Love Wins In The Ending of ‘Honeymoonish’ On Netflix

By Lori Meek
Published: April 30, 2024 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
Honeymoonish Ending Explained - Do Hamad and Noor End Up Together?
Honeymoonish | Image via Netflix


Honeymoonish has a typical rom-com trajectory, with the Netflix film giving us Kuwait’s version of the enemies-to-lovers trope. The plot is kick-started by two newlyweds and their agendas when deciding to wed, and of course, the ending sees them as a real couple after all the chicanery.  

Hamad was desperate for a bride to please his father who would otherwise take away his inheritance. Noor wanted a husband to make her ex, Youssef, jealous. After the nuptials, the pair jetted off on their honeymoon and slowly started liking each other. However, relationships built on a foundation of lies can be a bit of a challenge, and the ending highlights how Hamad and Noor got past their marital hurdles.

Are Hamad and Noor Milk Siblings?

The day spent with Youssef and Aisha on a yacht ends badly when Noor accidentally falls off the boat. While her former love laughed at the mishap, Hamad remembered she couldn’t swim and jumped in to save her. That was the nudge Noor needed to finally let go of her obsession with Youssef and dedicate herself to this new marriage. 

That night, Hamad surprises Noor and takes her out dancing at the carnival party she’s been wanting to go to. Hamad also gets some good news while at the party; his auntie finally manages to confirm that he and Noor are definitely not milk siblings. It looks like the pair can finally enjoy what’s left of their honeymoon and give their marriage a real shot. 

The Truth Comes Out

Feeling celebratory, Hamad and Noor spend the rest of the night sharing a few drinks, dancing, and even jumping in the pool together. The next day, Hamad is beyond happy that Noor is his wife. She doesn’t quite understand where this joy is coming from but seems pleased to see her husband in a good mood. 

However, all is not as perfect as our protagonists would like. Hamad is considering telling Noor why he married her, while Youssef isn’t taking her rejection too well. Aisha spots her husband trying to talk to Noor and decides to confront her. Making matters worse, Hamad listens in on Aisha berating Noor and accusing her of being a homewrecker. 

As Noor is beating herself up for the way she treated Hamad, her best friend steps in and tells her the truth about her marriage. Noor may have used Hamad, but he also used her. 

Honeymoonish Ending Explained - Do Hamad and Noor End Up Together?

Honeymoonish | Image via Netflix

Hamad and Noor Overcome Their Differences At the End of Honeymoonish

Hamad gets back to the hotel room as Noor is angrily packing her bags. The two have the blowout we saw unfold in the very first scene of Honeymoonish. Noor’s mom and Hamad’s auntie show up in the middle of the couple’s fight to celebrate them not being siblings. But hearing about yet another secret Hamad kept from her, Noor demands a divorce and he gives it to her.  

Now separated, the couple returns home to Kuwait to their respective lives. Noor spends her time back at the gym but also decides to learn how to swim. Hamad’s father seems to have restarted work on the project with the German company. The older man still wants his son to get married, but this time, he’ll be the one to choose his bride; Hamad is to wed his cousin.

Youssef seeks out Noor and promises to divorce his wife, but she refuses to even speak to him. As Aisha spread rumors about Noor and ruined her reputation in the community, she decided to leave the city and take a new job as a fitness trainer in Beirut. 

While Hamad is busy with wedding preparations, he also learns that his bride is in love with someone else. So he decides not to go ahead with the wedding and instead seeks out Noor. 

Hamad makes a heartfelt speech for Noor and asks her to re-marry him. She’s hesitant at first but agrees to take him back if he starts putting the toilet seat down. The couple’s friends are also there to celebrate the news. 

Honeymoonish ends with Noor and Hamad on the beach enjoying a real honeymoon. 


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