‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’ Episode 11 | Netflix TV Recap

March 2, 2019 (Last updated: March 3, 2019)
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Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 handles the aftermath of Eun-ho’s kiss on Dan-i, but it fails to convey the chemistry within the story.

This recap of Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 11 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 is more about Eun-ho’s persistence on Dan-i (Nayoung Lee) than a chapter of narrative progression. It ends with a sweet moment, but there is something about Eun-ho’s (Jong-Suk Lee) actions that gives me the creeps on occasion. At the start of Episode 11, Dan-i is trying to downplay the kiss when Eun-ho awkwardly kissed her non-moving lips, but she voices it out loud, so some of her colleagues find out that she has a romance brewing. Despite still being in the “friend zone” technically, Eun-ho remains cocky, even though Dan-i is referring to herself as a sister.

In the office, Ji-yul makes an embarrassing apology to the entire office about her work ethic and vows to make changes. Hae-rin demands that she is fired, but Eun-ho shows humanity and asks her to be trained up, rather than be thrown out for a slight mistake.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 delves into Ms. Go’s personal life once more. In recent chapters, we have seen what’s underneath the stone cold executive of the publishing company, but when she bumps into the man she nearly married, it was difficult not to feel sorry for her. She lies to him about being married, and in return, he tells her he has three kids. Dan-i offers her friendship, knowing how painful it is for her – we should keep this scenario in our memory bank, as it is going to become important later.

Back at the Eun-ho household, Dan-i is helping him clean the house, while in her head she’s convincing herself that he is just a brother and that she doesn’t see him as a man. This leads to nonsense play fighting where she ends up blushing. It was a little cute watching them, but there’s still an element of friendship there that will take a while to dissipate as they get closer, which either proves a lack of chemistry in Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 or it is intentional.

Rather than confront her feelings, Dan-i pretends she needs to go on a date with Ji Seo-jun, leaving Eun-ho to do all the house chores. Instead, she takes Ji Seo-jun’s dog for a walk. This backfires because Hae-rin and Ji Seo-jun meet up at a cafe to discuss the first book design and once Eun-ho discovers this piece of information he texts her constantly regarding dinner. While Hae-rin and Ji Seo-jun get closer, he reveals by accident that Eun-ho and Dan-i live together, but attempts to backtrack.

The crucial part of Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 is when Dan-i and Eun-ho discuss the potential for a relationship; she remarks that he isn’t her type, they know each other too well and, the essential excuse, she explains that if they break up, who will she lean on. Eun-ho takes her final statement that she loves him.

As Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 closes, the first book designed by Ji Seo-jun is published, and he invites Dan-i for dinner. She breaks it off with Ji Seo-jun and asks if they could be friends. You can tell this was painful for him, but he accepted.

Due to Ms. Seo’s son being hospitalized due to an illness, Eun-ho asks Dan-i to take charge of the book event. She leads it well, but Hae-rin starts piecing the pieces together and sees how Dan-i and Eun-ho look at each other. Drama is around the corner, as a person at the event tells Ms. Go that Dan-i used to be a copywriter, and if you remember correctly, at the start of the series, Dan-i played down her qualifications so she could get the job. Will Dan-i’s kindness prevail or will Ms. Go fire her? Dan-i also holds Eun-ho’s hand at the event, is she finally accepting her feelings?

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