‘The Atypical Family’ Left Enough Unresolved That A Second Season Might Happen

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 10, 2024
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Will there be a Season 2 of The Atypical Family? Let's speculate...
The Atypical Family | Image via Netflix


Despite being slapped with Netflix’s now-common limited series designation, The Atypical Family might return for Season 2 if the performance merits it. There’s certainly enough meat on the show’s bones narratively speaking after a Season 1 finale that contrived a happy ending but left many things unresolved.

Despite the K-Drama not having set the world alight viewership-wise, it did perform respectably and consistently, with the final episode bringing up the highest viewership. This isn’t an unusual trend, but it’s still reassuring that people turned up in good numbers for the climax.

The Bok Saga Could Continue Through the Next Generation

The end of The Atypical Family jumped five years into the future, with Gwi-joo and Da-hae having had a child. The kid’s superpower manifests as the ability to bring anything back from the past, which is how he is able to bring Gwi-joo, who was presumed to have died saving Da-hae from the fire in her childhood, back to the present day just in time for a happy ending.

This is an easy setup for a second season. With Yi-na a little older and Da-hae and Gwi-joo more or less settled, a second outing could focus on these younger characters and how they deal with their respective powers. Yi-na has historically struggled to deal with her own abilities, and we never really got any payoff there. She’d make a good main character.

Meddling With Time Is Never Simple

Every story involving time travel always has a cautionary element to it, and it’s generally understood that messing with the past can have serious repercussions down the line. The Atypical Family has approached this matter slightly differently, with Gwi-joo discovering early on that he could interact with people when he returned to his happy memories, but him being snatched from the past and delivered to the present after his apparent death should have some consequences, right?

If Gwi-joo was supposed to die in a timeline and was spared this fate by a superpowered toddler who rocketed him 18 years into the future — remember, he traveled back 13 years, and the final scenes of Season 1 take place five years after his disappearance —  then something had to change along the way. I would imagine that a second season would deal with the potential knock-on effects of this kind of meddling, showing that happiness has to come at a cost.

Will there be a Season 2 of The Atypical Family?

Will there be a Season 2 of The Atypical Family?

Image via Netflix Top 10

This is the biggest question. The limited series label implies that The Atypical Family was only ever intended to run for a single season, but many shows have returned in the past when they weren’t originally supposed to, and why bother leaving so much open if there wasn’t some intention to tell more of the story?

According to the Non-English TV category of Netflix’s Top 10The Atypical Family has been in the top ten most-watched shows for the past four weeks, and at the time of writing is in the number four spot. Between May 27 and June 2, it amassed 2.1 million views.

These aren’t astronomical numbers, but they show that plenty of people were tuning in, and with the viewership increasing week-on-week, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that there would be more to come. Time will tell in this regard.

But we’re speculating. What about you guys? We’d love to hear your thoughts about a potential Season 2 of The Atypical Family. Would you watch it? Or are you happy with the outcome of Season 1? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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