Suits Season 8 Episode 7 Recap – What Happened in “Sour Grapes”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 30, 2018 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Suits Season 8 Recap
Suits Season 8 (Credit - Netflix)


“Sour Grapes” provided another average episode of Suits – giving us confirmation that the series maybe losing its legs.

At this point, I am not sure why I continue watching Suits. I assume it is because I have been watching it from the very beginning. The series now has a seen-it-all-before routine to it, giving a real sense of predictability. At this point, it is probably difficult for the writers to muster up anything new in the story – it is a drama show about corporate law, after all, wrapped up in a lot of heat. Season 8, episode 7 is about sour grapes, both literally and metaphorically.

Robert Zane Shows a Different Side in Suits Season 8 Episode 7

Robert Zane has been an impactful addition to the main roster since he has aggressively taken over the firm, but “Sour Grapes” showed a different side to the character which I found to be quite odd. He owns a winery, and he is angered by his discounted and off wine barrels provided by the local community – he has lost money. Robert believes he is suffering from racism, due to the community being predominantly white; he has used this argument before in a case and he was proven wrong.

Now do not get me wrong, I wholeheartedly understand that racism will exist in such scenarios, which justifies the story, but it does not justify the character – he jumps to conclusions way too quickly, making him look ridiculously irrational for a managing partner. He is nowhere near Jessica’s level. Regardless, Alex thoroughly enjoyed being his lawyer for this case, tightening his grip at the top.

Donna Sticks Up For Herself

Harvey Specter was sidelined in “Sour Grapes”, unaware that Donna had made a deal with property developer David Fox to be his client. He hates Mr. Fox, so it was no surprise when he lashed out at Donna having realised he has to try and save a property contract.

For the first time this season, Suits explored Donna’s character with more respect, allowing her to have some surprising scenes. There is a moment where she towers over Harvey, blatantly angry and swearing, asserting her importance to the firm.

Both characters were blatantly feeling sour about the situation but it felt symbolic to the show more than plot-relevant – Donna needs to be a key character, not a substitute. I feel slightly uneasy that she has become Robert’s aide, providing advice in how to run the corporate family – when she screamed, “I’ve earned it”, that was the first time I have been taken back in Season 8.

Suits Season 8 Episode 7 Recap

Suits Season 8 Episode 7 (Credit – Netflix)

Sheila’s Pregnancy News

Episode 7 was not all about lawyers swinging their handbags. Louis Litt received the wonderful news that Sheila is pregnant; this served a relationship challenge for the two because Louis wants his unborn child to be Jewish, much to the resistance of Sheila. Both characters resolved their issues, agreeing to give their child a little bit of each other, however, the writers once again had one last laugh as Sheila confirms her pregnancy test was a false positive. No wonder why Louis needs a therapist; I get the sneaking suspicion that he will not be having a baby by conception, but he will have to consider adopting.

How does Suits Season 8 Episode 7 End?

As “Sour Grapes” drew to a close, Donna and Samantha sat smugly in their office, mocking Harvey for proving him wrong about David Fox – apparently, the property developer is okay with some valuable principles, making Harvey red in the face.

Episode 7 solidified Samantha’s position in the family. As the credits rolled, I wondered – where is Brian and Katrina? Both characters did not make a single appearance. This confirmed the averageness of it all; Suits does not have time to make a balanced story – they pick and choose when to bring a character in for a new story. “Sour Grapes” confirmed that this series is losing its legs.


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