From Start to Finish: Everything That Unfolded in ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 5

By Adam Lock
Published: April 10, 2024
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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 (Episodes 1-9) Recap
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 (Credit - Amazon Prime Video)

One of Prime Video’s longest-running original series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, ended with season 5, so plenty of questions and plot points were sewn up. I’ve watched the entire series and put together a guide and recap, comprehensively covering everything. Keep this recap handy as you watch through the final season, and get the tissues ready. It’s the end of an era.

Episode 1 – “Go Forward”

In the season five opener, Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) tries to better her career by wowing talk show host Gordon Ford (Reid Scott) into hiring her for his own successful TV show. Midge’s manager, Susie (Alex Borstein), works hard behind the scenes to propel her client into the limelight, while Midge’s ex-husband Joel and his family fall apart at home.

What happened to Midge after the show?

The premiere opens twenty years in the future, in 1981. Midge’s daughter Esther is talking with her therapist. She appears to be a genius student, way ahead of her years, yet she’s also highly strung, with serious anxiety and social issues.

Then we pick up the day after the season four finale, back in the swinging sixties, 1961, to be precise. Midge left Lenny Bruce’s show at Carnegie Hall the previous night, walking home in a blizzard. She now has hypothermia and may lose her toes due to frostbite.

Midge’s manager, Susie Myerson, is called upon by Midge’s worried parents. Susie rushes over to find Midge babbling nonsense in bed with a fever. Susie livens her client up with coffee and food, managing to get her out of this delirium.

Midge explains what happened the night before. Because of this, she’s now doubting her own abilities and fears she’ll lose her toes. Susie vows to get her out of this slump immediately.

Susie heads to the Gordon Ford show to meet with the show’s booker, Mike Carr. He wants nothing to do with her, though, and calls security. Susie fights back, following Mike as he goes Christmas tree shopping with his kids.

Susie pressures him into booking Midge, but he refuses. She presses too hard, ruining Mike’s family outing. After this exchange, the two become bitter rivals.

Joel’s parents’ announcement

At Thanksgiving dinner, Midge and her ex-husband Joel’s family gather for a hectic meal. Joel’s parents announce they are getting a divorce, and Joel is forced to deliver his news. He is getting married to Mei Lin, and they are expecting their first child together too.

After the chaotic meal, Joel takes his kids home and finds Mei in his apartment. She explains that she is moving to Chicago and adds that she is not pregnant anymore. It doesn’t look like Joel will be getting married, either.

Midge meets with Susie at another Thanksgiving celebration. Susie tries to convince magician Alfie to take a flight to Vegas for a sold-out gig. He refuses to fly, though, due to his fear of flying. Susie asks Midge to take him to the airport to convince him to get on the plane.

Our lovable lead takes Alfie to the airport, but she practically has to drag him onto the plane. He mentions being scouted by another talent manager.

Midge defends Susie, stating that she helped Alfie land this gig and literally saved his life. Alfie boards the flight without any drama.

Next, Midge bumps into her parents at the airport and then spots Lenny Bruce. He’s heading to the West Coast for some shows. Things are evidently awkward still between the pair, who have a history.

Midge refers back to their last conversation and says that she will strive to become famous.

After the awful news from Mei, Joel decides to get drunk. He stumbles into his Club, where he proceeds to flirt with the guests and then interrupts the band, taking them to the stage. He performs his own impromptu stand-up set, complaining about Midge and then talking inappropriately about her body.

Joel is dragged off the stage. He goes into the casino downstairs and is beaten up badly for his continued offensive behavior.

Episode 1 Ending Explained

Episode 1 ends with Midge performing at a strip club. Susie sits in the audience, nervously awaiting the performance. Susie spies Gordon Ford in the crowd and panics.

Midge’s set starts terribly. Her jokes aren’t funny, and her performance is awkward. Gordon doesn’t even turn around to watch her, chatting with others instead.

Midge makes a joke about starting over and begins to build her confidence once again. The set goes from strength to strength, and she ends on a high. The crowd applauds her, and Susie decides to make her move. She heads over to Gordon and asks him to put Midge on his show.

Gordon Ford is taken aback by Susie’s pushy style. He says that Midge isn’t the right fit for the show. Susie asks Gordon to hire Midge as a staff writer instead. Gordon agrees that the show could use a woman’s perspective. He offers Midge the job, and she agrees after some gentle persuasion from Susie. The episode ends with Susie celebrating her victory over Mike.

Episode 2 – “It’s a Man, Man, Man, Man World”

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Recap (Episodes 1-9)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5, episode 2 (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

The previous episode opens with a scene from the future involving Midge’s daughter Esther, and this flash-forward technique is used again in episode two.

This time, we look at Midge’s future, with her entire career summarized in a 60 Minutes episode. Midge is interviewed about her stand-up career, love life, and family. She found stardom in the sixties and married four times after that. The comedian comments on being unlucky in love and discusses her falling out with Susie Myerson.

Back in 1961, Midge was preparing for her new job. She asked her parents to help out with babysitting her two children. Midge was excited about the prospects of working on the Gordon Ford Show, but her parents were both skeptical. She stressed the night before, worrying about what outfit to wear for her first day. Midge called Susie over. Her manager quickly picked out a red number for her to wear.

Who is Sylvio?

On her way to work, Midge is accosted by a man on the subway. The unnamed character, played by Milo Ventimiglia, chases after Midge, desperate to explain himself to her. This one-time lover, who never called back, apologizes and states that he is getting a divorce. He is called Sylvio and seems to be madly in love with Midge. He offers her his number.

After this strange encounter, Midge heads to her new offices. She tries to befriend the show’s booker, Mike, but he is still angry with Susie and takes this out on her.

Midge is treated the same in the writer’s room, with her new co-workers barely clocking to her arrival. Midge introduces herself to the team, but she isn’t given any words of encouragement. Head writer Alvin asks the writers for twenty jokes to be delivered in an hour’s time. Midge panics and calls Susie for support. After the hour is up, Midge pitches her jokes to the group. However, the writers don’t find her jokes funny and rudely interrupt her.

Other subplots include Joel recovering from his fight. He wakes in his parent’s house, unsure of what happened the night before. He tells Midge that his relationship with Mei is over.

Rose takes her friend to her favorite tea room but finds that it has been burned down. She wonders if her enemies are out to get her, so she phones her son Noah for help. He works as an analyst for the CIA but refuses to get involved in her schemes.

Midge’s father, Abe, finds his own dilemmas at work. The theater critic meets with Penelope at lunch, and the woman flirts with him, placing her hand on his thigh.

How does Midge’s first day go?

Back at Midge’s new job, Gordon isn’t impressed with the jokes he’s been supplied and asks for better ones instead. The writers work down to the wire, with rehearsals going badly as well. The writers blame Midge for the bad energy and still refuse to use her jokes. None of her writing makes the final cut. All in all, her first day goes terribly.

Drinks to celebrate following the live show. Midge phones Susie to inform her of the day’s woes. Susie urges her to mingle and make friends. The writers gather and chat. Gordon makes a surprise appearance at the bar. He tells Midge to let him know if the other writers aren’t treating her well.

This, of course, only alienates her further.

Episode 2 Ending Explained

The second episode ends with Midge performing at the strip club again. She talks about her new job and trials, one of her rejected jokes from work.

This failed joke works well, with the crowd all laughing encouragingly. It’s the validation that she so dearly needed. Hopefully, she will start to build confidence in herself and slowly start to thrive in this new line of work now.

Episode 3 – “Typos and Torsos”

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5, episode 3 (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

We start in the future again, Israel, 1984. Midge takes a chopper to meet with her son Ethan, who is engaged to be married and training to be a rabbi. His relationship with his mother is clearly fraught, but she is trying to change matters now, at least.

Meanwhile, in 1961, a joke tally board proves that none of Midge’s jokes have made the show yet. She’s weeks in and still struggling to be accepted.

In the sixties, a young Ethan won’t sleep in his bed, and he’s taken to a therapist. Midge tries a new technique, slowly moving him back from her bed to his own. Joel comes to help, discussing how his parents drive him crazy.

Rose is jumpy and paranoid after the tea room fire. Abe is stressed beyond belief after his first-ever typo mistake in print form.

Why does Midge think she’s getting fired?

At the writer’s room, one of Midge’s jokes finally makes the cut, and Gordon okays it for the show. She calls Susie to celebrate. During the live performance, Gordon accidentally flubs Midge’s joke, and she audibly groans at the mistake. Mike tells Midge to grovel for her job, but she fears she will be fired for this terrible faux pas anyway.

Midge tries to apologize to Gordon at the after-work drinks. Gordon accepts her apology but refuses to admit that he made a mistake himself. He lies, saying that he did it on purpose. Midge can’t let this go and gets into a rather dramatic argument with the TV host in front of all the other bar guests.

Midge argues that it was a good joke, just bad delivery. She storms off, assured she’ll be fired now.

Meanwhile, Rose fears her rivals are out to get her and asks Susie to get her a gun. Joel’s life goes from bad to worse. His parents show up at his club, embarrassing the owner and annoying the patrons. Midge tries to perform a stand-up set, but Joel’s parents heckle her to no end.

Joel’s parents badger Midge about the information on Mei and the baby. She can’t bring herself to tell them the truth and lies, saying Mei is stuck in China.

Joel goes along with the lie, and his father tries to organize a covert mission to get her out. In the end, Joel is forced to confess to the truth, and his parents are surprisingly comforting on the matter.

Why does Susie go to jail?

Susie informs Midge that her argument has been made in the papers, and she would not be surprised if Midge were sacked on Monday. Susie then receives a call from prison and meets with a stranger. This woman claims to be Rose’s rival. She’s been imprisoned and accused of starting the tearoom fire. These intimidation tactics seem to have worked; this criminal admits defeat and allows Rose to do her business again.

Ethan’s sleeping plan seems to be working effectively, but Abe keeps moving the boy because he is blocking the toilet door. Midge and Abe argue over the scheme.

Abe refuses to go with the plan any longer. The next night, Abe talks to Ethan alone, discussing fear and how there are far worse things to be afraid of than your bed. Abe scares Ethan half to death with his so-called words of wisdom.

Episode 3 Ending Explained

At work, Midge fears that this will be her last day on the job, and she prepares to be fired. Gordon is informed that the show is the number one talk show in the whole of America. They go to celebrate after the live recording, skating at the Rink at the Rockefeller Center.

Midge assumes that she hasn’t been fired after all and tells Susie the good news. Then Gordon speaks with Midge in private and tries to kiss her. Midge comments on Gordon being married, but that doesn’t stop him from further flirting with her.

While Midge is propositioned, Susie seeks out Mike. The two finally make amends and decide to organize lunch together.

Episode 3 concludes with Midge heading home, relieved to have a job still. She finds Ethan in her bed again, petrified after Abe’s talk. Elsewhere, Joel’s parents get back together, cuddling in bed and comforting one another after Joel’s bad news.

Episode 4 – “Susan”

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Recap (Episodes 1-9)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5, episode 4 (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

This episode opens with an extravagant dance number. Frank and Nicky are producing an expo show, and the dancers practice their big show-stopper. The mob enforcers request a favor from Susie, one of their leading actors, who pulled out at the last minute, and they want Midge to take the gig.

Susie is skeptical, but the criminals insist this is payback, and the manager owes them.

Why does Midge turn Gordon down?

Meanwhile, the staff is recovering from last night’s celebrations at the Gordon Ford Show, all nursing painful hangovers. Midge enters the offices in a chirpy fashion, having not drunk the night before. Gordon apologizes for being tipsy and propositioning Midge, although he continues to ask her out on a date regardless. Midge lists all of Gordon’s red flags, including his wife. Gordon implies that it’s an open marriage, but Midge still says no, he’s a married man.

She’s saved by a phone call from Susie. Her manager pitches the expo show, highlighting the dodgy deal she’s been forced into. If Midge performs in this show, they will finally be off the hook, free of these threatening associates. Midge agrees to the performance, only to appease Susie.

Midge is handed the lengthy script, which she is told to memorize, and a baggy garbage disposal outfit. Her job is advertising demolition and waste management in New York City. The show opens with a huge musical number, and Midge inter-cuts with her extensive monologues.

That night, Abe and Rose go to see a play. They argue over the meaning behind the play. Abe explains his complex analysis of the story, while Rose believes it is simplistic. To settle the argument,

Rose asks the playwright the meaning behind his play. Rose wins. It wasn’t as complicated as Abe had assumed. They head home in awkward silence. Back at their house, employees Zelda and Janusz are getting engaged, which adds an extra layer of awkwardness to the proceedings.

Why can’t Midge perform on the show?

Back at work, Midge shows the other writers her awful expo script. The place is in panic mode. A comic guest has canceled at the last minute, leaving Gordon in a tizz. Midge senses her big moment, her one chance to grasp the spotlight.

She offers her services as the comedic replacement they desperately need. Gordon declines, stating their one rule: writers cannot perform on the show. All the writers are stand-ups, but they will never make an appearance on the show.

Disillusioned by this silly rule, Midge drags herself over to the expo show for round two. Her ex-husband and kids are in the crowd for this performance, but Midge lets her dismay take over. She performs terribly, interrupting the other performers. Midge yawns on stage, adlibs her lines, and half-asses the whole thing.

Why is Joel concerned?

Frank and Nicky are enraged by this temper tantrum and lay into poor Susie. They say how they own Midge and Susie forever now. Susie completely misunderstood the deal; she would be owing them favors for the rest of her life.

Joel witnesses this argument and asks Susie what she has gotten Midge caught up in. He worries that she is involved with the mob and vows to discover the truth.

Episode 4 Ending Explained

The TV host fumbles through his performance at the Gordon Ford Show. He’s bored by their guest until Sophie Lennon makes a surprise appearance, stealing the show. Mike manages to book her at the last minute, saving the episode.

Susie turns up, arguing with Mike. She’s angry that he didn’t tell her about the show’s golden rule. Mike refuses to fix things, though. Susie leaves in a huff.

As Susie exits the building, she spots Gordon Ford’s wife, Hedy. The woman begins to chase after Susie. It would appear these two have a history together. Hedy asks to get Susie a drink, but the manager refuses.

It’s implied that they were close over fifteen years ago and possibly in a relationship together. Susie was hurt by Hedy’s actions and broken promises, though. She refuses to talk further and storms off. Susie has many secrets from her past.

Episode 5 – “The Pirate Queen”

Rachel Brosnahan in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5, episode 5 (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

Episode 5 starts in 1987. Joel is now a convict, spending time in prison for unknown reasons. Midge visits him, supplying the inmate with headshots, these photographs of her will work as currency on the inside, but Joel wants younger, sexier ones instead.

They discuss their grandchild and Midge’s work. She has sold out and is now advertising wigs. Joel wishes she would start performing again, mentioning what Susie, her ex-manager, would think.

Back in 1961, Joel was on the prowl for a new venue for his next club venture. Meanwhile, Susie hopes to land a role for one of her clients, James Howard, in an upcoming film. Susie’s offices are inundated with potential clients. She receives a call from magician Alfie, who has bought himself a llama. It’s a hectic showbiz lifestyle, and Susie is, for once, on the up.

Midge pays her a visit, overworked and disorientated. The comedian is working on the Gordon Ford show during the day and performs stand-up shows at night. Gordon is particularly argumentative at work, mentioning his women-bashing monologues and embarrassing sponsorship deals.

Why does Midge offer to perform at the boat party?

Executive producer George wants Gordon to sell diaper cream, but the talk show host is having none of it. Midge makes a joke, which upsets George. Afterward, Midge apologizes to George, feeling rather guilty. She offers to help out with the diaper company reps, suggesting she perform at their boat party that night. George accepts her request.

Zelda and Janusz marry the same day at Midge’s home. During the wedding ceremony, Abe and Rose overhear Janusz, stating that Zelda, their housekeeper, will never have to work again. This stresses the couple and Midge when she realizes she’ll be losing her babysitters. After the ceremony, Midge and Joel talk in private.

Joel and Midge kiss

Joel mentions purchasing a new club and asks Midge about the mob thugs Susie works with. Midge is defensive, although she doesn’t make matters any better when she mentions how Frank and Nicky first met Susie. Joel is extremely protective, saying he doesn’t want any harm to Midge. He vehemently wants her to cut ties with Susie. Midge appreciates Joel’s bravado and the two ex’s kiss.

Midge is late for her gig, though. She rushes over to the boat party. Midge’s set goes swimmingly. Even George is impressed with her hilarious performance. Next, she schmoozes with the reps.

They suggested that Midge appears on the show and that she could even be their spokesperson. Midge is grateful but leaves the men to chat. She heads down to the lower level and sees a rep harassing a waitress.

Midge is arrested

The comedian helps the waitress escape this ensuing assault but then causes further damage. She accidentally loses the man’s jacket, which falls into the water. Midge is then arrested by the Coast Guard. George looks mortified.

Back at the offices, Midge and Susie meet with the show’s personnel, including the head of their legal team, public relations, and George. Gordon arrives last for the emergency meeting. Susie and Gordon are updated on the situation. Midge was arrested and faces serious charges.

The rep is now accusing Midge of assaulting him. Because the incident took place in international waters and involved a missing wallet, it is technically an act of piracy. Gordon laughs at the claims. He tells the legal team to get the charges dropped but allows the PR team to let the press publish whatever they want on the story. George wants Midge fired, yet Gordon refuses.

Episode 5 Ending Explained

Susie attempts to hire the comedy actor James. She finds out that the film’s producer, David Weston, is stalling on the answer. Susie hunts him down to a seedy bathhouse.

She confronts the man, but he still won’t make a decision. Susie uses reverse psychology to land the role for James.

Many rumors are flying around about how she did it, but it seems to be due to her persistence and the fact that she now has dirt on him, too.

In the end, Midge is seen leaving one of her gigs. Gordon asks her out on a date, and they head to a cafe for some late-night food.

Midge downplays the date and refuses to kiss Gordon. She explains how dating Gordon would ruin her career. She wants to be famous on her own merit. Gordon accepts defeat, and the two then dance together.

Episode 6 – “The Testi-Roastial”

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Recap (Episodes 1-9)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5, episode 6 (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

It’s 1990, and guests gather for Susie Myerson’s Testi-Roastial, which is a blend of a roast and a testimonial, to celebrate the cutthroat manager’s life and career. Stewart Jones (Sean Gunn) hosts the event, talking early on about the rocky relationship between Susie and Midge, who are now enemies.

The event is structured so comics and Susie’s associates can retell old stories about the manager, flitting between the many eras and focusing on the most intriguing moments of her life. Stewart discusses a day in 1970 when Susie managed to make three separate, lucrative deals in a matter of hours.

How did Susie land Harry’s clients?

Aaron Lebowitz is next up; he talks about Harry Drake, Susie’s mentor. Harry handed over most of his best clients to Susie on his deathbed. Many rumors were flying around about how Susie sealed this profitable deal, but the truth is, Susie cared dearly about Harry, and she was the only one there for him during his final days. He happily gifted her with those clients.

Next up is Ray Ortiz, who discusses the mob. Susie was involved with the mob from the beginning and inadvertently dragged Midge into this criminal underworld. A flashback addresses how Susie first got involved with the mob.

Her receptionist, Dinah, was beaten by a violent ex, so Susie decided to intervene. She hired Frank and Nicky to teach Dinah’s ex a lesson. From that day forward, she was in the mobsters’ debt.

After this detour, Mike Carr takes the stand. In the sixties, he was the talent booker for the Gordon Ford Show. Early on, he tussled with both Susie and Midge, but over the years, Susie won him over.

She helped get George (Mike’s nemesis) fired from the show, and then Mike took over George’s role. They’ve been dear friends ever since.

How did Joel get involved with the mob?

The comedians then discuss how Midge got out of her contract with the mobsters. Midge’s ex-husband Joel discovered the dodgy deal and ransacked Susie’s offices. He found out that the mobsters received 30% of Midge’s earnings. Joel made his own deal with Frank and Nicky, working for them to free Midge from this bind.

Carmine introduces Susie’s sister, Tessie, who then sings an awkward song. This works as a subtle segue into another story about Midge’s wedding in 1973. This story shows how Susie would do anything for her clients, making her one of the best managers in the business.

Susie helped Midge cancel her wedding at the very last minute. Midge realized that she wasn’t in love with the groom and pulled out only ten minutes before the ceremony.

Joel was her true love, after all. This decision cost Susie dearly, but she solved the crisis in a professional and loving fashion. Truly going to great lengths for her friend.

This heartwarming story leads to the real elephant in the room: why did Susie and Midge fall out? Mike Carr knows the truth, having heard a similar story from both sides. He recounts this final tale.

Why did Susie and Midge fall out?

In 1985, Joel was arrested for his involvement in the mob and charged with racketeering, wire fraud, and money laundering. Before being arrested, Joel passed Midge a note explaining it all. Susie sold Midge to the mob, and Joel took on this deal instead, saving Midge in the process. Midge is furious to hear that Susie lied to her and caused all this chaos. After their argument, the two would never speak again.

Episode 6 Ending Explained

That is, until the roast. Midge sends a video message to the event, which is played as the grand finale. Midge thanks Susie for making her into a star. She talks about the good times and some personal moments they shared. Then, Midge offers to meet up with Susie once again.

It’s an emotional ending. Susie is clearly moved by the gesture. She leaves the event with a new lease of life, eager to meet with Midge again.

Episode 7 – “A House Full of Extremely Lame Horses”

Rachel Brosnahan in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5, episode 7 (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

Starting in the sixties, Rose prepares for a matchmaking party. She’s back with her old business and desperate to win over new clients. Unfortunately, Rose doesn’t have a place to host this shindig. She considers Joel’s parent’s house but is unsure of the decor.

Apartment leak

Back at Midge’s apartment, things only go from bad to worse. Rose and Abe are struggling to complete simple household tasks without Zelda. She begrudgingly stops by to offer her services once more. The apartment then springs a leak, flooding the floors below. The plumber finds the culprit. One of Ethan’s toys was stuffed down the drain. Rose now needs the apartment re-carpeting for the party, and Midge has to buy a whole new bathroom as well.

This morning’s chaos led to Midge being late for work. She asks her father to take Ethan to school in her place. Abe is initially impressed with Ethan’s school but then shocked to discover that Ethan is failing academically.

A flashback to 1954 explores this disaster further. Abe tells Joel that all the firstborn Weissman sons become geniuses at the age of 6. Joel is ordered to give his son no input or guidance until he turns six so the boy can flourish. Of course, Joel thinks the whole idea is absurd.

Who is Danny Stevens?

Back in 1961, Midge rushes to work. Today, the celebrity Danny Stevens (Hank Azaria) is on the show. Mike gave a short speech announcing his new role as the show’s producer. He’s taking over from George, who Susie helped to oust from the production.

In the writer’s room, Danny introduces himself to Midge. He asks the writers for some improved jokes. Midge suggests that Danny talks about his own life and his parents as he is promoting his own autobiography.

The show goes perfectly. Danny kills it, discussing his book and cracking jokes with apparent ease. After the show, Danny thanks Midge for the advice. He wants her to work for him as a scriptwriter on a new sitcom. Gordon is furious that Danny is poaching his staff right before him. He argues with Danny and ends up being dragged out of the bar.

Back at home, Abe brings up Ethan’s poor test results. He’s furious that Ethan isn’t excelling academically. Joel defends his son while Janusz and Zelda argue. Janusz doesn’t want Zelda working for the Weissmans anymore. Abe talks about Joel ruining his bloodline, but Joel stands his ground.

That night, Susie gambles with Mike Carr and his work colleagues. Mike has managed to land Midge a spot on Jack Parr’s latest comedy showcase. This is a great chance for Midge to demonstrate her talents. Susie would much rather Midge star on the Gordon Ford Show, but Mike thinks that dream is dead.

Susie only really helped Mike get the producer role so he could go and book Midge on the show, but Gordon won’t allow Midge to perform either. Mike rules out Midge’s chances, although he offers her a different opportunity instead.

Why is Midge given a raise?

Next, Susie relays this information back to Midge. Because of Danny’s offer, Midge is given a raise at work, putting her on a par with the male writers. She doesn’t want to be a scriptwriter but informs Gordon that she’ll be attending the showcase unless Gordon books her first. Gordon ignores her, unwilling to change his rules, and is angered that Midge wants more from her career.

Midge’s set goes well, yet Jack Parr’s assistant refuses to book her, stating that he doesn’t get her act. They want Susie’s other client, James Howard, instead. Midge gallantly urges Susie to accept this offer, although Susie defends Midge’s corner admirably.

Episode 7 Ending Explained

Flash forward to 1973, and we focus on Rose’s matchmaking business. She’s filming a commercial with Midge’s support and financial backing. Unfortunately, the business is hemorrhaging money. Midge is advised to drop the business, but she can’t. This business means the world to Rose, and Midge wants to provide this outlet for her mother.

The episode ends back in the sixties. Midge returns home after yet another rejection. In the bathroom, she lets her anger out. Abe goes to comfort his daughter but hears the piano being played. He rushes over, hoping to see Ethan unveiling his hidden talents, yet it is, in fact, Esther who is the genius in the family.

Episode 8 – “The Princess and the Plea”

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Recap (Episodes 1-9)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5, episode 8 (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

“The Princess and the Plea” follows Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) as she reflects on her life to date with a school reunion while she pushes forward at work, desperate to land her big break.

This reminiscing starts in the opening scene. Midge and Joel are summoned to Ethan’s school. Mrs. Moyers has brought them in to complain about Abe, who keeps showing up at the school unannounced.

While they wait to be seen, they think back to key moments in their relationship. Joel remembers introducing Midge to his parents. And Midge remembers dancing with Joel in the streets. After their meeting, Joel invites Midge out for a drink to catch up. Midge accepts this invitation.

Midge then attends a school reunion and meets with her old friends. Some of the women are now mothers or are currently pregnant. They gossip, talking about their lives and partners. Joel is mentioned, and Midge’s career is also briefly discussed.

They go back to their old dorms, which feel rather small now. They clash with the new students, the next generation, who seem completely different from them, with different goals and beliefs.

What note did Midge leave for her future self?

Next, they head to their secret hideout and retrieve notes they left for their future selves. The women read through each other’s notes. It’s a bittersweet call-back to simpler times. Although, Midge’s note says the word ‘don’t’ on it, which is quite vague or cryptic depending on how you look at it. The friends believe it means ‘don’t miss out,’ and they all agree that Midge has lived quite a life.

At work, the staff is excited to be hosting guest star Princess Margaret, whom Hedy has managed to book for the show. The writers get to work pitching ideas for this special guest. We cut to the main event. Princess Margaret is an absolute joy, performing a hilarious weather report sketch.

How does Midge find out about Hedy and Susie?

Gordon thinks they could win an Emmy for tonight’s performance. They celebrate at their usual bar. Hedy congratulates Midge for writing such a funny skit. She mentions Susie, who was Hedy’s old roommate. Midge didn’t know that Susie and Hedy were old friends. Susie had kept this a secret from her.

This revelation angers Midge. She wants Susie to use this connection to get her on the Gordon Ford Show. Midge ambushes Susie at the train station and confronts her about the secret. Susie is defensive, but Midge is persistent. Midge asks Susie to use this connection to get her on the show. Susie refuses.

Midge doesn’t hold back, though, stating that they’ve tried every other conceivable angle. This is their last hope. Midge wants to have a legacy, something to look back on and be proud of. She doesn’t care how she gets her big break; she needs it to happen soon.

Abe’s realization

Abe is also getting somewhat reflective, looking back on his life in detail elsewhere. Esther’s blossoming talents and Midge’s current successes have made Abe realize that he has been sexist in the past. He regrets how he raised Midge. Abe admits to his friends that Midge is a remarkable person. He’s proud of her but regrets that he’s never told her this before.

Susie plucks up the courage and finally meets up with Hedy. She asks her to put Midge on the show to give her the break she’s been chasing all these years. Susie asks for this one-time favor, for Hedy to talk to Gordon, showing surprising vulnerability. Hedy realizes just how tough this was for Susie to ask, and she says she’ll try.

How is Gordon convinced to book Midge for his show?

The following day, Hedy travels to Gordon’s office. She asks him to book Midge on the show. Gordon talks about his golden rule, which he can’t break. Hedy states that it is a silly rule. She wants him to book her. Gordon seems confused and wants to know what Hedy’s angle is. Hedy says that he owes her, adding nothing more to the argument. Clearly, Hedy wants to appease Susie, but she can’t tell Gordon the truth about the circumstances surrounding this favor.

Gordon seems to have finally been worn down to a point where he cannot refuse. He leaves the office and looks down at the offices below. He watches as Midge speaks on the phone. She has been handed an emergency call and rushes out of the office to the elevator.

Episode 9 – “Four Minutes”

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5, episode 9 (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

The final ever episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel focuses on the story of Midge’s (Rachel Brosnahan) eventful first appearance on the Gordon Ford Show, yet there are a few other key scenes from different timelines to enjoy as well.

As you’d expect, it’s an emotional conclusion that will please the die-hard fans, who may have been undecided by the final season.

What happened to Lenny Bruce?

Starting in 1965, Susie watches Lenny Bruce as he performs an awkward stand-up routine. He’s fallen mightily from grace, now appearing bitter, drunk, and surprisingly unfunny. He rants about his court cases and even forgets his own lines.

Susie offers to get him back on his feet, to help him launch a comeback, but Lenny doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Susie to spend her time on someone who deserves it instead. Outback, Midge waits to hear Susie’s verdict. They vow to try again. Midge holds a special place in her heart for Lenny, and she doesn’t want to give up on him just yet.

Back in the show’s present, 1961, we discover exactly what Midge’s emergency call was all about. She picks up Susie from the police station. Susie is struggling to cope after her last chat with Hedy.

She divulges her darkest secrets to Midge, confessing about her first love. Midge apologizes to Susie; if she’d known the truth, she would have never asked for the favor in the first place.

It doesn’t matter because that favor has worked. Midge is called into Gordon’s office. He informs her that she will be on the show that very night.

However, Gordon isn’t happy about it, but Midge is ecstatic; her dreams are finally coming true.

She rushes over to Susie’s to tell her the good news. Midge then calls Joel. He’s so happy for her that he even consents to her using their personal lives for material.

While Midge prepares for her set, she phones her father, relaying the good news. Abe is also elated. He runs home and updates Rose on the good news. Together, Midge’s parents race over to see their daughter perform.

How does Gordon sabotage Midge’s performance?

Of course, Gordon has decided to sabotage the performance. He informs Midge that she will be on the show as a writer. She will only be interviewed, and she will be unable to perform her comedy routine. Susie and Mike try to change Gordon’s mind, but he is fixated on this plan.

Midge’s family are seated, and the show begins. Midge is introduced as a writer and given a stool to sit on; she won’t even be interviewed on the hallowed couch.

It’s a heart-breaking exchange as Joel realizes what is happening, and Midge shakes her head at him, feeling defeated.

Gordon steals the spotlight during the interview, not letting Midge get a word in. When she finally starts to tell a few jokes, he cuts to a commercial. Mike argues with Gordon, telling him he still has four minutes left to fill.

Midge speaks with her parents, who are so proud of her, and then heads back to her stool. As she walks back, she spots the microphone and understands what she needs to do.

Midge asks if she can be reckless, and Susie gives her the go-ahead.

Midge’s big break

When they return from the break, Midge states she is a comedienne and grabs the mic. She delivers a perfect stand-up routine, talking about her life, her children, and her dreams of becoming famous. She kills it, even making Gordon laugh. The set ends with a standing ovation.

Gordon invites her over to the sofa for a proper interview and introduces her as the marvelous Mrs. Maisel. As the crowd cheers, Midge kisses Joel, and Gordon tells her she is fired. What a phenomenal sequence!

We then revert to six months earlier. Midge is in a Chinese restaurant with Lenny. They are talking about fame, and Midge is practicing her autograph.

Lenny reiterates that Midge is going to be famous very soon. She takes a fortune cookie, and Lenny tells Midge about her future. This is a special moment for Midge, as she keeps the fortune all those years later.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Ending Explained

The series ended in 2005. Midge is now an old lady. She talks through her schedule with her staff. Her home is a large, luxurious apartment, but she appears extremely lonely. Midge phones Susie. They seem to have a system in place where they both watch the same quiz show at the same time but miles apart.

They appear to be best friends once again. Midge brings up reincarnation, and they discuss what animals they would like to come back as. Susie’s response makes Midge laugh hysterically. The finale concludes with the two friends laughing together as we fade to black.

That completes my recap and guide for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5. What was your favorite episode? Comment below.

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