Let’s Break Down the Ending of ‘Supacell’ And How It Sets Up Season 2

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 27, 2024 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Supacell Episode 6 Recap and Season 1 Ending Explained
Supacell | Image via Netflix


It has taken the entire first season of Supacell to bring the main cast together, but it finally happens in Episode 6, which is fittingly titled “Supacell” rather than named after an individual character. But the ending of the show is not a happy one, even if it might end up being a good thing for fans. Season 2 is ready and waiting, but Michael learns the hard way that the future isn’t so easily changed.

Jasmine and the Other Test Subjects Are In Ashington Estate

The lab we have been seeing glimpses of throughout the series is several stories beneath Ashington Estate, a condemned building swallowed by undergrowth and apparently on the cusp of being knocked down.

Dionne learns this from Jasmine’s father, who had tracked her there when she initially went missing. An overprotective father, he had slipped a cheap tracking device from Amazon into her bag. When he followed it, though, he was warned away under threat of harm being done to Jasmine.

This facility is where Ray has been monitoring events. It’s also where Jasmine, Sharleen, Andre, and others are being held, and where we saw the woman — who is revealed to be Tazer’s mother; more on this in a bit — at the start of the season be killed while trying to escape.

As you might have pieced together throughout the season, all of the characters with superpowers have some kind of connection to sickle cell.

Sickle cell is an inherited health condition that affects the red blood cells, and it’s particularly common among people from African and Caribbean backgrounds. Michael’s mother has it; Sabrina had mentioned that her father has it; Jasmine’s father had it and was cured (by Jasmine); and Andre told AJ it has been present in the family.

While in captivity, Ray explains to Andre that Supacell is a mutation of sickle cell, which explains why it’s predominantly Black people who have it. It can lay dormant for years until it’s activated either by a moment of extreme stress or close proximity to another Supacell.

The hooded Hunters are agents of Ray, sent to capture other Supacells. He pitches a job to Andre doing the same thing, promising a good salary and more time with AJ if he agrees.

Krazy Is Working For Ray

Supacell Episode 6 Recap and Season 1 Ending Explained

Ghetts as Krazy in Supacell Season 1

Both Tazer and Sabrina are looking for Krazy. He tells the former to meet him in “A-Town” or his grandmother will be killed. Under some duress, Tazer passes this information to Sabrina, but it takes Rod to translate. A-Town is a slang nickname for the Ashington Estate.

Everyone heads there to confront Krazy, who is revealed to be the leader of the Hunters. His power is being able to use any other Supacell’s power. This is — we’re to infer from dialogue — pretty unique, and the reason why he has been pushed to the top of the food chain by Ray and his overseer, Victoria.

Andre is one of Krazy’s hunters, though it becomes clear in the ensuing fight that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. However, Sabrina and Tazer kill several of the Hunters. Michael is able to stop time for long enough to tell Dionne to run back to the car and convince Andre to switch sides, which allows the gang to take out everyone else and leave Krazy as the last man standing.

Michael Cannot Change the Future

The ending of Supacell is a tragic one for Michael since it proves that the future isn’t so easily avoided. Despite having been assured by his future self that assembling all five members of the gang would prevent Dionne’s death, Michael’s efforts to save her only ensure her demise.

Outnumbered, Krazy volunteers to take the gang inside the facility using a device he has in his back pocket that opens a portal. He also reveals to Tazer that his mother, who he has spent his life believing abandoned him, was held in Ashington Estate for years and eventually killed for trying to escape.

We know the bit about Tazer’s mother is true, but the portal thing is a ruse. Krazy uses the opportunity to kill everyone, including Dionne. Before he bleeds out, Michael uses his powers to rewind time. This go-around, he stabs Krazy before he has the chance to harm them. However, he lets off a single gunshot which penetrates the car windscreen and hits Dionne in the neck.

Dionne dies in Michael’s arms, his attempts at intervention having only accelerated her fate.

How Supacell’s Ending Sets Up Season 2

At the end of Supacell, Michael assembles the gang. He intends to travel into the future to acquire as much information as possible about the Organisation. With that, they can enact their revenge.

At the end of Season 1, Sharleen and Jasmine are still captive, and Dionne is dead, so there is plenty of motivation for the crew to take the Organization down in Season 2.

The final scenes reveal it won’t be easy, however. Ray was bad enough, but his overseer Victoria turns out to be much more ruthless. She has Krazy, who has survived, killed, and takes over operations at the Ashington facility. She has a picture of Michael on the tablet she’s carrying around, so it’s clear that the Organization is targeting him and knows he’ll be working against them.

What did you think of the ending of Supacell? Are you excited for a possible Season 2? Let us know in the comments below. 

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