Daniel Wong, Like Jennifer Pan, Remains In Prison For His Crimes

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 11, 2024
Where is Daniel Wong Now? The Jennifer Pan Connection Explained
Daniel Wong and Jennifer Pan Being Interrogated in What Jennifer Did

What Jennifer Did tells the terrible story of Jennifer Pan, who was accused of hiring killers to murder her parents so she could claim insurance and be with her boyfriend, Daniel Wong. Her mother was tragically killed in the attack, but her father survived, and her brother Felix avoided the attack entirely.

Where is Daniel Wong Now?

Where is Daniel Wong Now? The Jennifer Pan Connection Explained

Daniel Wong in What Jennifer Did

Although an appeal has been made against the first-degree murder conviction handed down to Jennifer and Daniel Wong, Wong is currently in prison at the Collins Bay Institution in Kingston.

Despite the court ruling that the appeal plea was accepted, at the time of writing, there has been no news about a date for the appeal to be heard.

Daniel Wong’s Involvement in Jennifer Pan’s Murder Plot

Daniel Wong was Jennifer Pan’s boyfriend, and the two had been at school together. However, despite the insistence of her parents for Jennifer to study and be a straight-A student, Jennifer would allow her studies and grades to slip.

In an attempt to keep her grades from her parents, Jennifer started to fake her results and would lie to her parents about receiving a scholarship to attend University. For years she would lie about her life, convincing everyone she was graduating and starting a job.

However. her parents would eventually discover the deception and bring her back to the family home under strict supervision, which also meant she could not see her boyfriend, Daniel Wong, who eventually moved on to another relationship. Jennifer would become enraged by the situation, and would then decide to try and win Wong back, fabricating a plan that would lead to the most terrible of outcomes.

Phone records of Jennifer’s interactions would reveal that an acquaintance of Wong’s, drug dealer Lenford Roy Crawford, had been contacted by Jennifer and engaged by her to murder her parents for money. Allegedly, Daniel had arranged the meeting between Crawford and Jennifer, and the motivation behind orchestrating the crime seemed to be the inheritance that Jennifer would receive after the murders had taken place.

However, the botched murder would lead to an investigation that would reveal the full extent of their actions.

Why were Jennifer Pan and Daniel Wong Not Allowed To Be In a Relationship?

Where is Daniel Wong Now? The Jennifer Pan Connection Explained

More of Daniel Wong’s interrogation

Daniel Wong was of Chinese-American heritage and met Jennifer at high school. However, Jennifer’s parents were not happy with their relationship, possibly because her father, who wanted only the best for his daughter, felt that Wong, who would go on to manage a pizza shop and sell marijuana, was not the right person for his daughter to be dating.

Jennifer’s parents forbade her from seeing Wong, and this was the catalyst for the terrible events that followed.

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