It Could Be Both Families Against Eun-sung In Queen of Tears Episodes 11 & 12

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 8, 2024 (Last updated: last month)
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Queen of Tears Episodes 11 & 12 Preview
Queen of Tears (via Netflix)

After a couple of what might be described as “filler” episodes, Queen of Tears is ready to kick into a higher gear as it approaches the end of Season 1 in Episodes 11 & 12.

The highly dramatic conclusion to Episode 10, which saw Hae-in confess to the media about Eun-sung’s coercion and her terminal illness, has thrown a major spanner in the works and will reshape a lot of dynamics in the next two episodes.

Here are some things that might happen.

Hyun-woo and Hae-in Will Reconcile… Eventually

While I don’t think it’ll necessarily happen in the next two episodes (though it might!) it’s pretty obvious at this point that Hyun-woo and Hae-in are heading for a real reconciliation.

Of course, there’s every chance that Hae-in will die immediately afterward. But try not to think too much about that.

We’ve already done this dance a little bit, with the former husband and wife showing moments of tenderness despite their circumstances, but it has always been undermined by lingering secrets. Now everything is out in the open on both sides, their reunion, when it comes, will be more authentic.

And they have a common enemy to fight…

Eun-sung Will Not Take Rejection Well

We know that Eun-sung is genuinely in love with Hae-in, so he is going to take her rejection of the CEO position very personally. He’s also going to blame it primarily on Hyun-woo.

What we’ve also seen, though, is division between Eun-sung and his mother. One of the key dramatic questions is whether Eun-sung’s love for Hae-in is more important to him than the takeover plot.

Personally, I don’t think so. I think being scorned will cause him to double down. The preview for Episode 11 suggests he wants to kill Hyun-woo. He might even try to.

As For The Rest…

There are several implications made in the same preview about what the rest of the families are up to. Soo-cheol has taken up boxing, for instance, and Beom-ja has a love interest.

While these will likely be intriguing subplots to follow, what I think this is all building towards is a united front. Having both families live together and learn to better understand each other has put them on the same page, and they will likely all unite to battle back the threat from Eun-sung and his mother.

Queen of Tears Episodes 11 & 12 Release Date and Where to Watch

Queen of Tears Season 1 Episode 11 will be released on Netflix on April 13, 2024. The usual release time is 3:00 pm (BST), but sometimes this varies. Queen of Tears Season 1 Episode 12 will air at the same time the next day, April 14. Each episode has an approximate runtime of around 60-80 minutes.

Queen of Tears airs on tvN in its native Korea and on Netflix globally.

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