Is Each Episode of Netflix’s ‘Files of the Unexplained’ Based on a True Story?

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 8, 2024
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Is Files of the Unexplained Based on True Stories?
Files of the Unexplained | Image via Netflix

Files of the Unexplained is ostensibly based on true stories and real accounts but given the nature of the subject matter — including aliens, ghosts, and mysterious severed feet — it is no surprise that the Netflix docuseries has earned its share of skepticism. Even the most ardent true crime enthusiast has lines of believability that they refuse to cross.

Is Netflix’s Files of the Unexplained based on a true story?

While you can quibble with the authenticity of the testimonies, Files of the Unexplained is based on real-life occurrences, and features real people reporting their experiences with unexplainable phenomena.

The series has eight episodes and each covers a different aspect of strange real-life occurrences, backed up by testimony from people involved. The episodes are presented with the same style and tone that you would expect from a true-crime docuseries.

The episodes are all based on real happenings. The official synopsis states, “Eerie encounters, bizarre disappearances, haunting events, and more perplexing phenomena are explored in this chilling investigative docuseries.”

Files of the Unexplained Understandably Attracts Scepticism

Of course, wherever there are claims of aliens, ghosts, and other weird events, there will be those who will try to debunk them.

Most of the time there is always a rational explanation, and in the case of the severed feet at the Salish Sea, you can do a little research and find the real reason behind how such a bizarre situation could occur. However, sometimes the scientific explanation is just as bizarre as the theories put forward.

When you are out beachcombing to pass the time and you find a shoe with human remains in it, you are going to expect the worst. When the same thing keeps happening over the years, it is no surprise that the media would jump on the story, and before long, you have an urban legend or two standing in for the unknown real-life facts.

There will always be those that believe and those that don’t when it comes to these kinds of stories, and experience has shown us that it is rare for people from one camp to jump to the other, so we have to examine the evidence and make our own minds up about what we think.

Files of the Unexplained Episode Summaries

Episode 1, “File: Pascagoula Alien Abduction”

The first episode covers a story of alien abduction from 1973 during a fishing trip in Pascagoula:

In 1973, a fishing trip in Pascagoula led to an unbelievable encounter that drew attention from the media and changed two men’s lives forever.

Episode 2, “File: Ghosts of Myrtles Plantation”

Episode 2 features ghost sightings at the Myrtles Plantation, including strange pictures that were taken on a tour at Myrtles that seem to capture an apparition:

Visitors and tour guides share their chilling accounts about the Myrtles Plantation, a hot spot for hauntings and a place with a dark, complicated past.

Episode 3, “File: Missing Yuba County Five”

The third entry explores the disappearance of five friends in Yuba in 1978:

In 1978, five men vanished Yuba County. Disturbing evidence fueled a series of questions: Did they get lost – or was something more sinister at play?

Episode 4, “File: Government’s UFO Conspiracy”

By Episode 4 we are looking at government UFO cover-ups with people who worked as military personnel, explaining their own bizarre experiences.

Since the ’70s, US military personnel have reported strange sightings and dealt with mysterious health issues but where forced to stay silent – until now.

Episode 5, “File: Haunting of Lake Lanier”

Episode 5 features multiple deaths at a beauty spot leading to locals recalling tales about the hauntings at Lake Lanier.

With multiple deaths reported each year, Lake LAnier has sparked spooky folklore, leading locals and others to question what lies beneath the surface.

Episode 6, “File: Mysteries of Mt. Shasta”

Part 6 features Mount Shasta and the myth and mystery that surrounds the secret societies that meet there at the former Native American site.

Steeped in legend, Mount Shasta and its rich Indigenous history have attracted spiritual seekers, cult leaders and secret societies for decades.

Episode 7, “File: Bizarre Blobs of Washington”

The seventh episode looks at unknown blob-like substances that fell from the sky in the town of Oakville in 1994, recalling the sci-fi B-movie The Blob.

When unknown substances fell from the sky in Oakville in 1994 and caused unexplained illnesses among residents, theories about their origins emerged.

Episode 8, “File: Floating Feet of Salish Sea”

The season finale examines a ghoulish tale of severed feet consistently found on the shores of the Salish Sea.

In recent history, a bizarre mystery has rattled beachcombers and investigators alike: Why are severed feet being found on the shores of the Salish Sea?

You can check out our thoughts on the series overall in our review.

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