Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 4 recap – “Rescue”

By Nubia Brice
Published: November 8, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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After a grueling battle with The Bat Devil, Denji fights a new foe with The Leech Devil, seeking revenge for his partner. Denji and Hayakawa are shocked by the news of Power joining them in their dorm as the two try to figure out how this will work.

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 4, “Rescue,” which contains spoilers.

A few dangling unanswered questions have gone, well… unanswered. What happened to Power (voiced by Fairouz Ai) after getting devoured by the Bat Devil? How will Power and Hayakawa (voiced by Shogo Sakata) react to finally seeing Denji’s Chainsaw Man fiend form? And by far the “BIGGEST” question of all, Will Denji (voice by Kikunosuke Toya) finally be able to fondle boobs?… Find out all the answers here.

Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 4 recap

The episode started on a relatively calm note compared to how episode 3’s ending ended with the series showing how Power met Meowy the cat and giving a little origin story of sorts for Power. Granted, we still don’t know how the devil possesses Power’s body, but this was a nice touch by the writer to immediately show why Meowy is so essential to Power. Power would then see this scrawny cat while sitting on a dead bear that she had just hunted, presumably for fun, and instead of devouring the little guy, she decided to feed it instead and THEN try to make it dinner.

This, however, would backfire on Power as she would become attached to the little kitten, which leaves her vulnerable for an injured Bat Devil to arrive and take the cat hostage until Power gives him a new human to consume.

To the present time, Denji is seen exhausted as Power and meowy sit beside him over the corpse and intestines of the slaughtered bat devil. As the two talk about Denji’s… favor, Denji goes for the grab, but his hand is suddenly shown de-attaching itself from the rest of the limb as a long tongue grabs it and reveals itself to be the tongue of this other devil.

This devil is known as ‘Leech Devil’ and entered the fray as his partner, The Bat Devil, and was executed by Denji.

Despite being gassed and Power unable to move, Denji must defend both of them by himself. Leech Devil would then enter a monologue on how she and Bat Devil had a dream to extinct humanity, which frankly pisses off Denji, stating that they have a ‘dream battle’ since it looks like every single being has to have a dream and even mocking them by saying that everyone’s source of strength is their dream, a complete parody on how the generic shonen protagonist would use ‘The power of friendship’ to win their fights.

It made for a good laugh and shows that Denji is just different from other main leads in shonen, with his goal simply being to touch breasts. He’d pull the string from his chest only to reveal that a small part of the head’s blade popped up due to him being out of blood and possibly just being exhausted after the fight with the bat devil.

Despite the odds stacked against Denji, he puts up quite the fight with The Leech Devil, even looking like he could very well defeat the thing, as Power watches on, questioning why he’s doing all of this for the sole reason of fondling her chest. Alas, despite hitting a near-fatal blow on the devil, denji gets stabbed by the same tongue which took his harm and only survived due to Hayakawa coming at the right time.

This is the part where Hayakawa shocks the audience, except for manga readers, when he reveals that he has the Power to summon a devil himself. Hayakawa brings out a giant wolf head coming from the ground to save Denji last second. After this, we get a glimpse of division 4, Hayakawa’s division, as Denji passes out.

Denji wakes up in Hayakawa’s room with his arm re-attached due to a blood transfusion. Hayakawa explains that he and Power stepped out of line and weren’t supposed to enter Bat Devil’s area. He then mentions that there’s a high likelihood that Power, The Blood Devil, was going to kill Denji.

Denji tries his best to dodge the question. Hayakawa then reiterates that if Denji were to enter out of line again, he might have to put them down but continues that he’s going to let this one pass since there were no casualties, even meeting some people that would like to thank the chainsaw devil for saving them. Some just flat-out curse the chainsaw man.

Denji questions if Hayakawa really hates devil that much when it’s shown that he can summon the wolf devil. Hayakawa responds by saying that he made a deal with that devil and that every time he uses it, a part of him must be traded. This time was a part of the skin in his left arm. Denji then states that he takes the job seriously, and even though his dream looks feasible in comparison, it’s still a dream.

A scene at night occurs where Hayakawa reports to Makima that they should let Denji and Power get off the hook, this time for going outside the permitted zone, as they were able to kill two devils because of it. Makima agrees and continues by saying that Hayakawa is more flexible in his patience and asks whether that’s because of Denji. Hayakawa then replies with No, and that he’s always been this.

The rest of the episode is basically a way to develop the characters even more together as Makima requests that Power live with Denji and Hayakawa instead of the office as Makima “Trusts” Hayakawa deeply to give him both of the fiends. Denji and Power then make a ruckus for the rest of the day, with Power choosing not to clean herself and leave the bathroom be after going number two, forcing Denji into toilet duty. The last part of the episode starts when Denji is unclogging the toilet after Power refuses to flush and reminds Denji that they had a deal and will only allow three squeezes of her breast, to the sheer euphoria sent out by Denji as the episode ends.

Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 4 ending

So essentially, Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 4 ends with a cliffhanger as Denji closes the bathroom door to claim his… favor from Power. To wrap things up and present my thoughts on this episode, I would say that I enjoyed it, and I really like that this episode was basically cut in half.

The first part is the battle of the devil, and the second is just the main characters interacting with one another. Really, this felt like a sort of breather from the past 3 episodes, where all of them contained at least one major fight that they had to go through, and even though this episode also had a big boss battle going on, they placed that entirely separated from the second half which is again, just the three of them interacting with one another and even having a brief moment progressing Denji and Hayakawa with both of them starting to understand one another

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