‘Buying London’ Season 2 Should Absolutely Not Happen – Here’s Why

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 23, 2024
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Buying London Image from Netflix as part of Season 2 post
Buying London (Credit - Netflix)

People who watch reality TV shows are pretty forgiving. I mean, we watch a lot of trash, consume the drama, love and hate it, and continue watching it. But Buying London feels different, and we should hope that Netflix does not renew it for Season 2. Here are my reasons why:

It’s a Bad Copycat

Selling Sunset was the first in this Netflix Estate Agent universe. Starting naturally, it became a heated story with plenty of sensational narratives. Selling the OC was equally compelling, and although it had a similar make-up, its connection with the same estate agency made the crossover worthwhile. 

Buying London feels like it’s copying Selling Sunset far too blatantly. The storylines look pre-determined from the first episode. And don’t just take my word for it. Critics and audiences alike have not been impressed by this series. 

Rebecca Nicholson at the Guardian wrote:

“I suspect that Buying London has been produced with at least some concession that it will be watched not with joy, but with rage. In that respect, I bow to Netflix, who have manipulated me into a state of mild fury.”

And users on X were not impressed either:

It’s Far Too Obviously Scripted

I expect a soft script in some reality TV shows, especially when the producer is clinging onto rumors that need fleshing out, and it’s just the case of putting two cast members in the same room. Fans of reality shows do not mind this, but there’s a limit. 

Buying London pushes the “scripted” reality TV show concept to the limit. As I said above, it feels like the production team pulled the best stories from Selling Sunset and Selling the OC and ensured they were part of this series. Unfortunately, there’s far too much crossover, and it does not work. Audiences want a natural perspective to begin with, at least, but for some reason, this London-based reality show decided to push the boundaries from the start. It comes across as forced and fake. 

No One Cares About London

The appeal of the other series is that properties are being sold next to heavenly locations. They are dream homes. As much as London is a tourist spot, there’s no selling point as it is not a relaxing lifestyle. Living “on holiday” for the rest of your life is different from bustling London. We’ve already seen the wealth displayed in the other series, so relatively, the value of homes in Buying London looks ludicrous. In the other series you are paying for a lifetime view with a large beachside mansion, in this series, you have “Simon Cowell used to live down here”. It doesn’t add up.

Maybe the “Selling” Franchise has run out of gas 

As much as we love the drama, there is a limit to this series, and it could be that Buying London arrived after the peak. Some reality shows eventually run out of steam. While Love is Blind continues to be Netflix’s hidden reality gem, the “Selling” franchise may have limited attention.

Or maybe I’m wrong, and a huge fanbase out there wants more. If so, comment below, and explain why you’d like a Season 2.

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