Ready, Set, Love Season 1 Ending Explained – Do Day and Son end up together?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 16, 2024 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Ready, Set, Love Season 1 Ending Explained
Ready, Set, Love | Image via Netflix


You’d expect a happy ending in a show like Ready, Set, Love, and Episode 6 more or less provides that… but with a slightly open caveat that raises the possibility of Season 1 being the beginning of the story rather than the end. Still, the most essential question – do Day and Son end up together? – is answered satisfactorily enough by the finale.

It’s hard to properly explain this without some cursory context, so here it goes: The series is set in a dystopian alternate reality where men represent less than 1% of the population following a pandemic. The 314 living men are all raised and sheltered in a facility known as “The Farm”, and every four years one of them is married off through a reality show called Ready, Set, Love.

Those who still belong to the traditional family system – aka “The Family”, including previous winners of the show and their new husbands – are the privileged upper class, while our protagonist, Day, is a commoner who is entered into the competition through a lottery by her sister, May, who has cancer. All of the other contestants apart from the five lotto winners are privileged young women. Day only participates to try and win the best life for her sister. She also knows Son, one of the coveted “Gentlemen”, from childhood.

Day Chooses Love

As is clear from the above, Day only entered the competition for her sister. However, needless to say, her love for Son has become very real throughout the duration, and a key component of her arc is her finally deciding to make the decisions that are in her own best interests rather than purely what is best for her sister (with May’s endorsement, of course!).

This comes after being strongarmed into complying with Mrs. Kwan’s wishes and choosing Almond instead of Son, leaving the latter for Chanel, whose mother thinks he is the perfect match with her daughter, despite Chanel actually being better suited to Max.

After it is revealed that Valentine survived and has a plan to expose the show during its finale, Day is reminded of how much she means to the common people. She resolves to fight for Son rather than playing along knowing that May is receiving adequate care either way.

Who does Chanel choose to marry?

The day of the finale comes, and Son – along with Paper and Almond – helps Valentine hack into the game show’s system.  However, Almond has been playing both sides and exposes the group’s plan to Jenny, though she decides to assist Valentine in fear of being parted from the boy she has learned she is pregnant with.

Chanel wins the game and chooses Max to the surprise of everyone. When it comes Day’s turn to pick her husband, she chooses Son over Almond and also takes the opportunity to make a speech exposing the Farm’s unpleasant secrets. Valentine plays the video recordings on the main screen, and the outraged public erupts into protests.

Does Almond leave the Farm?

The gang uses the protests as cover to escape. Son, Day, Paper, and Almond all flee, but when it comes time to leave, Almond refuses to go. He believes the Farm is his home, and he has been betraying the group the whole time.

Even after Valentine tells Almond that he’s her brother and their mother has spent years looking for him, he remains resolute. Valentine leaves without him and his fate is ultimately left unclear. However, the suggestion is that he remained behind to protect the others, and he refuses to give up their whereabouts when he’s questioned about it later.

How does Ready, Set, Love Season 1 end?

Son, Day, and Paper all escape to City Ground, and so do Jenny and her partner, who plan to raise their son safely away from the Farm. Chanel stands up to her mother, making her father proud that she will finally make decisions for herself.

Season 1 ends with a flash-forward to four years later, where Son and Day already have a son of their own. However, Mrs. Kwan has discovered their location in City Ground, leaving the ending with a note of ambiguity.

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