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Here is where the grand collection of film reviews sit. At Ready Steady Cut, we pride ourselves in offering diverse film critiquing across all movie genres. From action to drama, romance to neo-noir, we make sure to give you the most honest take on any film. We also use a logical rating system to make sure that the final rating makes sense.

All of our critics are from different countries around the globe, who have a passion for films and enjoy writing reviews for their audience.

We all love movies, and what we love most about them is that they’re everything – every laugh, every tear, every facet of human existence. The movies have it all. And we want to share that, our way, with likeminded people. Hopefully, that’s you.

Yeah, we know – these things always sound the same. Luckily, you don’t have to take our word for what we do around here. Look for yourself.

Father of the Year Netflix Review
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Father of the Year Review Parent Crap

Ah, the Happy Madison logo, the one thing at the start of any film that guarantees you are in forContinue Reading