Will Shuro Agree to Kabru’s Proposal In Delicious in Dungeon Episode 15?

By Nubia Brice
Published: April 4, 2024
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Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 Episode 15 Preview
Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 Episode 14

As each week goes by, Delicious in Dungeon takes itself a little more seriously. The latest episode slowed the pace down but provided a lot of important insight into the dungeon’s dynamics, as well as focusing on a new set of adventurers. Episode 15 has lots of potential avenues to explore on the back of the latest installment.

The focus will shift back to Laios, but he may have a fight on his hands in the form of Kabru.

What might happen in Episode 15? Will Shuro agree to Kabru’s proposal?

While Delicious in Dungeon surprised viewers this week with new characters, now that the show is turning the focus back to Laios, let’s see if we can figure out what he’ll do next.

  • I have a feeling Shuro will agree to Kabru’s proposal to help find Laios.
  • Upon finding Laios’ party, I have a feeling Kabru may attack and even try to kill Laios in retaliation.

What happened in the previous episode?

While viewers have grown used to watching the antics and adventures of Laios’ party, Delicious in Dungeon Episode 14 decided to switch things up by focusing on a new set of adventurers. However, they aren’t entirely new, as we finally get to know the party Laios’ group has saved twice now. While one may expect them to be grateful, this new party is anything but, as they begin to form a plan to find Laios and retrieve the treasure they think he has stolen from them.

  • Mr. Tansu’s party encounters the party of dead heroes Laios’ group saved on the fourth floor.
  • Mr. Tansu informs the party of who really saved them, collects a revival fee, and then leaves.
  • The revived party notices that while they have all their money, their food and treasure are gone, and they decide to confront Laios about it.
  • Their party leader, Kabru, talks them out of their revenge and convinces the group to return to the surface instead.
  • As they leave, Kabru gets stuck in a fog filled with violent Fishmen.
  • Kabru realizes the fog is illusion magic, making his party look different and attack him.
  • After saving Rin with a kiss, Kabru fights until he’s able to find the source of the fog.
  • Kabru clears the fog to reveal a party of corpse retrievers behind the attack.
  • The corpse retrievers attempt to make a deal with Kabru to retrieve corpses and split the profits.
  • Kabru pretends to agree before killing all of the retrievers instead.
  • While sitting down to a meal using the retrievers’ leftovers, Kabru’s party attempts to figure out who Laios’ party even is.
  • Eventually, Kabru remembers seeing Laios’ party on the surface and begins to piece together who they are, realizing they dislike most of them.
  • On their way out, Kabru’s party is attacked by a Sea Serpent.
  • A new party intervenes, saving Kabru’s party.
  • Kabru recognizes the party leader and Shoru, an old member of Laios’ party.
  • Meanwhile, Laios’ party struggles to escape the dungeon after hitting multiple dead ends over the last two days.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 15 Release Date/Where to Watch

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 15 is scheduled to be released on Netflix on Thursday, April 11th, 2024. The release time is 9:30 a.m. ET. The title of Episode 15 is not known yet, but it will have an approximate run time of 23 minutes.

Viewers worldwide can catch Delicious in Dungeon on Netflix.

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