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Review – 28 Days Later

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This review contains major spoilers.

Everyone loves a good zombie flick. Unless you don’t. And if you don’t, 28 Days Later is one of the ones which makes this a sad state of affairs. Also, this isn’t really a zombie flick – but I’m leaving it within the parameters of one.

Okay. Like with most zombie-style flicks, the introductory plot is pretty basic and to-the-point. Thankfully, though, 28 Days Later has so much more to offer than the average post-apocalyptic picture-show. So, in a nutshell: Animal activists break into a laboratory in order to free some chimpanzees held in captivity. Ignoring the pleas of a present scientist who strongly advises against the idea due to said chimpanzees being infected with a super-contagious Rage Virus, one of the activists lets a chimp free. Said chimp, clearly in an abnormal state, mindlessly attacks one of the activists and infects them with the rage virus, spreading to and initiating a reaction in the activist almost instantly. And from here, things just go from bad to worse – but I guess that’s what you get for monkeying around (and before anyone says it: yes, I know there are significant distinctions between chimps and monkeys. Let me pun in peace.)

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Review – Moonlight

In this, a film chronicling the minefield of adolescence for a young boy struggling to find who he is, a young man with a difficult home life comes of age in Miami during America’s “War on Drugs” era. The tale of his adolescence is told through three chapters which detail every element of his teenage years and young adulthood, and highlight his struggle in trying to discover who he really is.

Maybe I’ve left things very understated with that short synopsis of Moonlight, but then, maybe I haven’t. The film has a very basic concept, but, much like Fences, does the simple things very well. Perhaps the reason it has been so well received is that it is a film that resonates with everyone on some level. Whatever it is, it has ensured that the film has taken the world by storm.

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Review – Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

There are many films that have been inspired by, based on or set adjacent to Nelson Mandela’s long and particularly extraordinary life. Shake the story of his time as a freedom fighter, a political prisoner or a president, and a dozen others fall into the margins. You could dramatize any of them. Not that it’d be easy. The depictions got trickier as his global saintliness proliferated, and now that he has succumbed to illness it’s harder still. But the long list of movie Mandelas will lengthen, I’m sure. It’s odd to think that Danny Glover’s portrayal, the first, in HBO’s Mandela from 1987, was significant because it aired during his incarceration. Idris Elba’s, the most recent, is significant because as dignitaries assembled for the royal premiere of Long Walk to Freedom, Mandela himself passed away in his Johannesburg home.

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Review – Spectre

When it comes to James Bond movies, I’m generally an easier lay than most of the girls. Give me the old-fashioned camp and the silly names and the wacky henchmen, sure. A car with fins? I’ll take it. Connery, Moore, Brosnan? All fine with me. What about the more modern interpretations; the gritty realism, the self-serious tone, the needlessly personal narratives? Hey, I’m down with that too. It might be a tougher sell than even the swimming car, but I’m willing to meet you halfway.

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