Is Animaniacs getting a Season 4?

February 19, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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We discuss whether there will be a season 4 of the Hulu animated series Animaniacs and its renewed or canceled status. 

Hulu first announced the revival of a beloved 90s animated series named Animaniacs in 2018. Two years later, the show’s first season premiered on the streaming platform to mostly positive responses from critics and millennial audiences (such as myself) who grew up watching the 90s original. With the Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg as co-developer and the original voice cast members like

Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, and Frank Welker reprising their roles, the show’s success wasn’t a huge surprise. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has an impressive score of 90%, while audiences on IMDB gave it an average of 7.8/10

Animaniacs follows the misadventures of the anthropomorphic Warner brothers, Wakko, Yakko, and their sister, Dot. The siblings are getting used to life in the 2020s while still causing mischief around the studio.

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Most episodes include skits of the trendy mouse duo, Pinky and the Brain and their consistently failed attempts at taking over the world. In addition to bringing back beloved characters, the revival also included several new skits, including the story of a tiny alien ready to invade Earth but forced to be a young child’s plaything instead.

At Ready Steady Cut, our critic Daniel Hart said the reboot “delves into modern world pop culture, highlighting how it’s wackier than the characters we are facing; even wackier than Pinky and the Brain.”

After two seasons of 13 episodes, each featuring a healthy dose of social satire, nostalgia, hilarity, and even a cliffhanger, the third season of Animaniacs just dropped on Hulu. This season is not just shorter than the previous two, but it’s also meant to be the revival’s final hurrah. What are the chances of Hulu renewing the cartoon for season 4? 

Will there be an Animaniacs Season 4?

Unfortunately, season 4 is not on the cards. In December of 2022, Hulu announced season 3 of Animaniacs. The announcement mentioned this would be the last we ever get to see Wakko, Yakko, Dot, Pinky, Brain, and the rest.

However, the voice actors involved in the special project haven’t given up hope of returning to the recording studio one day and reprising their characters. Maurice LaMarche, who plays the world-conquering lab mouse, Brain, recently stated, “Pinky and the Brain are going back to ACME Labs and plotting to take over the world without the camera on them. Nothing’s ever put to bed forever. I like to think of us as taking a little break right now.” 

Is Animaniacs Cancelled?

Yes, the Animaniacs reboot was canceled before season 3 even premiered. As of the time of writing, Hulu has no plans to order another season. The revival series was only supposed to last for two seasons. Still, due to the overwhelmingly positive response from audiences and critics, the streaming giant extended the series for a third and final installment.

And while the revival series didn’t last as long as the original 90s show, it was significantly more successful than other contemporary reboots we’ve been getting on our screens. 

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