‘Gangs of Galicia’ Season 2 Would Have To Take Some Chances

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 24, 2024
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Gangs of Galicia Season 2 Probably Won't Happen
Gangs of Galicia | Image via Netflix


Like most original Netflix shows, Gangs of Galicia clearly angles for Season 2 with an open-ended conclusion that leaves a few things unresolved. But the show will have to take some big narrative swings for anyone to care about a sophomore outing.

The best idea for the show would be to separate the lead characters and focus more on the crime elements rather than the romance, which if social media and early viewing figures are to be believed, people weren’t into. Like, at all.

Crime dramas have been done to death, of course, but the fact they keep being made means there’s always an appetite for more, which is why this series, loosely based on a real drug sting in Galicia, where the series is set and was filmed, saw the light of day in the first place.

Ana Should Go On the Run

Part one of this idea involves Ana being forced to go on the run from Jose Padin’s retribution. With the Season 1 finale revealing she’s pregnant, that’s an extra layer of concern for the character, and with Daniel still in prison – more on this below – she’ll need to fend for herself.

This is logical since Padin has plenty of reasons to go after Ana, including but not limited to her being the daughter of the man who ratted him out and potentially having gotten Daniel imprisoned as part of her revenge quest.

Ana having changed her look and identity at the end of Season 1 doesn’t satisfy as a resolution to this. Instead, it makes more sense as the first tentative steps on a more long-winded quest to stay out of the clutches of Padin.

Daniel Should Stay In Prison

Gangs of Galicia was clear in its efforts to highlight how Daniel was fundamentally different from his father and was a victim all along, which makes it easier for the audience to buy into the central romance. The easiest way for a potential Season 2 to emphasize this is to have history repeat itself and have him turn state’s witness. But I don’t think that’s the right play.

Instead, I’d like to see Daniel remain in prison, away from Ana, and have to deal with life on the inside as the son of a notorious drug baron. That kind of plot can test his moral character, and it prevents the narrative from becoming too obvious, which is a problem it had throughout Season 1.

An incarcerated Daniel would make for a fun additional POV playing out alongside Ana’s attempts to stay ahead of Padin.

Officer Naranjo Could Become A New Focus

Another option for Gangs of Galicia Season 2 is to instead focus on the Galician coastline and the efforts of the Response Groups against Organized Crime (GRECO) to combat narcotics being shipped to the country. Officer Naranjo would make a nice focal point of this, despite having taken an extended break from the department at the end of Season 1.

I concede that this is a bit outside the box since Gangs of Galicia is so obviously in love with the idea of Ana and Daniel, for some reason, but they could be in the background of another story along the same lines that wouldn’t feel quite so reiterative. A new criminal faction could be introduced to play off against Padin and co., giving the whole thing a more expansive and dangerous feel.

Is Gangs of Galicia Season 2 Likely?

While Netflix will always follow the money and happily ignore critical reception if the viewership is there, the downside here is that it probably won’t be.

The bottom line is that Gangs of Galicia is one of many, many shows with very similar themes and narratives, and Netflix’s thumbnails are stuffed with them. The harsh truth is that it isn’t even a very good knock-off of those shows, having unwisely devoted most of its runtime to a boring romance.

Even if viewers are drawn to the show, it’s unlikely they’ll stick with it for the long haul, and even less likely that they’d be interested in a second season. Gangs of Galicia Season 2 is not a very likely proposition right now, but we’ll be sure to keep you abreast of any changes in the near future.

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