Outer Range Makes No Sense, Which Means Season 3 Has Infinite Possibilities

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: May 17, 2024 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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What could happen in Outer Range Season 3?
Outer Range | Image via Prime Video

If there’s an obvious upside to Outer Range outright refusing to explain any of its essential concepts, it’s that virtually anything could happen in Season 3. Prime Video hasn’t pulled the trigger on a third trip to rural Wyoming just yet, but there’s plenty to speculate about after the ending of Season 2.

Since I’m not entirely sure the writers have thought this all the way through either, let’s do some healthy theorizing on what might happen if Season 3 is greenlit.

Wayne Tillerson Can Go On A Spiritual Journey

After Billy’s death, Wayne Tillerson went a bit mad. He burned down his own ranch while he was sitting inside it and then flung himself into the west pasture hole after seemingly communicating with it.

A big part of Wayne’s character arc has been his determined spiritualism, and after he received a response from the swirling a**s like he was channeling the word of God himself, I reckon he’ll venture through time as though he’s on some kind of wacky pilgrimage. It sounds like just the kind of thing he’d do.

You can rest assured, though, that if Wayne happens upon any of the Abbott clan on his travels, there’ll be hell to pay.

Amy Will Become Autumn

What could happen in Outer Range Season 3?

Outer Range | Image via Prime Video

After Autumn pushed Amy through the hole, she woke up in an unspecified period, and her brief interaction with a couple of backpackers suggested she had amnesia. Since she thinks her name is Autumn, this is obviously where her transition into Imogen Poots will begin.

I imagine this would be a core narrative component in Outer Range Season 3, with Amy growing into Autumn’s persona as she tries to find her feet in a new world and remember who she really is. Of course, she’ll have to find her way back to the present day at some point so she can kidnap herself — time travel’s a real pain, isn’t it? — but there’s plenty she can experience along the way that’ll shape her into the hardened adult she becomes.

Autumn Will Become A Cult Leader

This idea has been pushed since Season 1. It seems that Autumn’s future will inevitably see her as some kind of cult leader, and her final words to Royal in the Season 2 finale suggests that neither she nor her followers will be amenable to his family or his land.

Is Autumn charismatic enough to convince an entire group of people to become her devoted followers? Possibly, but my private personal theory is that her dying on the operating table and then springing back to life will give her some kind of otherworldly quality that’ll allow her to drum up influence another way. Rural America tends to be quite the pious place, so anyone exhibiting Christ-like abilities will be a real hit.

Rhett Will Become An Antagonist

Since Season 2 suggested strongly that Rhett is willing to betray his father for the right price, I think Season 3 could position him as a Jamie Dutton-style antagonist trying to usurp Royal from within.

It’d make sense for Royal to have some local plots to be dealing with alongside all the existential timey-wimey shenanigans, and having Rhett trying to sell off the ranch from under him would certainly fulfill this purpose. It’d also give Rhett something to do, since he’s by far the least interesting character.

Perry Will Keep His Real Identity A Secret

Perry killed himself in Season 2 of Outer Range, but not in the typical way. After young Royal pushed him through the hole, he emerged on the night he killed Trevor Tillerson. Intervening in that moment resulted in the death of younger Perry, allowing older Perry to dump his body in the hole and assume his life with Rebecca and Amy.

In Season 3, Perry will try to keep up this lie for as long as possible, but something will thwart him down the line. I suspect his own dead body will emerge somewhere, or the deception will be discovered another way. Regardless, there’s unlikely to be much marital bliss in Perry’s future, but will he be willing to lose everything a second time? I doubt it.


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