a son of their own but Mrs. Kwan has discovered their location in City Ground, leaving the ending with a note of ambiguity, hinting that there could be more to come. Only time will tell.

The show does lean into a sort of traditional dystopian fantasy that viewers are already familiar with, but it infuses it with an almost retro bubble-gum style that acts as a distraction for the more serious themes that are presented.

In an interview reported on by Collider, the show’s director would say:

“I like to come up with plots that revolve around the what-ifs. The current trend of the female population surpassing males is an interesting topic that can be explored in many fun ways, which I’ve made into a rom-com series so that it’s more accessible.”


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