Will the Captain Kill the Major in The Sympathizer Episode 3?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 22, 2024
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The Sympathizer Episode 3 Preview - Will the Captain kill the Major
The Sympathizer | Image via HBO

The second episode of The Sympathizer ended rather ominously, with the Captain and Bon presumably on their way to kill the Major at the behest of the General. Will that happen in Episode 3? What else do we have to look forward to based on the events of the book?

Let’s theorize. Do note that I’ll be basing this speculation on the novel, so there’s a good chance that this article could contain major spoilers for both the show and the book. Please don’t proceed if you’re worried about either of those things.

Will the Captain kill the Major?

Technically, Bon will kill the Major, but yes, the Major will meet his end.

This will needless to say set in motion a chain of events that cannot be subsequently stopped, but we should also take a moment here to highlight just how scummy it is for the Captain to manipulate Bon in this way. He already cost him the lives of his wife and child — now he’s taking advantage of his grief to use him for his own ends because he doesn’t have the spine to carry out the murder himself.

There’s a degree of moral ambiguity to the Captain, but his actions here are pretty indefensible.

The General’s Army

It was established in Episode 2 that the General isn’t exactly fulfilling his duties to South Vietnam and is instead trying to live a version of the American dream by becoming a small business owner and opening a liquor store. But this is really a way to fund his efforts in building an army of Vietnamese expats that will subsequently return to the homeland to retake the region.

This will form a major plot thread going forward and will get the Captain into some serious scrapes, but probably not in the next episode. That’s because…

The Captain Will Consult On A Movie

This might not entirely happen in Episode 3, which is titled “Love It or Leave It”, but the title of Episode 4, “Give Us Some Good Lines”, suggests that the filmmaking process will be well underway. This suggests that we could see the beginnings of the storyline, at least, in the next episode.

Basically, the Captain is asked to consult on a Hollywood film titled The Hamlet about the Vietnam War. The Captain’s intention is to ensure that the Vietnamese people are represented fairly, but he quickly discovers the project doesn’t exactly offer a balanced perspective and has Americans at the center of the story. The Captain’s criticisms put him at odds with the director, known as The Auteur, who will almost certainly be the third Robert Downey Jr. character.

The Auteur may or may not try to kill the Captain in an explosion on-set, leading to the Captain being paid a settlement not to take legal action against the studio. It will also further his disillusionment with the West.

The Sympathizer Episode 3 Release Date and Where to Watch

The Sympathizer Episode 3, “Love It or Leave It”, will air on HBO on April 28, 2024, at 9 pm ET/PT. It will also be available to stream on Max, which is only available with a subscription.

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