Golden Kamuy 2 Will Be a Drama Series Despite Successful Live-Action Movie

By Louie Fecou
Published: May 23, 2024
Golden Kamuy 2 Isn't Happening -- Story Will Continue In Drama Series
Golden Kamuy | Image via Netflix

Golden Kamuy, a highly anticipated adaptation of Satoru Noda’s manga, will see a sequel series titled Golden Kamuy: Hokkaido Irezumi Shuzin Soudatsu-hen (Hokkaido Tattooed Prisoners Scramble Arc) in lieu of the expected Golden Kamuy 2.

There has already been a TV adaptation of the story back in 2018. The latest version enjoyed a theatrical release in Japan before dropping globally on Netflix on May 19, 2024, but the series approach was the preferred way of continuing the story.

Golden Kamuy 2 will be a series — here are the details

Despite the success of the feature-length film, the rest of the story is set to appear as a drama series. The website that deals with the live-action adaptation has revealed that there will be a drama series sequel. The series will be titled Golden Kamuy: Hokkaido Irezumi Shuzin Soudatsu-hen (Hokkaido Tattooed Prisoners Scramble Arc). 

The series will be shown on the Japanese channel WOWWOW, and reports indicate that the cast that appeared in the film will also star in the TV series. All being well, the show could be available in Japan in time for the Autumn lineup.

Reasons Behind Series Approach

With so much story to get through, it is easy to speculate that by continuing the story as a TV series, the showrunners will have more time to allow the story and characters to breathe.

The film is a respectable two hours and seven minutes long, and this is a good way to set the premise and story up, however, now that the cast and characters are established, in place, and in contract, moving to a TV format does make sense. It will allow the writers to properly flesh out the characters and the world they live in at a pace that fans will appreciate.

Critical Response So Far

There has so far been a lot of love for the current adaptation of the popular story.

CBR would call it “A near-perfect live-action anime,” while DMT calls Golden Kamuy “an entertaining and poignant film.”

In our in-depth review, we awarded the film four stars out of five, stating:

“Live-action Golden Kamuy is a sneaky hidden gem that was released globally. It’s refreshingly epic and will make new fans of the story along the way.”

There’s Plenty of Material for this Universe

As far as source material goes, there is a lot to look forward to.

The original manga series was written and drawn by Satoru Noda and was published regularly in Weekly Young Jump from August 2014 to April 2022. The story would be collected and printed in thirty-one tankobon volumes. In total, there were three hundred and fourteen separate chapters to the story, so it’s safe to say that there is a lot of material out there ready to be adapted.

The manga would win numerous awards and accolades and was nominated for the 54th Seiun Award in the Best Comic Category in 2023. The Citi Exhibition: Manga that ran in London in The British Museum from May 23rd to August 26th in 2019 would use an image of Asirpa in its promotional material for the prestigious show.


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