Who is the Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man?

By Nubia Brice
Published: November 23, 2022 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Who is the Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man? We explore the devil and discuss what it may mean for the future of the anime series.

It feels like a new devil is popping up in Chainsaw Man every week. So many that they can seem hard to keep track of at times. While some devils are clearly more important than others, the most terrifying ones leave a lasting effect on both the viewers and characters of the series. The last few episodes have centered around locating the Gun Devil, someone many characters seem to want dead. But just who is this mysterious devil, and why does he matter so much?

Why is the Gun Devil important in Chainsaw Man?

The Gun Devil is an essential character in Chainsaw Man for a number of reasons, with the most prominent being that he serves as the main antagonist of the series’ future Gun Devil Arc.

However, leading up to the Gun Devil Arc, we learn that this particular devil caused a lot of chaos and destruction before the start of the series. After killing Aki’s family in a terrorist attack, getting revenge on the Gun Devil serves as his primary motivation for joining Public Safety. Killing the Gun Devil is also what Makima asks Denji to do for her in exchange for granting any wish he wants. Even before we ever encounter this devil, he has already laid a strong foundation as someone to be feared throughout the series.

Who is Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man?

In Chainsaw Man, the Gun Devil is an extremely powerful devil wanted for committing terrorist attacks around the world thirteen years before the start of the series.

He first appeared when increased gun sales to counteract devil attacks also happened to increase people’s fear of gun violence as well. In less than five minutes, the Gun Devil is said to have killed approximately 1.2 million people across several countries. His appearance is said to have raised humanity’s fear of devils, making all devils even more powerful than before.

Why is Gun Devil so powerful?

The Gun Devil is powerful because of the number of people that fear him. Devils mainly derive their power from the fear of humans. The more scared the humans are about the idea of the thing the devil represents, i.e., guns, the more powerful that devil becomes.

As fear of guns increased exponentially worldwide, the Gun Devil only grew in power until he was strong enough to launch a global terrorist attack. After said attack, the Gun Devil would’ve become even more powerful as even more people feared him and devils in general.

Has Gun Devil featured in the Anime Show Chainsaw Man yet?

As of episode 6, the Gun Devil has not been featured in the anime show Chainsaw Man yet. However, the Gun Devil has been mentioned numerous times, and we have seen the aftermath of his terrorist attacks in flashbacks throughout the series. Viewers have yet to see the Gun Devil in action, or even a glimpse of his design, as no one in the series has actually laid eyes on the Gun Devil in years.

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