Is Chainsaw Man overhyped and overrated?

By Louie Fecou
Published: November 28, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Is Chainsaw Man overhyped and overrated? We discuss the anime series, why it has caused some controversy and why some fans may feel it is overhyped and overrated.

Chainsaw Man is an anime series based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Manga and was one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the year. Since 2018 the series has only grown in popularity, and the violent and gore-filled story was just crying out for an adaptation. Fans were hyped, and quite rightly too, but has the whole thing been overhyped and overrated? Let’s check it out.

This article contains some mild spoilers

Is Chainsaw Man controversial?

So, a little background on the series may be required, as the world of Chainsaw Man is very different from our own. In the story, Denji (voiced by Kikunosuke Toya) is a young and financially struggling Devil Hunter, accompanied by his sidekick Pochita, a pet devil. He tries to make ends meet hunting devils, but it’s a hard grift, and times are tight.

The series was always going to be violent and controversial, so brace yourself for a couple of events that have led to lots of talk on social media about the show. The first point of contention is not too much of a big deal, but it will kick things off here.

One of the main characters in the show is a girl called Kobeni. She plays an important part in the first season and is also a devil hunter. Trouble is, Kobeni is a bit of a loose cannon and doesn’t appear to have the mental accruement to be a hunter, so she spends a lot of time messing up tasks and even tried to kill Denji, but that’s not the main controversy that follows this character.

Seems the internet doesn’t like her voice, and she spends a lot of time crying and shrieking. Haters gonna hate, and Kobeni, with a shrill voice, is not going down well. However, she does also have a following, so cue a bit of a war on social media about the choices made. Now moving onto more serious matters, a relationship between the two characters has raised some eyebrows.

In episode 7, Denji and Himeno have found themselves having dinner after a particularly violent battle with The Eternity Devil. However, after a few too many beers, the pair kiss, and Himeno vomits into Denji’s open mouth. Denji himself is then sick and is taken home by Himeno. As if this isn’t enough, the episode ends with an undressed Himeno asking Denji if he wants “to do it.”

The controversy here is that Denji is 16, and we don’t really know the age of Himeno. We are assuming it’s around the 24 mark, meaning that since the age of adulthood in Japan is 18, then the scenario is a little uncomfortable for all involved. Now we know this is an anime that comes with an adult rating, and the series was always going to push boundaries. A lot of people may find this controversy a little too much.

Is Chainsaw Man a good anime?

After some early leaked clips were released, there was a lot of backlash against the animation, with many people not happy with the way things looked. Many on social media were angry with studio MAPPA and stated that the studio has produced a sub-standard quality product in the past.

However, it seems that after the full episodes dropped, many people were over the moon with the adaptation. The mix of 2D and 3D has sparked some debate, but it would seem that MAPPA is known for this, and it may just be what viewers should expect from the studio. As further episodes have been released, it seems that the standard for this anime has been maintained, and fans have been impressed with the end results. Of course, there will always be some who find fault with certain aspects, but it seems that the majority of fans have embraced the series.

Why is Chainsaw Man so hyped?

Hype follows most eagerly anticipated adaptations, but it has to be said that the level surrounding Chainsaw Man was almost unprecedented. Hype almost seemed like too small a word to explain the incredible anticipation that surrounded the news of this anime, and fans just seem to have been caught up in energy about this project since news of its inception dropped.

However, when you look at some stats, it might become easier to understand. The manga has sold over 16 million copies worldwide, so it must be doing something right. The nature of the characters and the easy-to-follow premise has helped this become a real hit, so with such a following, it is no surprise that the show would generate such attention. On top of the characters, you also have a violent, gripping, and gory story, and this has also helped the hype, with fans eager to see if the anime will match the standards of the manga. Chainsaw Man has a lot going for it, and it seems that its timing was also just right, with fans ready to see it brought to anime at last.

Is Chainsaw Man overhyped and overrated? 

Overhyped? Perhaps, but you can’t blame an excited fanbase for getting on board with a product, and overrated? Just now, I would say no, as there is more than a general feeling that the show has hit the marks with fans. Violent, controversial, gory, shocking, and sexual, yes, but not overrated.

Do you think that Chainsaw Man is overhyped and overrated? Comment below.

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