Animaniacs Season 3 Review – a bittersweet farewell

By Emma Vine
Published: February 19, 2023 (Last updated: January 24, 2024)
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The final season of Animaniacs proves that reboots can work and solidifies why the 1993 animated series remains one of the best to date.

We review the Hulu animated series Animaniacs Season 3, which contains minor spoilers.

Though modern-day revivals of classic movies and television shows have become the norm, most tend to crash and burn as they struggle to balance the original material with fresh ideas. An exception to this rule is the beloved 90s animated series Animaniacs, which rebooted in 2020 and returned to Hulu on February 17 for its third and final season. But perhaps the positive feedback the show has received since its comeback shouldn’t come as such a surprise, especially with creative genius Steven Spielberg returning to the series as an executive producer.

Animaniacs Season 3 Review and Plot Summary

Episode one kicks off with Ralph (Frank Welker) still acting as chairman of Warner Bros., much to the company’s detriment. Nora’s disapproval of the newly adopted management leads her to recruit the mischievous Warners to help rectify the situation, which works in her favor.

Though don’t be fooled. The siblings are still up to their usual antics while embarking on new adventures and adjusting to modern-day life. From being stuck in a video game to feeling threatened in the entertainment industry by a megastar influencer, each situation they find themselves in provides copious amounts of entertainment and reminds viewers why Yakko (Rob Paulsen), Wakko (Jess Harnell), and Dot (Tress MacNeille), are so iconic in the first place. Pinky and the Brain are still trying to take over the world, giving the audience some of their best scenes to date.

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Humor has always been one of the show’s strong suits, and the comical value in the final season fails to disappoint. Equipped with brilliantly crafted one-liners, quick wit, and innuendoes, the writers have put a lot of thought into the creative process and adapted the material to reflect life as we know it in the 2020s.

Season 3 further reflects some of the absurdities surrounding modern-day pop culture, even taking a lighthearted jab at the entertainment industry and highlighting the overabundance of reboots and sequels that have taken place in recent years. The movie and television creation process is also made fun of, displaying writers who dare show their faces at work before midday and who gather in the writer’s room as they attempt to create movie names and character ideas by pulling words out of a hat.

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Credit must also be given to Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille, and Jess Harnell, who not only bring the characters to life and portray a true union between the siblings but who, as actors, share great chemistry that hasn’t dwindled since the original series aired. Their connection felt more prominent during Season 3, perhaps as they knew they’d be saying goodbye to the series for a second time. 

Is Animaniacs Season 3 good?

If you’re a fan of Animaniacs and have binge-watched seasons 1 and 2 of the reboot, then season 3 is worth the watch. The jokes land, the pop cultural references are clever and relatable, and the skits provide excellent entertainment value and lots of laughs.

I would have liked to see the entire thirteen episodes in season 3 instead of just ten, especially for the final season. Being three episodes short compared to the first two seasons was noticeable to a viewer.

But my biggest gripe with season 3 is the ending. I understand what the writers were going for, but as a conclusion to the series, it felt incredibly underwhelming, and I had hoped for something much more satisfying.

Season 3 is still a solid addition to the Animanaics universe. Though saying farewell to the trio for a second time is bittersweet, the reboot showcases why the series remains one of the most iconic animations since its 1993 release.

What did you think of Animaniacs Season 3? Comment below.

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