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Recap – The Apprentice S13E3: “Robots”

Episode Title: “Robots”

Episode No.: 3

Network: BBC

Air Date: October 18, 2017

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Recap – The Apprentice S13E2: “Hotel Redesign”

Okay, I say this every year but how the hell are these candidates in business? As soon as Jeff blurted out, “I don’t want to deal with the finance side,” I nearly choked on my biscuit. Imagine signing up for a reality show competition based on becoming an entrepreneur and then babble such foolishness. Of course, he was fired after that. His own fate was signed and sealed.

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The Punisher Panel Gets Punished In Wake of Tragedy

The announcement sure to split fans and start fires on social media was made public today. New York City Comic-Con, along with Marvel and Netflix, have agreed to pull The Punisher from the show, thus depriving the fanbase of a highly-anticipated panel and a possible release-date announcement.

The Las Vegas shooting earlier this week is being given as the reason for the abrupt cancellation. The NYCC and Marvel have said the slot will be filled with something else. Though, seeing as how as how most comic book properties these days have violence in them, that message seems a little cloudy. As more details come out we will keep you informed.

There was also a Punisher related simulcast scheduled for Paris on the same day, that has also been cancelled. Whether or not this affects the release date of the show on Netflix remains to be seen. In similar fashion, the Ryan Phillipe-led show Shooter was affected in the same way last year, in the wake of other publicized shootings.

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Review – Dr Foster Season 1

Dr Foster follows the life of what starts off to be the perfect family. We’re introduced to Dr Gemma Foster (Suranne Jones) and Mr. Simon Foster (Bertie Carvel) showing their love for each other in the rawest sense. We are then introduced to their 14-year-old son Tom Foster (Tom Taylor) which altogether paints “the perfect family”.

Throughout the first episode, we follow Gemma Foster (Suranne Jones) as she first begins to suspect her husband of cheating. To begin with, she seems to have what can only be described as the perfect life. The series then quickly propels us into watching Dr Foster’s psychological warfare as she not only finds out her husband is having an affair but comes to shocking revelations about her husband’s secret life. On top of this, her career and personal life unravels just as she does.

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Opinion – “Thank you, come again.” “No thanks.”

The Simpsons: Easily one of, if not the most critically acclaimed animated TV shows to ever grace our screens. A pioneer of animated comedy, perhaps. Everyone has seen at least a full episode of The Simpsons, and the majority of the people you know will be very familiar with America’s favourite family. The Simpsons, like for many, is a huge childhood memory for me; I remember the days where I would eagerly anticipate my evening meal, mainly in part so that I could have my daily, 6 o’clock viewing of The Simpsons on Channel 4. It was the best.

As the years went on, so did The Simpsons. A few more years on, I’d still find myself watching the latest episodes, almost religiously. I began to notice bigger names appearing in some episodes. With the likes of Stephen Hawking, 50 Cent and Ludacris, to name a few, The Simpsons appeared to be successfully continuing in the battle against one of the biggest foes – that is, time. And to this day, it still is. But it appears to me, that this battle is coming to an end. Or at least it needs to.

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Review – The Enfield Haunting

Back in the 1970s, a house in Enfield, London appeared to be possessed by something supernatural. The Enfield Haunting is a retelling of the events that took place there.

Maurice Grosse (Timothy Spall) is part of a council that investigates claims of haunted houses. He is called to the house in Enfield to see about a young girl, Janet (Eleanor Worthington-Cox) who has heard things go bump in the night and seemingly is taken over by the force behind these peculiar goings on. Guy Playfair (Matthew MacFadyen) is a writer who has also heard of the events going on in this house, but is sceptical about everyone’s views on the matter. Nonetheless, he and Maurice team up to find out what’s really going on and the cause behind it.

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Review – No Offence S1

The daily trials and tribulations of the officers of a Manchester constabulary working together to keep the streets safe, No Offence follows the lives of the members of a city police force as they try to bring down a serial killer with a fetish for Down’s Syndrome girls, whilst also dealing with a series of other cases and tricky personal relationships.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how good this turned out to be – so much so that I would go as far as to say that No Offence is probably one of the best new shows on TV. We (me and my parents) were sceptical of the programme after watching Babylon a while back and finding it to be the biggest heap of I don’t know what, so when we saw this trailered, we weren’t too optimistic. But on the night it was on we had nothing else to watch, so we gave it a spin and it was one of the best things we did all week. It was fabulous! It was billed as a comedy, but the story in between the gags (some of which were absolutely hilarious) was brilliant. In the long running case there were all manner of twists and turns that the whole series was gripping right to the bitter end, and the new cases uncovered each week provided something else to get your teeth into. Plus, there were, inevitably, the messed up personal lives of the officers, and a pending investigation into one constable’s conduct on a previous case. I mean, let’s face it; No Offence certainly hit the ground running.

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