Why does Elodie leave Sabine in Trinkets season 2?

August 25, 2020
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This article “Why does Elodie leave Sabine in Trinkets season 2?” contains important and major spoilers. 

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At the end of Trinkets season 1, Elodie, a nervous introvert made an incredible choice and decided to hit the road with singer Sabine and her band. This was a great move for the character who was finally taking the chance and doing something ludicrously spontaneous, despite her father needing her to rehabilitate. There’s also the problem with Brady’s car hanging over her. But her lust for Sabine is evident from the moment she saw her. Sabine has a way of making her friends and relationships feel special — shes alluring. Elodie wants Sabine — so why does Elodie leave Sabine in Trinkets season 2?

The tour

During the tour at the beginning of season 2, Elodie seems to be liking the social aspect of being on the road, even practicing singing on the ukelele. Touring is fast-paced, physically and mentally, and it’s very obvious that Elodie does not entirely fit in. However, the mental pressure of following a narcissistic and beautiful singer finally breaks when Elodie sees Sabine flirting with a fan over merchandise. It dawns on Elodie that she will not be able to have Sabine to herself and it hurts.

Is that why Elodie leaves?

No, but there was a moment that completely triggered Elodie’s reason for leaving. Backstage, an old friend of Sabine enters and Sabine is absolutely thrilled to see her. A little too thrilled as she starts kissing this woman and it punches Elodie right in the heart.

What happens next? 

Elodie announces that she’s leaving. You can tell Sabine does not want her to leave but at the same time, she accepts that maybe her lifestyle is not appealing to Elodie. It’s clear that Elodie wants security and the determination to overcome her stealing addiction. It’s a sad departure for Elodie who had many hopes of following Sabine on the road and developing a romance.

So is that it for Sabine — she’s gone?

Well, we thought so, however, later on in season 2, she turns up and helps Elodie sing on stage at a songwriters event. She did arrive at the wrong time as Jillian (Elodie’s new love interest) felt hurt by what she saw on stage.

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