Netflix’s ‘Supacell’ Cannot Be Separated From South London

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 1, 2024
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'Supacell' and It's London Filming Locations Explained
Supacell | Image via Netflix

Supacell is intimately tied to South London, so it makes sense the show was filmed on location in the estates, stations, high streets, and hospitals of England’s capital city.

The Netflix superhero romp from British creative talent Rapman finds inspiration in shows such as Misfits, and films like X-Men. Despite Disney and Warner rethinking their whole approach to the genre, it seems that there may still be an audience out there somewhere that is still looking for more of the same off-the-wall superhero subversiveness.

Filming Locations

'Supacell' and It's London Filming Locations Explained

Piccadilly Circus | Image via TimeOut

Supacell is set in and around South London, so it makes sense that the production team would want to ensure that they keep an air of authenticity by filming in the real locations in which the story takes place.

London’s iconic newspaper The Evening Standard was of course all over the story, and if you need to know anything going on in London, this is a safe pair of hands as far as the facts go. Their report confirmed that the shoot occurred in some recognizable locations including Brixton station and the high street by Lewisham station.

The park you see when Michael and Dionne go for a walk was filmed in Deptford Park and Finsbury Park. The fight scene in Piccadilly Circus was filmed in the Forces Royal Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow, and when Sabrina is under attack it was filmed in the Onyx Bar in Gants Hill Essex.

Ealing Hospital was used for the shots that needed a medical location, and The Sixer Estate seen on the show was actually filmed at the Lindley Estate, Peckham, and Acton Vale Estate in West London.

The jerk chicken shop you see the team meet at was filmed in the well-known Daphanie’s, located on Peckham High Road.

Production Timeline Explained

What’s On Netflix would reveal some details about the show’s production, and as is often the case, the series was in production for a lot longer than you might think.

  • Netflix announced the show being green-lit as far back as November 2021.
  • Casting started in August 2022 and Production Weekly, in issue #1286, confirmed that filming took place in London between July and December 2022, with cameras rolling from July 4th through December 10th.
  • The trailer would drop early in June, preparing viewers for the show to appear on Netflix.
  • Supacell was officially released globally on June 27th, 2024.

Who Created Supacell?

'Supacell' and It's London Filming Locations Explained

Andrew Onwubolu aka Rapman | Image via BBC

The show comes from Andrew Onwubolu, but there is a chance that you may know him better as British rapper Rapman. Andrew would receive a prestigious MBE for his work in record producing, screenwriting, and directing.

Rapman was born in Deptford, London, so it makes sense that his work has a strong connection to London, and the areas he grew up and worked in.

His career would hit the ground running with the hugely respected Blue Story Trilogy that followed two youths from different parts of London who become enemies. The Paramount production would become available to watch on YouTube and would lead to Rapman becoming involved in various other projects including short films and music videos.

His feature-length debut would be in 2019, with the release of Blue Story, which he would write and direct.

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