Here’s Everything That Happened in ‘See’ Season 3

By Adam Lock
Published: April 26, 2024
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See Season 3 Recap (Episodes 1-8)
See Season 3 (Credit - Apple TV+)


See Season 3 is the final chapter in this saga. I was pleased that Apple TV+ decided to conclude this story rather than leave it unfinished — it’s something that really irks me when streaming services just drop TV shows. I’ve watched every single episode of the third season and compiled all the main plot points into a complete recap.

Season 3 is a year after Baba Voss defeated his brother Edo and went to live remotely in the forest. However, a new threat to humanity emerges, and Baba is forced to protect his tribe again in one final outing.

Episode 1 – “Heavy Hangs the Head”

The title card tells us it has been 256 days since the Battle of Greenhill Gap and Wren is fighting with the Trivantians against the Ganites. Wren has the power of sight, but still fears death if found out, so she keeps this a secret. She watches as the enemy army attacks, firing an arrow into their squadron.

There is a rope attached to this arrow, and the savages come hurtling towards them, using the rope as guidance. It’s an electrifying start, with a beautifully misty battle field aesthetic. The Trivantians are outnumbered and flee back to their base, which happens to be an abandoned shipwreck.

It’s impressive to watch the intricacies and vulnerability of blind fighting, with the series also gleefully embracing the violence and gore of war. This is a brutal opener that will certainly get your pulse racing. Back at base, the men discuss their chances of survival.

They are clearly losing the war against the Ganites and their hideout is now compromised. The manic Tormada (David Hewlett) arrives on the scene, introducing himself as a lieutenant. He was Edo’s chief scientist, but has now taken over from his infamous, fallen leader.

See Season 3, Episode 1

See Season 3, Episode 1 – “Heavy Hangs the Head” (Credit – Apple TV+)

This unhinged but cunning dictator has a real iconic look about him. The show looks a treat, indulging in this middle-ages mythology. Tormada tells the soldiers that he has a secret weapon that he brags will win them the war.

Meanwhile, Sibeth (Sylvia Hoeks) is in the throes of labor. Her sister Maghra helps her give birth and then nurses the silent baby to life. It is a baby boy, the son of Kofun (Maghra’s son), who happens to be Sibeth’s nephew. Kofun refuses to hold the baby, stating that it isn’t his. Lord Harlan explains in private how the baby’s mother, Sibeth, is a deranged and murderous woman, and he will need to protect his son from her insanity.

The Trivantians, led by Tormada, plan their next line of attack. Wren notices that one of Tormada’s men is also sighted, this is Oloman. She fears her cover has now been blown. But there is no time to ponder these ramifications, the enemy comes sprinting towards them.

The soldiers are ready to attack, but Tormada tells them they need not fight. As the Ganites enter the battlefield, they are blown to smithereens as rigged explosives detonate all around them. It’s an invigorating sight. Tormada believes they are now an unstoppable force because of this almighty weapon. He wants to kill Baba, conquer Paya and then build his own empire. Tormada informs Wren of these plans and adds that he knows about her secret power, which he wishes to harness for his own end.

Meanwhile, Maghra’s other sighted sibling, Haniwa, spots another sighted man down at the market. He flees when she waves at him. Later, this bearded man is burned alive by witchfinders and Haniwa makes her presence known to the crowd as they listen to this awful act take place. She commands that they stop this needless killing instantly. The townsfolk attack Haniwa and her friend Charlotte instead. They defend themselves valiantly, jumping into action and just about escaping a similarly awful fate.

Jason Momoa finally graces us with his presence as Baba Voss. He’s been living in exile in the forest with his friend Ranger and Ranger’s partner Lu. Bow Lion makes a small appearance, trying to persuade him to return back to civilization, yet he flat-out refuses to leave with her.

Tormada turns up as the first episode comes to its close. He wants sweet revenge for his master’s death. Baba was the one who killed Edo, which Tormada has not forgotten about. He loved Edo and threatens to kill all of Baba’s family in retaliation. Lion and Baba ready themselves for attack, but Lion is blown up by the explosives mere moments later. Episode 1 ends with Baba flying through the air, knocked backward by the powerful explosion.

Episode 2 – “Watch Out for Wolves”

See Season 3, Episode 2

See Season 3 (Credit – Apple TV+)

The episode opens with Baba reeling from that deadly explosion that claimed poor Bow Lion in the premiere’s climactic scene. Ranger and Lu come to his aid, but he is devastated when they inform him of Lion’s passing. Baba blames himself for this attack and worries over the significance of this new, ungodly weaponry. Ranger and Baba discuss this advancement in modern warfare and the exiled leader acknowledges that he must go warn Maghra of the ensuing assault.

Maghra is busy dealing with trials and tribulations of her own though. She has imprisoned the witch-finders who burnt an innocent, sighted man to death. Tamacti Jun advises the Queen to kill these traitors and then to go deal with her own sister afterward.

Everyone wants Sibeth dead for the crimes she has committed, but Maghra is finding it hard to allow harm to come to her deranged sibling. Tamacti Jun warns the rest of Lucien’s people to stop the witch trials, but their army is growing and I can’t see them listening to this idle threat.

Harlan tries to sweeten the deal with Ambassador Trovere. The couple sleep together and then whilst still in bed, negotiate a deal after their lovemaking is over. Harlan agrees to give the Trivantians free coal, with Trovere adding that they will require fresh batches for every day that Maghra stalls. Trovere wants to take Sibeth back with her as a bargaining tool, yet Maghra seems conflicted on the matter.

Maghra’s tough decision is made a lot easier by Sibeth herself. The woman can’t help but be cruel to the new queen, stating that she would have done the right thing a long time ago, hinting that she would sacrifice her own sister if she had to. Sibeth is only silenced when Maghra admits that the enemy wants her alive, which could imply years of torture for the dethroned queen.

Tip-toeing around the base, Wren finds Oloman chained up by Tormada’s people. She asks him about these ‘fire’ weapons, which he explains are a technology of the ancients and are called bombs. Oloman was forced to create these deadly weapons and has already made hundreds of explosives for Tormada’s war.

They have Oloman’s family held captive, so he had no other choice but to comply. Wren offers to free him and they make their escape. The sighted duo are attacked though and Oloman is badly injured. Wren flees alone, hoping to warn the world of Tormada’s plans.

Kofun finally succumbs to his urges and meets with Sibeth and his new-born son. The son has been named Wolffe. Kofun holds his son for the first time, but soon realizes that the child is blind. Kofun storms off and then Maghra takes the baby from Sibeth as punishment for her vicious words. The Queen has had enough of Sibeth and her manipulative ways. She accepts the terms of the treaty and allows Trovere to take Sibeth in exchange.

Baba waits for Maghra in her bedroom that night. She is at first angry and violent towards Baba, but then her confusion turns to tears and they embrace. It’s a mixture of emotions for the separated couple. Maghra was deserted, but needs her companion.

Baba warns her of Tormada’s plans and his latest weapon of fire and thunder. Maghra talks of peace, worried Baba was mistaken or completely misinformed. Baba says she has been lied to and deceived. He goes hunting for the Ambassador in secret, finding her in Harlan’s bed (of course). She blows her warning whistle and Baba is suddenly surrounded by her guards. He puts up a valiant effort, but they easily arrest him.

Maghra is furious that the hot-headed thug decided to go rogue, ignoring her pleas. His reckless behavior may have now undone all their peace talks. In private, the couple converse once again. Baba asks about the baby and is maddened to hear of Kofun and Sibeth’s illegitimate partnership. He asks about Paris’ whereabouts and screams with an unquenchable fury at the news of her death. Baba races after Sibeth, the culprit, hungry for revenge, but the lunatic isn’t in her room and is nowhere to be found at all.

Episode 3 – “This Land Is Your Land”

Sylvia Hoeks in See (Credit – Apple TV+)

Tamacti Jun reports to his queen, Sibeth has evaded detection and cannot be found. It won’t be long before word spreads of her escape. For the time being, Ambassador Trovere is unaware of these unfortunate circumstances and is still hoping to take the wretched murderer back to Trivantes as penance for all the bloodshed.

Harlan will have to sweet talk his lover further or form a new trade off instead. Maghra asks Tamacti about his opinion on Baba’s warning and these new weapons. He worries that Baba is confused, it seems no one believes the soldier or heeds his warning whatsoever.

Baba himself is still in prison, but he manages to break out on Maghra’s own request, with one major shoulder barge to his cell gate. Maghra wants Baba to talk with their son, who is struggling with fatherhood.

Baba imparts his heartfelt words of wisdom upon the boy in a touching moment. He tells Kofun that parenting is scary, but you’ll find your way, you have to. He leaves Kofun alone with the baby and the sighted son cares for his child for the first time properly.

Lucien rallies the troops with talk of killing any sighted people once again. He is clearly undeterred after Tamacti’s idle threat and seems to have acquired quite the gathering now. Kofun listens in to the speech and is then chased by a group of wannabe witch finders, but he escapes thanks to Charlotte’s skilful defense.

Maghra is concerned that Lucien’s rally cry is making followers more confident, even giving the  conviction to attack a prince. She wants to hang these traitors for their treasonous ways, although Tamacti tries to convince her otherwise.

Wren makes her way to the Queen’s stronghold after deserting Tormada and his growing army. She warns them of the ensuing battle and these new, explosive weapons. They admit that Baba was indeed correct and try to formulate a plan.

Baba wants to destroy the bombs before they are used to kill again. Maghra doesn’t want any more bloodshed either, but worries about her children’s safety. She finally accepts that they will be needed to aid with the scheme. She cannot deny how they will be at a considerable advantage with Haniwa and Kofun’s ability of sight in their ranks.

Harlan grows suspicious of Trovere. She asked specifically for more coal, which in turn is used to build these bombs. He holds a knife to her throat and questions the lover. She pleads ignorance and states that she would never betray him. Trovere has indeed heard of Tormada and calls him an extremist. She admits that there is a rogue faction in the military and concedes that war is still coming no matter what they do.

This is why she needs to take Sibeth home as a bargaining tool. If they still won’t accept peace even with Sibeth’s head on a platter, then at least they have exhausted every other option. Harlan confesses that they can’t have Sibeth after all, Maghra would never allow it. So instead, they ponder the idea of Harlan going back with Trovere to negotiate further.

It is revealed that Sibeth has been living under the floorboards in her bedroom all along and Kofun has been the one helping her hide. He brings her enough food to last for the few days while he is away and explains their plans to dodge another war.

Sibeth is furious that he is leaving her, but Kofun explains how he is only protecting her out of a duty to his new born son. After Kofun has left, Harmony comes out of the shadows, presenting Sibeth with a gift. She conceals this weapon under her skin in her arm – gross! Then she asks Harmony to find out more about these new explosive weapons.

The witch finders who attacked Kofun are hanged in public, but Maghra lets the ringleaders go, including the head honcho himself – Lucien. Whilst this event takes place, Sibeth tries to make her subtle escape with baby Wolffe. Baba enters as she puts this plan into action and the crazy lady puts a knife to her own baby’s throat in defense.

Baba draws his weapon just as Kofun enters, witnessing this insane setup with his very own eyes. Sibeth thanks Kofun for the help in keeping her hidden, but admits she will not be living inside the walls any longer. Kofun informs her that the baby is blind and not some prophetic God like she envisioned.

Harmony then appears, stabbing Kofun. Baba defends his son and kills Harmony, yet Sibeth flees the scene unharmed. Kofun picks up the crying baby, who may now be safe at last.

Episode 4 – “The Storm”

See Season 3, Episode 4

See Season 3, Episode 4 – “The Storm” (Credit – Apple TV+)

The fourth chapter opens with Sibeth roaming the streets after she ditched her baby boy. The possessed murderer hides from the pursuing guards and their dogs by coating herself in horse excrement. She’s guided out of the city by a moving cart and then disappears into the forest.

Her journey takes a turn for the worse though, as she struggles to find food or shelter out in mother nature. Sibeth fails to catch any prey and covers herself in leaves to keep warm that first night. This is one almighty fall from grace indeed for the former queen.

Baba says goodbye to his trusty, new dog and asks him to watch over his grandson Wolffe. The warrior is leading his gang of followers on a daunting mission and worries Sibeth may come back for the boy.

Charlotte, Baba, Haniwa, Kofun and Wren set out on their adventure. Kofun apologizes for aiding Sibeth in her escape, but Baba understands, saying he was just looking out for his son. They reach Ranger’s layer and manage to persuade him to join the fight.

Baba and Ranger go back a long way and it is revealed that Ranger has an unrivalled hatred for Tormada, because the mad scientist did horrifying experiments upon Ranger for years, torturing the poor soul.

Harlan sneaks into Trivantes, hiding in a cart carrying chickens of all things. With the help of Trovere, he aims to warn the council of a rogue faction working within their government, one that yearns for destruction.

Harlan and Trovere meet with The Bank to discuss this insurrection. The Bank senses something is amiss within her ranks, yet she still wants to do some more digging of her own before jumping to conclusions. Tormada is in the city and Trovere wishes to listen in on his meeting with The Triangle.

Trovere tries to convince Harlan to leave his old life behind and live with her instead. It becomes clear that even though Harlan and Maghra’s marriage is a sham, he still has strong feelings for her. Trovere can’t seem to win him over however hard she tries.

At the meeting the next day, Tormada proposes conquering Paya with his new unbeatable weapons. The Bank surprisingly sides with Tormada and then a bomb explodes killing the other members. Harlan just about escapes with his life and Trovere tends to his wounds. She explains how she has been working in secret with both Tormada and The Bank to formulate this coup.

Sibeth hides from wolves, eats insects and then finds shelter in a cave. Here she fends off a pesky rattlesnake and the cold, verging on insanity as the night wears on. She returns to the city, rejuvenated after her sabbatical, hoping to join allegiance with Lucien and his witch-finder posse.

Baba and his gang find their way to the base, where Oloman’s family are held captive and forced to build these weapons of mass destruction. The gang valiantly fight off the guards in gory battle and free the sighted family.

As Haniwa exits the building to inform Baba of their successes, an army marches towards them. Haniwa spies Harlan conspiring with the enemy, openly amongst these murderers. It would seem an epic battle is about to commence between good and evil.

Episode 5 – “The House of Enlightenment”

See Season 3, Episode 5

See Season 3, Episode 5 – “The House of Enlightenment” (Credit – Apple TV+)

The episode opens with Lucien questioning Sibeth on her sudden arrival. She escaped her captors and roamed the woods only days earlier, but now she wants to reinstate herself as Queen, to lead this witch finder army into battle. Lucien is rightfully weary, stating that she has betrayed them before, what is to stop her doing the same again?

Sibeth apologizes for causing them pain and suffering, but blames Maghra’s bewitchment for manipulating her decisions. She conducts a rather grand speech, declaring herself as their queen, ordained by God to rule over them. She wants to fight by their sides, ready for the ensuing war. Lucien’s army seem happy to oblige.

Meanwhile, Tormada’s army make themselves known, forcing Baba Voss’ people to barricade themselves inside Sheva’s home. Tormada is informed that many guards have been killed but the bombs are secure. Tormada asks to speak to his opposition and Sheva responds, then Ranger and finally Baba Voss.

While this snappy conversation stalls, Captain Armagon is sent to find the sighted children, who have escaped. Tormada needs the sighted children to build these bombs, without them they cannot continue to construct the dangerous weapons to conquer empires.

Tormada attempts to play mind games with Baba Voss and they decide to prepare for battle instead of listening to his persuasive words any longer. The good guys line the floors with broken plates and set traps around the building.

What follows is a blasé fight sequence as the unnamed soldiers enter the building and are silently picked off by Baba and Ranger. Sheva shoots a few with her gun, Haniwa uses her bow and arrow. Then Kofun electrocutes some of the soldiers in a flooded room. It’s an average battle that doesn’t feel at all inventive or inspiring as Baba’s team annihilates an army of soldiers with ease.

Sensing futility, Tormada leaves with his men and the precious bombs. Those who are still outside the building are then slain by Harlan’s secret army, led by Guntar. Trovere realizes the double-crossing all too late and attacks Harlan.

He regretfully kills Ambassador Trovere, only to be greeted by Baba’s own attack. Baba doesn’t trust Harlan and thinks he has sided with the enemy. In fact, Harlan bought them some more valuable time and was always on Pennsa’s defense.

Harlan suggests that they swiftly head back to Pennsa and raise the alarm. A war is coming, and they don’t know if Maghra is prepared. Tormada has carts of bombs ready to utilize, no army could protect their city against that unholy attack at such short notice.

Baba agrees with Harlan and then goes to burn down the building. Haniwa is heartbroken to see her father burning these halls of records, which contain centuries of knowledge. She goes to stop Baba, but Kofun stands in her way. The siblings fight, and Haniwa even draws a gun on her brother. It’s an odd battle between the brother and sister, but another pointless one. The records are all but lost.

Haniwa apologizes to Sheva for the destruction of her home and the loss of such great riches. However, Sheva replies by stating that there are many more of these buildings throughout the world, insinuating that Haniwa should not lose faith just yet.

Episode 6 – “The Lowlands”

See Season 3, Episode 6 – “The Lowlands” (Credit – Apple TV+)

Episode 6 splits its narrative between Maghra’s hunt for the witch-finders, Baba and his gangs’ journey home to warn the queen, and Tormada’s march to Pennsa. The first subplot centers on Maghra.

She is weary of the witch-finders returning and worries that two armies may be ready to attack her precious city. The witch-finders strike first, killing all of Maghra’s council members. She performs her own witch hunt and tortures a lowly blacksmith, who may know their enemy’s specific whereabouts.

It’s a brutal sequence as the blacksmith is burned and then sliced. He eventually reveals the witch finders’ hiding spot and loses a hand for his troubles. Maghra and Tamacti lead a small group of soldiers in an offense on the witch finders’ stronghold.

Shiloh battles Maghra, informing the Queen that they follow the orders of a new leader now. Sibeth is back in the royal seat. Maghra defeats Shiloh, but they refuse to kill their enemy, who begs for a quick death.

Baba and his troops rush back to Pennsa to warn Maghra of the coming war. Harlan is skeptical of their plan though, believing time is very much against them. If they do make it to the city before Tormada, they still won’t have enough time to prepare an army and further defenses. He suggests a perilous short cut instead, which Baba reluctantly accepts. This short cut takes them through the Lowlands where a cannibal tribe stalks them like prey.

In a car graveyard, Baba’s team are attacked by these savages. Haniwa and Harlan are taken captive after a breathtaking fight sequence. The primitive beasts are hard to track, and Baba sees no other option but to use Wren as bait to lure the cannibals out of the shadows.

Baba follows one of the tribe’s people back to their base, where Harlan and Haniwa are tied up, awaiting a horrifying end. Haniwa sees Guntar’s severed head and realizes they are next. She instructs Harlan on how to escape from his shackles. Once Harlan is free, they make their thrilling escape.

The gang are all reunited, but Harlan has been badly injured and sits bleeding out on the ground. With his usual witty sarcasm, he tells Haniwa to over-exaggerate his heroics back home and then pleads with Baba to stop the enemy from taking his city. It is unclear whether Harlan dies there and then or if the group are leaving him for dead, but this subplot ends here for today.

Meanwhile, Tormada and his men march towards Pennsa with their unstoppable bombs. Sibeth and the witch finders ambush this dangerous army and take Tormada hostage. Sibeth sees the importance in these weapons and talks at length with Tormada about their power.

The leaders are surprisingly drawn to one another, seeing similarities in their rogue personalities and a strong penchant for violence. It’s a match made in hell for these two, who quickly decide to form an alliance.

Sibeth even offers Tormada a position as her king, and he accepts without hesitation. Sibeth slays Lucien now that she has a more powerful ally by her side, and the duo prepares for war. Tormada shows off his new catapults in the final shot of this installment.

Episode 7 – “God Thunder”

See Season 3, Episode 7 – “God Thunder” (Credit – Apple TV+)

The bombs are loaded onto the catapults, ready to be fired into the city. There’s an atmospheric mist hanging over the battlefield as prisoner Kofun is brought to kneel before his new queen. Sibeth thanks Kofun for freeing her, and then she provides him with front-row seats to the imminent onslaught. Baba Voss and his gang return to Pennsa just in time to witness these deadly bombs ravage their homeland.

These bombs instantly destroy the local’s huts, and Sibeth beams as her enemies are slain. The survivors battle through the smoke and rubble, all heading to the sanctuary of the Queen’s palace. Maghra rushes back to save baby Wolffe just as a bomb strikes the palace. Kofun watches in horror as his home is destroyed.

Baba finds his dog in the wreckage and starts to uncover survivors buried in the rubble. Tamacti Jun is first to be found, then Maghra and her baby boy. It takes a while for Maghra to awaken, but when she does, her first thoughts are of her baby.

Wolffe is safe, but Kofun is declared missing. Tamacti informs them of Sibeth’s new alliance with Tormada and the witch-finders. Maghra blames herself for not killing her sister when she had the chance; then she lists off orders to her people. She commands the Guards to put out the fires, and she then initiates an evacuation of the city.

Whilst Maghra attempts to formulate a plan in the wreckage of Pennsa, Kofun, and Sibeth are reunited just outside the walls of the city. Kofun is furious that she would put their son in harm’s way and he spits in her face. Sibeth has Kofun tied up and taken away.

When she eventually speaks with him later, she talks of her deep love for him. Kofun responds by calling her a murderer and traitor, which she believes Maghra is just as well. Sibeth talks about how Wolffe fulfilled his purpose, and he gave Sibeth the chance to escape. All Kofun can say, is that their son needs them.

Tormada’s plans are under way, he has his army surround all the city’s exits, leaving the citizens of Pennsa imprisoned. An army has assembled and Maghra is out of ideas. Tamacti believes Sibeth wouldn’t destroy her own city any further but Kofun returns with a message that counteracts this idea.

Maghra is to surrender herself or the city will be burnt to ash. Maghra accepts her fate and offers to turn herself in. Yet Haniwa has one last hope left, supplied by the heroic Harlan of all people. She passes Maghra a key he wanted gifting to her. This key unlocks a box containing a map. The map instructs them of hidden tunnels under the city, leading to safety.

Wren and Haniwa inspect one of the entrances to these tunnels, and soon, the whole city is queuing up to use these hidden hallways. Maghra tells Baba in private that she plans to leave all this behind, Sibeth will never stop punishing her and chasing her.

The only option she has left is to forfeit her crown and start all over again, just with her family, living a simpler life in the mountains. As the citizens march through the tunnels to freedom, Maghra notices that Baba has gone missing. He has headed back into the burning city with Ranger to kill Sibeth once and for all.

Episode 8 – “I See You”

See Season 3, Episode 8

See Season 3, Episode 8 – “I See You” (Credit – Apple TV+)

With Pennsa burning, Baba Voss and his trusty sidekick Ranger head back into the fray to hunt down the despicable Queen Sibeth. They brutally slay every soldier in their path, as they sniff out their rival.

The show returns to its gory roots, delivering some of its most exciting set pieces yet. Tormada and Sibeth are informed that the people of Pennsa are escaping via hidden tunnels under the city and the bombs starts a fresh. It’s a tense sequence of events as Maghra’s people hear the rumblings of bombs dropping from above and the tunnels start to shake.

Parts of the tunnel’s ceiling start to cave in and the citizens begin to panic. Tamacti Jun urges the people to keep moving forwards, but Sibeth orders more and more of the bombs to fall. Kofun is then buried under rubble, whilst Baba and Ranger find themselves surrounded. Tormada sounds the alarm, their camp has been infiltrated.

Once Kofun is recovered, Maghra realizes that their only option is to fight back. They are sitting ducks under the city and she would rather they die in battle than cowering in the shadows. Baba and Ranger hide amongst the dead corpses they have helped to accumulate and then they jump into action.

Maghra heads straight for Sibeth, wading across the battle field as the bombs drop around her. Sibeth declares a ceasefire as her sister finally concedes and the two are reunited.

Sibeth thanks her for accepting the invitation and the two siblings talk openly about their predicament. Sibeth is still angry that Maghra betrayed her, but Maghra hugs her sister. They discuss their fondest memories of a shared youth and express their love for one another.

Sibeth even sheds a solitary tear, yet admits that she still has to kill her. Maghra understands, although she is the one to fight back first, stabbing Sibeth in the neck with her own weapon. It’s a shocking twist that brings an end to the show’s star villain. Sylvia Hoeks is fantastic in this closing chapter, and possibly the finest actor in the whole saga.

Sensing trouble, Tormada flees. He arms himself with a few nifty grenades, one of which nearly kills Baba. Ranger jumps on Tormada’s back, thrusting him forwards, just as he readies a second grenade.

The weapon explodes, blowing Tormada to pieces. Ranger then gouges his enemy’s eye out, which in turn kills the crazed scientist. The battle ends with Baba sacrificing himself in controversial fashion.

He stands atop the pile of bombs and calls out to his Queen, saying “I See You” to Maghra, before setting off an explosive chain reaction. The bombs detonate in unison, creating an ungodly crater in the ground and killing the rest of Tormada’s army.

Maghra rebuilds the city, Haniwa and Wren marry and Kofun becomes the father he was always born to be. It feels like the perfect ending, but then the politics returns. The Bank and Maghra initiate peace talks and still, the leaders argue over the sighted population.

Tamacti believes that more sighted people are coming, however the battle for equality will be waged in the individual cities and within individual families, not on any battlefield.

Haniwa decides to leave this hateful society behind, and with Wren, they seek out similar-sighted people, traveling the world in secret. Whilst Kofun fully commits to his people’s way of life and even talks about losing his own vision to experience the world like his son does.

The series ends with Haniwa and Wren making their way to New York City and meeting a community of sighted people, who welcome them with open arms. This promises a brighter future, where they can learn from the past and build a new, more successful utopia.

And that completes my recap of See Season 3. What was your favorite episode? Did you like how it ended? Join the discussion below.

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