Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 7 recap – “Taste of a Kiss”

By Nubia Brice
Published: November 22, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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This episode is a rollercoaster of action and laughs that is sure to leave viewers satisfied and ready for more.

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 7, “Taste of a Kiss,” which contains spoilers.

Things picked up last week as Denji (voiced by Kikunosuke Toya) and the other Public Safety members found themselves trapped with the Eternity Devil. Tensions rose as the devil demanded Denji’s body in exchange for their own lives. One of the episode’s final moments saw Denji sacrifice himself and dive straight into the Eternity Devil’s mouth. It’ll be interesting to see just how they manage to get out of this one.

Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 7 recap

Not wanting to owe Aki for saving him, the episode opens with Denji launching himself into the mouth of the Eternity Devil.

The group looks down, wondering if Denji is dead before a chainsaw erupts through the teeth of the devil. In full Chainsaw Man mode, Denji launches into a rampage against the Eternity Devil. Blood spills as Denji tears into piles of flesh, but despite causing noticeable damage, the Eternity Devil explains how this fight is pointless since his heart is not located on the hotel’s eighth floor anyway.

Himeno, Kobeni, and Hirokazu watch Denji fight in a mix of horror and awe, realizing for the first time that he is part devil. Although holding his own, Power and Aki worry that Denji is losing too much blood while making little real progress. If he loses too much blood, his chainsaw appendages will retract, leaving him defenseless.

At the same time, Denji finds himself caught off guard, taking a considerable blow to his shoulder. The Eternity Devil relishes how much weaker Denji seems to grow with time, and begins hitting him with back-to-back attacks. Denji screams in agony as he realizes his chainsaw arms have retracted, signaling that he desperately needs blood. Needing a way to recuperate, he bites off and consumes a large chunk of Eternity Devil’s flesh. Almost instantly, he’s able to continue, plunging his chainsaws back into the devil’s flesh.

We flashback to a moment between Himeno and an unnamed blonde co-worker with a scar on the left side of his mouth. He says to Himeno, “The hunters that devils fear are the ones with a couple of screws loose,” which is a line we’ve heard echoed before. Like Aki and most other Devil Hunters, her goal is to take down the Gun Devil, which is both crazy and ambitious. Yet, her mentor reminds her that even devils fear things they don’t understand, including fearless, unhinged Devil Hunters. He warns her to look after Aki, as he just might find the Gun Devil if he’s as serious as he seems to be, and they both know he’s too straightforward for this job.

At dinner, Himeno attempts to encourage Aki to join the private sector with her, where they can live normal lives, not chasing after the Gun Devil. He says that while he would continue to hang out with Himeno outside of work, he has no interest in going private and never will. Himeno fears that Aki’s too cool and gentle to take on the Gun Devil, and that he will surely die in the process.

In the present, the Eternity Devil deals Denji what it thinks is a fight-ending blow. Himeno tugs at his string with his ghost arm, causing Denji to shoot back up, where he suddenly comes up with an idea. If he continues consuming devil blood as he’s fighting, he can turn into something akin to a perpetual motion machine and keep fighting as long as he needs. He launches into a frenzy of fighting and blood-drinking while Himeno thinks to herself that she’s never met anyone as crazy as him. She hopes he may even be crazy enough to take down the Gun Devil.

Back in the hotel room, the waiting is taking its toll on the other Public Safety members. Himeno informs Aki it has been three days since he was stabbed. Finally, the Eternity Devil presents its heart to Denji, asking to be killed as it can no longer stand the pain. Denji slices the heart in half, and we cut to everyone finally exiting the hotel, drenched in blood.

Outside, Denji comments on how good he’s feeling, especially since they secured a piece of the Gun Devil. However, he immediately passes out from blood loss moments later.

An undisclosed amount of time later, Himeno speaks to Aki about having a newbie welcoming party, as Kobeni and Hirokazu are talking about quitting after how they acted at the hotel. Aki agrees, but only if they do it this week so that he can invite Makima before she goes out of town. Himeno asks Aki what he thinks Denji really is, as the Eternity Devil obviously seemed to know enough about him to fear him. She also finds Makima’s interest in him to be unusual as well. She jokingly suggests they get her drunk enough to talk about it.

Things seem to be going well at the newbie welcoming party. Makima is running late. Aki notes that Fushi didn’t bring his fiend alone, but Fushi says they are not as reasonable as Power is in public. As he stares at the menu, Denji is reminded of the kiss Himeno promised him for beating the devil, and she says she will do it when she is a bit drunker.

The newbies go around the table, introducing themselves. Kobeni reveals she is just twenty, while Hirokazu reveals that he also has a contract with the Fox Devil. When it’s time for Fushi’s rookie to introduce themselves, he admits that they died the previous day on a mission. This clearly shakes Kobeni and Hirokazu.

Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 7 ending

Denji patiently and eagerly awaits his first kiss from Himeno. Makima shows up, much to everyone’s surprise. She begins asking Denji about the kiss he’s receiving. He lies and says he’s not kissing anyone, which confuses a now-drunk Himeno. Denji finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place, as he wants to cash in Himeno’s kiss, but he also does not want Makima to see it happen.

To temporarily save himself from this pinch, Denji manages to change the subject to that of the Gun Devil. Aki wonders why more Gun Devil pieces have been popping up recently and what the connection to Denji is. Makima says she will only tell Aki if he can manage to outdrink her. The group immediately begins ordering more beer and food, with neither Aki nor Himeno able to drink more than their boss.

Suddenly Himeno leans over, pulling Denji in and beginning to kiss him. She even includes tongue, as promised, but Denji cannot help but lock eyes with Makima as it happens. He manages to enjoy the kiss still, at least up until he realizes that Himeno happens to be throwing up in his mouth. The others laugh at his misfortune, especially Power, who informs them that Denji will swallow just about anything. However, a flashback to his childhood with Pochita reveals that even Denji draws the line at puke.

In the bathroom, Hirokazu attempts to help Denji throw up. He appreciates that he can do this much for Denji, as he is jealous of his abilities. Denji finds it ironic that Hirokazu feels that way, considering his first kiss just involved getting puke in his mouth, which really helps to illustrate just how much younger and inexperienced Denji is compared to the rest of them.

As everyone gets ready to leave, Makima wonders where Denji is, only for one of the others to inform her that Himeno carried him away on her back. A while later, Denji wakes up confused and looking for water. Himeno enters the room, straddling him and transferring beer from her mouth to his. Both drunk, she seems just as confused by his presence in her home as he is. It definitely feels like she was expecting someone else. She tells Denji that she knows he has feelings for Makima, and apparently, the same goes for Aki as well. She thinks he could do better, telling Denji he should move on before asking him if he wants to sleep with her.

This episode had a little bit of everything, making it entertaining from start to finish. Seeing Denji take down the Eternity Devil was everything we hoped for and more, as he seemed to learn even more about his abilities. Each new episode only raises many more questions, especially about Denji and Chainsaw Man. It’ll be interesting to see just what it is that’s so special about him.

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