Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura: Fight Card Results and Sequel Expectations

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 6, 2024
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Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura (Credit - Netflix)


As expected, Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura is more about the winners and losers than anything else, but the ending also provides the lust for a continuation. The anime special ends with the salivating fight between Baki Hanma and Ohma Tokita, which is far more nuanced than expected. I’ve broken down the winners and losers and explained that all-important ending. 

Winners and Results 

Saw Paing Yoroizuka vs Kaoru Hanayama 

Result: Kaoru Hanayama (Winner – Knockout)

This was the most conclusive fight, with a clear winner by the end, but it was still highly entertaining. Eventually, Kaoru Hanayama won the bout, and to be fair, he never looked concerned, no matter how brutal the fight got. 

Jack Hammer vs Raian Kure

Result: Raian Kure (Winner – Knockout)

Despite a winner being announced, they continue fighting. The situation escalates when Pickle enters the arena wanting to get in on the action, but the fighters and organizers intervene to keep the tournament’s validity intact. 

The Main Event – Baki Hanma (reigning champion) vs Ohma Tokita 

Baki Hanma versus Kengan Ashura (Credit –

Result: Draw 

Baki brings his demon side in the final phases, bringing a thrilling conclusion to the Underground Arena Tournament. Both men give it their all, matching each other with their skills. Both characters are surprised by each other’s craft as the fight reaches the endgame. 

However, as the fight approaches a conclusive moment, Ohma Tokita’s father shows up to fight Baki Hanma, clearly thirsting to get into the action. Then Gensai Kuroki shows up, and both fighters of the main event do not like this intervention. As a viewer, I felt like a potentially good fight was ruined, and the organizers felt the same way. They told both intervening fighters to stand down so we could finish the thrilling finale. 

But Baki Hanma and Ohma Tokita have plenty of respect for each other. They knew this day would come when they had to fight. However, at this moment, with the adrenaline worn off, both fighters warmly concede for a draw. They clearly feel an outright winner is not possible. 

This outcome isn’t as frustrating as it appears. Baki Hanma and Ohma Tokita are now as eager as ever to prepare for a second fight, which will come in a sequel. This is not the end of this famous battle, and hopefully, we’ll see more grueling fights on the undercard. 

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