The Believers Season 2 Could Be Even Darker; Would Likely Explore Win’s Father’s Disappearance

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 1, 2024
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The Believers Season 2 Isn't Confirmed Yet; Could Go Dark
The Believers | Image via Netflix

The Believers has a fantastic premise that gets darker as it goes along, but there’s a chance that Season 2, if one ends up happening, could be darker still. The Thai Netflix series began as a relatively knockabout story of three friends who use religion to profitably market a failing Buddhist temple to pay off investment debts from their failed crypto business. But across nine episodes it morphs into something else entirely, folding in drugs, local political corruption, and a missing-person plot — most of which are left unresolved in the finale.

The Believers Season 2 Could Explore The Disappearance of Win’s Father

One of the subplots running through Season 1 of The Believers involves Win’s father, who had mysteriously gone missing eighteen years ago. Win is one of the three protagonists who have lost everything with their business but the reasons behind the disappearance of his father have never fully been explored.

In fact, this subplot provides one of the most substantial second-season teases, since Yod implies information about Win’s father’s whereabouts could be exchanged for ratting out the local politician who wants Win and his friends to continue operating the temples. A further tease comes in the form of a clue Win discovers imploring him to look into the disappearance, suggesting foul play.

This would likely be a lynchpin plot thread in Season 2 since it’s so personal to Win and so obviously connected to multiple different aspects of the narrative. As the scale of The Believers revealed itself throughout Season 1, the darkness of corrupt institutions, no-win scenarios, and incredibly bad actors made itself more and more known. Win’s father may be connected to the darkest of these ideas.

Yod Wants To Expose The Connections to the Temples

Yod, the police officer who is suspicious of the Phummaram Temple’s operation and convinced of irregularities within the facility, was very close to hanging Win, Dear, and Game out to dry. However, orders came down from on high to drop the case and let the friends go free since a prominent local politician had pulled some strings. Seeing what they did with Phummaram, there were many other provincial temples that could use a similar make-over, especially to consolidate power around a particular person or idea.

Yod offered Win information about his father to persuade him to rat out the politician back to the police. Yod’s dissatisfaction from the case’s outcome would likely result in a more personal crusade in Season 2, and this is another compelling angle that a sophomore season would likely pursue. When the institutions are failing, how far will someone who believed in them go to find justice?

Has Netflix Renewed The Believers for Season 2?

At the time of writing, The Believers has not been renewed for Season 2. This is a shame since there are plenty of opportunities to continue the story. The cliffhanger ending alone suggests that the showrunners have a plan for further stories, but it may be in the hands of Netflix just now, with those all-important viewership figures trickling in to help inform the decision. If you’re a fan of the show, it might be in its best interests to let as many people know as possible.

From a narrative point of view, there is certainly room for a second season, and The Believers itself seems to be banking on more to come, so keep checking in just in case there’s an announcement soon.

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