‘I Am Paul Walker’ | Film Review

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 22, 2018
I Am Paul Walker Review


I Am Paul Walker is essential viewing for everyone who supported Paul Walker and wanted to learn more about his life.

On the date of November 30th 2013, Paul Walker was involved in a tragic car accident which took his life at just 40 years old and sent shockwaves through his fans around the world. I Am Paul Walker follows his personal video accounts of who the real man behind the camera was. If you saw the I Am Heath Ledger documentary, you know what you will be getting with this one. Director Adrian Buitenhuis returns to work on the documentary which will soon start to show how he can capture the intimate moments in these famous peoples’ life.

I Am Paul Walker gets to show us his humble beginnings as the eldest child of a close family, and with his name technically being Paul Walker IV after several same-named war heroes, the pressure was always on him to succeed. Paul did become a child star, though he was never good with his money, leaving him reaching the adult stage of his life with money being owed to people all over the place. We see how Paul turned back to acting and we know the story from here because it didn’t take long before his career took off.

Being able to see the intimate personal videos of a young Paul and what each one meant to the family, his mother Cheryl, Father Paul III, his sister Ashlie and his younger brothers Cody and Caleb, is very special, because we could see this being exactly what he thought he would be. We learn their reactions to different movie roles and how while being an actor was his job, he would rather be involved in the ocean work helping the environment and learnt to transfer his passion around his celebrity status.

Brian O’Conner might well be the most famous role Paul was known for, and his acting legacy will always be remembered. However, Paul got to start ROWW (Reach Out Worldwide) because of the disasters he saw around the world, a charity service which would take rescue crews around the world to offer relief to people who needed it, only he never and refused to take any recognition for the foundation he founded.

I Am Paul Walker will shine a light on an actor that was loved by fans who got to experience his different characters through his career before his untimely death. We get to learn how he always wanted to make his friends happy and used his wealth to support important causes without ever expecting to get any fame from his work.

Overall this is essential viewing for the fans of the man himself. You will learn more about his life and that he never seemed to go through the struggles with addiction that other famous actors have through the years, and how he would always put family before anything else in his life.

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